YESPER Portable Power Station,240Wh Camping Battery Power Station with 120W AC Output,PD100W USB-C In/Output

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Wattage 300 watts
Power Source Battery Powered
Item Weight 4.4 Pounds
Voltage 110 Volts, 24 Volts, 12 Volts
Color black red grey
[Designed for Portability]- Scientific and compact design makes the 240WH charging station weigh only 4.4 pounds, which is about 2 pounds lighter than other 240WH capacity energy storage. So it can be carried with two fingers for outdoor adventures such as tent camping, road trips, backyard camping, etc.
[PD100W Fast Charging in Car]- The portable power station has a PD100W input/output port.It only takes 2.4 hours to fully charge the 240WH power bank via the car charger(car charger included).


a good outdoor companion,accompany you to see the world
large capacity power station

  • Note: If you charge while discharging, the battery will automatically power off to protect your battery and devices, thus extending the life of your battery and devices


100w fast charge power station

  • Featuring a powerful 100W USB-C input and a 100W car charger, it was specially developed for car travel.
  • If you want to fast charge the power station at 100W at home, make sure you have a 100W cable and charger. (The wall charger is not included in the package, you can use the wall charger you already have to charge)


Not just portable emergency battery but also a car jump starter

  • Pay attention to the “+” and “-” poles of the clip and the battery. When the “READY” button on the screen lights up, you can easily start the car(5 minutes of charging are enough to start a car)


power station with jump start cable

  • The 3.2-inch screen shows the status of the battery you may want to know, making your operation easier and clearer
  • The 3.2-inch screen will display the input power to help calculate how long it will take to charge; it will display the output power to help calculate how long the remaining power can last
  • Note: Please read the contents of the package carefully before purchasing to help you use the product more efficiently. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the customer support team.


Tablets, fans, cameras, laptops, car refrigerators, car vacuum cleaners can all be charged


Q1: Can the AC port power a fridge or air conditioner?

A: As long as your device power does not exceed 120W.

Q2: How often does this portable battery generator need to be recharged?

A: The self-consumption of this battery generator is very low, and the power can not be exhausted for 2-3 years when not in use. For longer battery life, you can charge it once a year.

Q3: Is it possible to charge the Armor Pro power station with a solar panel?

A: The only charging input port is the 100W USB-C port, as long as your solar panel charging cable port is USB-C, you can use it to charge the power station

Q4: What is the low current mode? How to turn it on?

A: In general, when the product load is lower than 5W, most power stations will automatically enter sleep mode. Press and hold the POWER and BOOST buttons simultaneously for 2-3 seconds to turn on this mode so as not to enter sleep mode, and support charging devices that require a low charging current.

Q5: How to know the working times for my device? Why does the duration of some devices deviate from the actual usage data?

A: Working time = 240Wh* 0.9 / operating power of your device. The duration of our equipment is based on laboratory data, and the duration of specific equipment usage may vary.

Q6: How many devices can I charge at one time?

A: the Armor Pro charging station can charge up to 8 devices at a time, as long as the combined power of these 8 devices does not exceed 300W

10 reviews for YESPER Portable Power Station,240Wh Camping Battery Power Station with 120W AC Output,PD100W USB-C In/Output

  1. Keir A Dykstra

    good quality battery pack, easy to get going and if you need to have continuous power you just hit the boost button and you are set. used this to run some smaller water pumps in my remote property and it works great. I highly recommend this unit.

  2. Daniel Kolansky

    I got this guy, tested it out and then later took it with me on a 5 day backpacking trip. Now I’ll say up front this is probably too heavy for serious backpacking, but I was doing more of a leisure trip in the woods.This guy powered my phone, my satellite communicator (Zoleo), my headphones, and most impressively: 10 hours of projector (Anker Capsule 2). Just amazing. It still had about 20% in the tank after that trip.One thing I’ve really enjoyed is that it tells me the battery draw in watts on the main display. This means I can get a very clear idea how much power I’m putting out and how much life the battery probably has remaining. It’s been pretty awesome.All in all this is the perfect middle ground between an anker battery and one of those power stations. Still small enough for a backpack but large enough to be a deep well of power.

  3. Matt & Tracey

    I absolutely love this solar charger! The build quality is so impressive along with the graphics on it, I am in awe! It has 240WH capacity, which is more than enough for me when I go camping or hiking plus it has pass through technology. It’s big enough to power all of my small electronics, and small enough to fit in a small backpack. It has 100w 2 way fast charging that only needs 2 1/2 hours to go from 0-100%. It has an additional small inverter with it that plugs into your cigarette lighter or power point that can also generate power up to 120w, so you’re not draining your power bank while your car is running. This little standalone inverter is able to charge all appliances below 120w. This cigarette lighter inverter can also plug into your solar bank. This unit can be charged by solar, USB C, or power point cigarette lighter cord which is included. It has an engine jumpstart inlet, but this particular unit does not come with the jumper cables. The LED display is insanely big, bold, and straightforward that always gives you the current battery level and watts being used! It has a smart chip protection system, which protects against: short circuit, over circuit, over charge, over discharge, over voltage, over temperature, reverse charge, reverse connection, AI software, and low power. The solar bank is IP65 waterproof, that means it’s rain proof, water proof, dust proof, and has anti drop protection. It has a multifunctional flashlight, with strobe and SOS and it is very bright! This can power anything under 120w. If not being used, it does need to be charged once a year. It has pass through charging so you can charge it with solar, and use it at the same time! This solar charger can charge up to 8 devices at one time as long as all of them together do not exceed 300w. This unit has so many functions from outdoor camping to emergency power outages. It can power all the lights in my living room and charge my phone and laptop without any problems. It tells you how many watts that you are pulling at any given time. This is absolutely the best solar charger that I have seen so far, and I am hoping that they come out with an even bigger version of this unit! I seriously doubt that anyone will have any regrets when purchasing this item. This is a serious contender in the solar charging arena! I highly recommend it!

  4. sierrarivers

    Great little portable power station. Great for use on the go. Great to take camping or keep in your bug out bag. Charges phones, laptops and more quickly. Very reasonably priced.

  5. Randall Baker

    This is a strong power station that has 1 million different uses it is sized so they can fit in in size and shape so that it can fit in a purse or a bag and easily carry along.We took this with us to an event and were able to charge our mobile phones and devices without going back to the truck. We were able to share this and let other people charge their phones as well as the battery still had plenty of juice in it.I am a big fan of these mobile power stations and have several of them and this one is as good as or better than any of the other ones that I have . If you’ve ever had a powerstation such as this they are great to have around as you can have electrical lighting and plug a lamp into it during a power outage you can use your kitchen appliances during a power outage you can take this with you and always have power for unexpected needs. You can use this for temporary tower for your holiday decorations. There are just hundreds of uses for this maybe you have a corded drill and you need to drill something out in the yard this powerstation will power that drill for you without dragging huge extension cords all over the place. I strongly suggest if you’ve never had a power station like this you consider this one as it is a good shape and is a great strong power source. Since you’ve never had one of these before you will understand the advantage of having this around as soon as it arrives as needs you would have done with an extension cord are all of a sudden resolved without having to pull that messy cord out.

  6. zefie

    UPDATE 3: The company has reached out to me regarding the failed inverter, and the previous concerns. They went above and beyond in assisting me. This company offers great customer service.- They replaced the inverter (and provided another charging station for in the inconvenience), as well as genuinely being concerned about the inverter, rather than just offering to replace it. They stated that the inverter should have had protection and should have worked again after being removed from power.- They admitted to removing the references to “pass-through charging” and “solar-generator” while reading my review (proof that they read them)- They stated they plan to sell a dedicated charger for this product (in response to my section that says it doesn’t include a charger).- They also stated that the power station does not accept charging while discharging intentionally to protect the battery.UPDATE 2: Since my last update, they also removed mention of “pass-through charging” from the listing. Also I wanted to add that there is NO PROTECTION on the AC Inverter adapter. I accidently drew 150w (30w over spec) and the inverter shut down and has not worked since. Now the blue light just blinks fast on the inverter adapter. The USB ports still work on the inverter adapter. BBe careful because there is no overcurrent protection on the AC Inverter.————-UPDATE: Since my initial review the product seller removed all mention of “Solar Generator”, but it still claims “YESPER power station supports pass-through charging.” I have not been able to do this, as soon as the battery pack starts receiving power, it cuts off power to all ports.– Original Review –This battery pack is okay, it has a bunch of power, but it lacks in several areas.Pros:- 240wH battery pack- PD support (input and output)- Display that shows wattage- Includes AC inverter adapter- Observed charge rate of 115w over 12v DC (car adapter to USB-C via another battery pack’s DC out port)Cons:- Modified Sine Wave inverter- Non-standard charging. This battery pack only accepts input via USB-C, although they include a car 12v to USB-C adapter, since the USB-C input can accept 12v. So unless your solar panel offers USB-C output, you will need more adapters and dongles to use this.- Does not come with a wall charger (company plans to sell one separately soon)- Cannot discharge while charging. Does not allow you to charge while discharging, or vice versa. It even disables the USB ports.Overall this battery pack is kind of lacking in features. With its USB-C only input, and lack of charging while discharging, I can’t see this being a useful “solar generator”. As a battery pack, a battery bank, or a jump starter (untested), it could be good, but definitely not as a “solar generator”. For the price, you can do better.

  7. Condor

    I cannot plug in my Chromebook into a cigarette lighter, and I am not always near an AC outlet. This is why I wanted this power station, since Chromebooks and laptops require a regular plug for recharging. This unit is rather heavy but will give me all the power I need for several days if necessary. Great for power outages as well.

  8. B. Yep

    For a 299w/HR power source, it’s extremely light and compact. Unfortunately, the real issues have to do with company backing and vague promises. The one and only charge port is a USB C, and info on how to charge with a solar panel were omitted. Also, the brochure claims the manufacturer will extend warranty another six months if you register the device with them. Unfortunately, their website makes no mention of this product line or registration so it is not possible. Lastly, how would you return it for service as they were not responsive to an inquiry after a week. Sorry.Supplement added 8/22/22 … Was contacted by manufacturer regarding issues and they heard me! Their website has been revised and as long as the product is used within its specs it works fine. It still has a great power to weight ratio and with use of accessory cables its very handy. Keep it up!👍

  9. Mike

    Update:I reached out to the company and they were very responsive. They listened to my concerns, especially about the unit not coming with the battery jumper cable. At the time of my review, they didn’t have the cable available for purchase on their website so they sent me one, which was solid customer service.I still wish it had a better way to carry it (a handle) so I may just 3D print one myself.Original review:When I ordered this power station there weren’t any other reviews…, I see there are more than a few and they’re having similar issues that I’ve been experiencing.To me, this power station is like the “little engine that could”….but in this case, it’s the little engine that almost could.Not sure what they were thinking when they designed it but it appears they missed the mark.First the prosIt’s light weightIt’s IP65 ratedLarge and easy to read screenOffers jump start capability (no cable included)ConsNo native solar panel input for chargingNo built in inverter, you need to use their plug in inverter, just another item you need to carry and remember to bring alongNo built in handle, comes with a tiny hand strap that barely fits over my handOne of the items that attracted me to this power station was the jump start capability. I want to use it out on my boat. It could keep my phone and tablet charged and in the event of my cranking battery going dead, I could use this to jump start it. Only problem, no jump start cable. It’s an extra cable that needs to be purchased. No problem, I go to the Yesper website listed on the box, look for the cable to buy….Um….no cable listed. OK, so I email the company through their website…. 1 1/2 weeks later, still no response….not looking good.Charging is another issue. I wanted to be able to use this power station for my boat, camping trips and other places where outlets aren’t available. No direct solar input like the majority of other power stations include. I also ended up purchasing a 100W power brick to charge this power station while I’m home, another$30 added to the final price.Compared to the big, brand name devices available here on Amazon, my suggestion is to buy one from a company that has been around a while, has a built in inverter and comes with all of the standard inputs/outputs you’ll need.The price comparison of this unit to the others available, make them a much better deal once you add the extra cables and chargers you’ll need.

  10. Cait Minda

    I like to sit outside while I work from my laptop; however, it would always die so quickly. I got this portable power station so that I could stay outside for my entire 8-hour work day, and so far, it’s been working really well for this purpose. I got solar panels to go along with it, and they charge it beautifully.This portable power station has a really rugged, durable feel. It’s extremely easy to use and very compact making it super easy to transport. I’m also quite pleased with the battery life on it.Imo, is a good buy.

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