Wnoke Dog Nail Grinder – Pet Nail Grinder for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs with Nail Clippers Set – Low-Noise Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light – Rechargeable Cordless Pet Nail Grinder, Black

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Professional Pet Nail Grooming: Whether you are a professional pet groomer or you prefer to trim your pet’s nails at home, the WNOKE electric dog nail trimmer is what you need! Our dog grooming supplies are professional-grade tools that ensures a quick, safe and effective nail trimming without causing any discomfort for your pet!
User-Friendly Design: This pet nail grinder for dogs features a LED light for easy and precise trimming as well as 3 speed gears that can adapt to small, medium and large pets nail trimming needs. Our dog nail grinder is also equipped with a dust collection cap to capture the debris and ensure safe trimming for you and your pet.
Comfortable and Safe for Pets: The cat nail grinder is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, featuring a quiet operation and low-vibration levels that won’t startle the pets, so they can remain calm and seated while you perform your trimming undisturbed.
Portable Rechargeable Design: The WNOKE dog nail grinder quiet has a compact, ergonomic design for better control and precise trimming. Also, it is equipped with an USB rechargeable battery and has a cordless, portable design that provides complete flexibility.

10 reviews for Wnoke Dog Nail Grinder – Pet Nail Grinder for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs with Nail Clippers Set – Low-Noise Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light – Rechargeable Cordless Pet Nail Grinder, Black

  1. yinzer

    So I have an older dog with arthritis and anxiety. Trimming his nails is an absolute nightmare. We moved to a small town in the Midwest, and finding a groomer has been difficult. Out of desperation, I thought I’d try a grinder. Best. Decision. Ever. Does he love it? No. But will he tolerate it? Yes. No more crying, snarling, and nipping. I don’t have to worry that my old guy will hurt himself and I don’t leave with scratches, covered in fur, and wanting to eat a box of cookies or cry. It’s a win! Now, I’m also thankful that there aren’t dog nails all over the floor or balcony. No more worrying about going too short on his black nails or splitting/poor cuts when he breaks away. It’s no risk of too short and pretty much contained and I just give him a wipe after, mostly for reassurance. Trimmers are included, but I haven’t used them. The sound isn’t completely quiet, just a normal hum like the groomer has. Overall, we’re super happy — as happy as an anxious senior dog can be, that is. If you have a dog like mine, I recommend a partner to make it easier instead of holding him yourself but it could be done solo. Oh! He hates the light, but it’s definitely a helpful feature. And I like that I can charge this with the same thing I use for my cellphone, just have to swap out the cord. Overall, it’s a great deal and convenient.

  2. Seri

    I groom my small breed dog ever since having them in my life. Clipping their nails have always been a meticulous process and quite difficult. Until I discovered that you can grind your furry friend’s nails just like how us ladies/gentlemen get our nails done–this became a game changer in my grooming experience. However, since the vibration coming from the grinder (motor) can be a bit troublesome to my dog personally, I still continue to clip their nails on the longer end and finish the rest with the grinder. This specific nail grinder is a nice upgrade to the older one I had, since it includes a light that illuminates on the nail while grinding and the battery life is good enough to last a full session of my dog’s nails. It also indicates when it is charging and when it is fully charged. Overall, for the price, I received a great value out of it. One happy dog parent/customer here 🙂

  3. Kaylee

    I love this all the way around. Since having my daughter who just turned one my fur daughter nails which never bothered me seemed to push my human daughter and fur daughter away from each other. I bought these in hopes of changing that and I have to say it has! My daughters both human and fur baby now get to exist in the same area and they both love on each other randomly. Also now when other people come over that were more sensitive to my fur daughter’s nails now they aren’t bothered by then either so in turn she gets more love an affection all the way around. I can say these are life changing for her and our little family. I love that they are wireless and rechargeable and then to throw in the fact that to clip and then file all her nails where she’s never even had a nail grinder on her nails it wasnt loud and she took to it right away. Thank you💗

  4. Kristen S.

    I really like light that you can turn on the light to help with the trimming. Tried to take a picture with the light on, but it won’t show up. Love it comes with clippers. The grinder is quiet enough not to scare your pet. It has 3 different running speeds. It will take me a few times to get the true hang of it, but it has helped keep my dog’s nails from being sharp after a regular trim. The grinder comes with 2 attachments and is great because it’s rechargeable. No need for pesky batteries. I would recommend to anyone to get this product who love to take care of their pets nails themselves.

  5. CompositeKid

    After accidentally cutting my dog’s quick twice with a guillotine nail clipper, I decided to try this nail grinder instead. My dog was anxious because of his prior accidents, but he acclimated to the grinder relatively quickly (with lots of praise and treats). After just one week of daily introductions, I was able to grind his nails without too much fuss. The last time I used a grinder (a Pedi Paws) must be ten years ago now, and the technology has come a long way since then. The small, maneuverable size and LED light are extremely helpful, and the battery life lasted probably five sessions before I needed to charge it. There is a sound, but it’s not unbearably loud or shrill. My dog weighs eighty pounds and has seventeen completely black nails (just one of them is lighter and I can just barely see the quick inside). The grinder makes approaching the quick slowly much easier. I actually think it’s about the same amount of time spent per session though because I spend less time convincing my dog to let me touch his nails. I was worried his nails might not fit in the caps, but I use the dust-collecting cap and it works just fine. One thing I didn’t realize was that the cover doesn’t fit with all the caps – it fits with the white cap that hugs the disc, but not with the clear dust-collecting cap. Even so, it’s been a great product for my dog.

  6. Cliff Casteel

    This kit is great! We were a little nervous about trimming our 50 pound puppy’s nails. We were afraid that we would hurt him by cutting them too short or incorrectly. It took less that five minutes and now we are all happy. Being a cancer patient and on chemotherapy my skin is softer, thinner and easy to rip open. My Nader’s nails were causing unsightly sores, scratches, etc up and down my arms. Something had to be done so I ordered this kit. It arrived super fast. I think like the next day. I fully charged the device and the next evening, (expecting a knock down drag out with my little guy) it was go time. I clipped first with the manual clippers. Not very short but enough to get the bulk of the nails. I didn’t want to hurt him. Next I broke out a bag of treats with the mechanical filer. He wasn’t hard to manage at all. At first he didn’t like it and was pulling away but he settled right in. I was able to shorten his nails and dull them up. This kit worked like a charm. The quality of the devices is excellent. I am not overwhelmed at the thought of trimming his nails again. Not at all. If you are like me (worried) you’ll do just fine. It saved me a trip to the groomer plus $10-$15, gas, time and effort. I love it! Highly recommended. I can love on my puppy and not be as worried about damaging my skin and I know that he will remain healthy by keeping his nails well manicured.

  7. Cons

    it is quiet and easy to use. The only grinder I found that had a light which helps me not grind too far, as my dog has black nails.Are usually use regular nail clippers, but recently too many incidents where I cut too short.Took me about four days to train my dog as he was scared of it at first, but now when I turn it on he confusingly gives me his paw lolTook me about four days to train my dog as he was scared of it at first, but now when I turn it on and off

  8. C. Harrison

    Great little set for grooming my dogs’ nails.I have a Chihuahua who sat through this just fine.I’ll admit I’m more scared than my dogs about cutting the quick or hurting them, this set helps so much with the included light on the grinder.My lab didn’t like the noise it made, which resulted in a great workout, but a not so great experience for her.I can say no quicks were cut, and I was fairly able to handle holding this and getting my dogs’ nails trimmed.My only complaint would be it needs a bit of a grip on the handle as it can get slick when in use.

  9. Char

    I was looking for a nail clipping option that would keep me from cutting into the quick and these work great! The process is a little slower, obviously because its essentially filing the nails instead of cutting. My dog didn’t love the slow process but was very patient about it. It does kick up dust as it files the nails and that dust smells like burnt hair. I’d aim for a well ventilated space, but all in all, I have no real complaints. It works great and I don’t have to worry about butchering my pups nails too short! It does make noise as it’s sanding those nails down.

  10. DogsRBarking

    When we first adopted our Labrador, he would let me us a nail grinder, but it wasn’t easy. Then, I fractured my wrist, thumb & shoulder, so I took him to a groomer which was really expensive & stressful for him. I believe that he must have had a bad experience with a groomer before we adopted him. Anyway, I found this nail grinder & it sounded too good to be true, but you’ve gotta try, right. Jack gets freaked out by the noise & vibration of most nail grinder, so didn’t expect success on the first try or the second. I turned it to the 1st setting & gently touch it to the side of his paw. He sniffed it & rolled over on his side. Turned it to the 3rd, most powerful setting & started massaging underneath his toe, then started to grind the nail. I expected him to pull away & run into the next room, but he rolled onto his belly & inspected the grinder top to bottom (I had turned it off). I turned it back on & proceeded to finish the nail which took seconds to do. He never pulled away. I was able to finish all four paws in less than 15 minutes (my fault) & the nails looked great. Smooth, no splitting & I didn’t feel like I’d just wrestled a polar bear. He actually fell asleep & I cried tears of joy. I purchased a second one for backup. I never want to be without this miracle worker.. I paid less for this item then having Jack’s nails done once at the groomer.

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