Withings ScanWatch Horizon – Hybrid Smartwatch & Activity Tracker with Connected GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Smart Notifications, Water Resistant with 30-day Battery Life, Android & iOS Everything Else

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ELECTROCARDIOGRAM* — Detect atrial fibrillation or normal heart rhythm in just 30 seconds via ECG.
WRIST-BASED OXIMETRY — Provides on demand clinically validated oxygen saturation level (SpO2) in just 30 seconds.
HEART RATE TRACKING — Track heart rate continuously during workouts to optimize training, and monitor daily and overnight heart rate to help improve health over time
RESPIRATORY WELLNESS SCAN — track breathing issues during the night.
SLEEP TRACKING — Delivers a Sleep Score based on light and deep sleep cycles, sleep duration & wake-ups.
24/7 ACTIVITY TRACKING — Dedicated workout metrics, Fitness Level via VO₂max estimation, connected GPS, elevation and water resistance to 100 meters.


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Scanwatch digital smart watch
Scanwatch Features
Scanwatch features
scanwatch scanwatch scanwatch
Steel HR Steel HR Sport ScanWatch
30+ activities recognized, sleep analysis, silent alarm and Smart Wake-Up, Connected GPS
Smartphone notifications
Heart rate Automatic Automatic Automatic
Fitness Score & VO2 Max
Altimeter (floors climbed)
Electrocardiogram recording
Clinically validated oximeter
Track breathing disturbances
Detect AFib via ECG
Battery life Up to 25 days Up to 25 days Up to 30 days

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10 reviews for Withings ScanWatch Horizon – Hybrid Smartwatch & Activity Tracker with Connected GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Smart Notifications, Water Resistant with 30-day Battery Life, Android & iOS Everything Else

  1. Retired Navy MPR

    When my Apple Watch broke, I debated about replacing it or buying the Withings Scan Watch. Decided on the latter for a number of reasons, but the biggest one was battery life. I was so tired of charging my Apply Watch every single day. The battery life on the Withings is mind blowing good. I don’t miss any of the features the Apple Watch had, and the Withings Oz and ECG are nice extras for me. I really like the bottom dial for steps as that is something i monitor every day. I already loved the app since I have the scale, temp, and blood pressure cuff already, so nice to just add the watch and everything syncs up nicely and data is in one place. The watch is the perfect size, I hated to have a dinner plate on my wrist and this is the perfect size. The weight is great for me as well and I like the way it looks. I was going to buy the metal band, but glad that I didn’t when I found out the EcG performs best with the black band that is standard. Very happy with this purchase.

  2. usbritinusa

    Background: I own a G-Shock Steel which I love but it lacks smartwatch features so during Prime day I purchased a Amazfit smartwatch that looks very much like an Apple Watch. Unfortunately, I missed the round, analog look and the battery did not meet expectations so I returned it for a Withings Steel HR Sport in black. I liked it but the thin watch hands and their color against the black watch face made reading the time quite difficult, so I returned that. Next came the Timex Metropolitan R AMOLED. This is not a hybrid (my mistake). I liked this watch but it had limited crono faces to choose from and you could not choose / modify the complications. Raising the watch to get the face to appear meant pausing before you could get a quick read of the time which is why I prefer an analog face. Not completely satisfied, I returned and then got a Citizen CZ Hybrid smartwatch. I really liked the look and function of this watch but came to find out that even though it states water resistance to 3 atm, it is only “splash proof” and I confirmed this with Citizenwatch. So essentially it’s a dive watch look-alike that you can’t even wear in the shower. This got sent back.Enter the Withings ScanWatch Horizon: Yes it’s expensive but this is a quality timepiece. With its high quality stainless steel it has weight but not too heavy that I could not sleep while wearing it. The flat sapphire glass is beautiful and very scratch resistant. The bevel rotates anti clockwise but you need to purposefully turn it. It comes with a very nice stainless steel bracelet and a color coordinated silicone band. You can wear this watch swimming, one of the many activities you can track and it’s water resistant to 5 atm (300 feet). The watch face (I got blue) is beautiful and the hour markings and hands glow in the dark.The Withings smart watch functionality is very good although I think sleep tracking can be improved as for example while I was awake in the middle of the night, just lying there was counted as light sleep. Pulse rate, ECG, SP02, Notifications, intelligent wake alarm are all great and bonus, it has a 5 year warranty. So when you take this into account, the price tag is not so bad. I love it and could not be happier. Thanks

  3. Architect51

    Love the watch and it’s features. All as advertised and especially like the SPo2 feature. Curved crystal is a nice feature and could be an issue if not protected. Looked up my favorite “film” (not hard plastic cover) from IQ Shield and they made one for this watch. Fits the curved face perfect. Face has taken several door hits and scuff’s, but transferred paint just scratches off the film with your fingernail and has no damage. Perfectly clear. Very happy with the watch and the IQ Shield film.

  4. Christopher Capasso

    No doubt about it the watch is beautiful. I got tired of reminders, notifications, and taps from my smartwatches. To be honest they’re fun for a bit but annoying after a week as I have my phone to hand most of the time and get enough notifications there along with my 80+ Slack messages a day.I wanted sleep tracking and workout information without overload. This gives me enough info when I want it (the companion app is excellent) without pulling me away from what I’m doing. While I’m not sure I get the accuracy I did with Apple Watch or Whoop bands I have a comparison of trends which is fine by me. I’m not a pro athlete but I work out 4-5 times a week so I like to have a guage.Scanwatch does exactly this. It’s excellent at giving me what I want when I need it. I believe the workout data is off – compared to other trackers it registers lower BPM and calories burned BUT I can see a trend.

  5. Martin Batten

    This is my third intelligent watch. I started with a 2nd Gen iWatch and used that for a few years. Last year I decided it needed updating, and driven by cost I purchased a new watch from another manufacturer. I liked that it operated between charges for 12 days, was lightweight, had a very clear display and could monitor my sleep habits as well. Then I discovered the hybrid watch, and after careful research bought this one.LIKES:1) I was after a constant-on display, at least to show time. My previous watches only displayed in response to certain arm movements, and often ignored my attempts to display time, without having to push a button, which required both arms. My last watch could be set for a constant-on display, but only at the cost of battery consumption and more frequent charging. This watch simply solves that problem. I am writing this after wearing and using the watch for about a month. It is only on it’s second charge cycle.2) 24 days between charging, that is an excellent power management scheme built-in.3) ECG and SP02 measurements in addition to heart rate, distance and steps.4) Simple and easy-to-read display of your status, a single knob/button to access any feature the watch has. And the hands move out of the way if they are obscuring the screen, they are separately motored.5) I’m after functionality, not flash, and this fits the bill perfectly.6) Phone app seems pretty reliable and updates data the watch has collected.7) Simply nice looking and comfortable on the wrist.8) Easy to read single-hand lower dial shows your percentage of steps taken. Now this could be a second display, or repurposed possibly.DISLIKES:9) The watch collects sleep data, but it only is displayed on the phone app. The watch itself should include the previous nights sleep score.10) No indication on the watch of the charge remaining in the battery. Most lithium batteries prefer to be recharged when the remaining charge drops to ~20%. This watch does inform you when the remaining charge drops below 10%, but that is going further than I would choose. The single-hand lower dial could be usefully re-purposed to display remaining charge which is an option I would use.11) The display, albeit small, does not have a feature where you can have it black-out at night. My previous watch had an option to set a go-dark period (say 10pm to 6am). I have noticed this display illuminate while I am moving around in bed. It is distracting if I am dozing.12) The Bluetooth does not seem to have the range my previous watches had. If I’m close to my phone any texts coming in will scroll across the screen of the watch. Many times, I just see a Text icon (…) but no text. And often it will not even notify me of a text, possibly because it is out of range. I do not lug my phone around with me in the house, which was not a problem before I got this watch.13) The watch is heavier than my previous, probably similar in weight to my old iWatch.14) The watch repeatedly tells me how far I cycled. I don’t cycle. I don’t have a bike. You cannot turn off that ‘feature’, even though you can deselect cycling as part of your exercise regime.15) To use the ECG and SP02 features you have to put your other hand over the watch top bezel, and hold it there for 30 seconds. The SP02 readings have been concerning. It has offered by 02 levels being at 89% or 93%, but when immediately re-taking them, it reports 98% or 99%, so I’m not sure I can trust it.16) The sleep monitor function has accused me of getting up at 4am (not going to happen!) and consequently given me a very low sleep score.17) On the App, it depicts your sleep state from going to bed to getting up in a bar graph form. The included key to the bar graph is wrong. It has reversed the bar colors for light sleep and deep sleep.18) I can find no stand for the watch charger.19) There seems to be no indication of when the watch is fully recharged, although it seems to take less than three hours.Overall, this watch is pretty well thought out. Sure, I have some criticisms, but it is better than the iWatch I was using and I can always see the time single-handed.

  6. Brian D.

    I have been wearing this watch for a few weeks now and overall I am happy with it. I was replacing a fossil gen 5, which I liked too but I got tired of having to charge it everyday and if I used all the features it would not even make it until bedtime. Since the batteries in smartwatches don’t seem to last long enough, I decided to switch to a hybrid watch. If the battery lasts at least a week or two that seems reasonable and this one does.The scan watch gave me what I used most on the gen 5, so I thought I would give it a try. I got the 42mm one because the hands glow in the dark, but I found they are harder to read then just pressing the dial to bring up the digital clock in the small screen, although sometimes it can be too small to read without my glasses.The build quality is good and I think it is attractive. This is the first time I have used a silicone band, but I like it. The band is very long, and I have an average size wrist, so I would say get a different band if you have small wrists.The digital screen is functional but I guess it could be hard for some people to read. Notification alerts are all I was looking for, so the string of text that comes across the screen is enough to let you know what it is or who the notification is from and if I want to look at it.All of the health features are nice and the app is laid out well to read them all. I mostly just track my steps, but I like the other tracking features. The connection to my phone has been fine, except after an update to Android 13, but that seemed to get fixed with an update. The analog tracking dial is also a cool feature.What more can I say, nice watch. Not perfect, but it is a keeper.

  7. TonyT

    Okay, I had an ounce of skeptisim about this watch. Now I don’t. First off, this is more of a health- monitor/ information watch than. An activity tracker. Withings is going up against some heavy hitters that have established themselves in the activity tracking market. The health monitor segment is not as well know or developed so that’s where they have placed their product trying to obtain a market share. That market segment is for young active people who are into the tracking their workout regiment. This watch will do that but it goes beyond that. It tracks your sleep and gives you insite to your overall health using the associated app. I am 61 so I’m not concerned with the little bit of exercise I do. It encourages me to do more but my real concern is my overall health status and catching changes early or being aware of the small changes that happen that can give me an indication something may be going wrong. That’s where this watch excells. It tracks data points that help you to self monitor your health. The ECG and SPO2 monitor give you that information in combination with the sleep tracking that gives an overall picture as to what is going on. They seem to be accurate and you can set them to automatically monitor or you can manually monitor.Which brings me to another thing I like about this watch. I have a smart phone that is able to work as a laptop. That’s a lot of information I can assimilate all day long. Smart watches try and cram all of that info onto your wrist, that not what I want. I want to distill my daily interruptions down to what is important. I set my notifications only to the email accounts I have to keep track of ,text messages and calls from two separate phone numbers. They stream across the screen and I can briefly look at them and decide if I need to pick pick up my phone or go to my tablet to look at the complete message. This feature is not talked about hardly any at all by Withings but it is a strong point of the watch. And it does it with style.And my final point is I am not of the age where flash attracts my attention. Tasteful appointment catches my eye more than anything else. This is the final strong point of this watch. The subtly of the watch catches everyone off guard. I don’t want people to ask or know I have the latest gadget. Rather the surprise that it is more than a watch is a conversation starter. My wife has seen it and wants one now. I’m going to pick up one for her and get a second rose gold with the blue face for wearing at evening events that are more formal.Final point, as I write this I received my watch and charged it on April 28th. I now have 30% battery left. I have been working through all of the features so I have used it more than I probably will in the future. No complaints about battery life.This watch opens up an entirely new market segment that has not been exploited by any of the other hybrid or smart watch manufacturers. I look forward to seeing the new products they bring out.

  8. Jaykay

    Two weeks in and I am very pleased. I bought this watch to do three specific things (besides keeping time): 1) Monitor for a-fib and provide a cardiac rhythm strip (not really an “EKG”) for my cardiologist. 2) Monitor my sleep and O2 sats within reasonable accuracy parameters. 3) Allow me to screen emails without pulling the phone out. This Watch checks all the boxes and I am fine with analog face, have never really used a digital watch. Have only charged once so battery is a bonus- I sent back an Apple Watch because the short battery life. Included strap is very comfortable and the weight is fine, actually lighter than my prior diving watch. The watch looks great but that is low on my list. I do not wear it in the shower and probably will always keep it out of water, after all my diving watch is for that. Very pleased so far…hoping the reliability won’t let me down!

  9. Moosh

    I already own the Withings Steel HR and have had it for a few years. That watch is still working but I decided to treat myself to the ScanWatch.The ScanWatch has all of the features of the HR but also includes electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood/oxygen monitoring.When you first pair the watch with the Withings app, you choose the State that you live in and then submit an ECG to a medical professional. They look over your sample and then give you the thumbs-up (hopefully). This process takes about 24 hours. After you get the green light, then the app will let you take an ECG (without submitting it) whenever you want.NB: The watch is currently locked to the region that you buy it. Therefore, if you buy it in the USA, then you choose your home State to register the ECG. At the time of writing there is no way to change the geographic location of the watch, which is a shame.So, if you intend to buy the watch at a good price due to currency fluctuations then just take into account the “region lock”.As far as I’m aware, the watch/app will continue to let you take ECGs even if you travel to another region.

  10. DYGIT

    Had first 4 Apple watches and finally ditched them when the screen cracked and they wanted $395 to repair. Didn’t wear a watch for awhile and didn’t miss it. Then I got a free Fitbit Inspire and enjoyed having the fitness and sleep tracker, but found that it could be very inaccurate on fitness. So I researched and came across the Scan Watch. Bought the Horizon model as it is beefier and looks sporty.Things I really like:1. Design2. Battery life3. Fitness tracking (I play tennis, workout, cycling and weights.4. Sleep tracker is good but maybe the Fitbit is better? Not sure yet.5. The ECG and SpO26. The built in alarm, timer, stop watch.7. Software is very good and has a lot of relevant data.8. Feels solid on the wrist and not a bother sleeping with it9. East to use crown button to navigate menus10. Had notification features that ties into other apps – I don’t need generally but some may find useful.11. Accuracy seems quite good12. No subscription feesAll in all, I am extremely pleased and found no real dislikes. If you want a nice looking analog watch with good fitness/sleep tracking, you can’t go wrong. I think they did a fantastic job with their hybrid watch!

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