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Main compartment has organizer with RFID blocking card and passport slots, 2 wall pockets, a zip mesh pocket and 2 pen loops
Front zip compartment with mesh zip pocket inside; rear zip pocket
Adjustable, locking, slash-resistant shoulder strap attaches to post or chair
Full anti-theft features include slash-resistant construction, locking compartments to keep your belongings protected, and front organizer compartment with RFID blocking card and passport slots and wall pocket protect your identity
8.5” x 8.5” x 2”


Product information


If you like a more petitie bag but want the same protection benefits of some of the larger bags then this is the bag for you! This smaller slash-proof bag offers a locking main compartment, RFID card slots, adjustable shoulder straps which can be attached to a chair or post and an LED light.

From the manufacturer

Slash-resistant Body and Straps

Slash-resistant Body and Straps

Helps prevent slash-and-grab theft in busy areas with a slash-resistant mesh barrier in all 4 sides and bag bottom panel.

Lock Down Straps


Locking Compartments


Slash-resistant Body and Straps


RFID Blocking Pockets


10 reviews for | Travelon Women’s Anti-theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag Sling Tote, Wine | Messenger Bags

  1. Amazon Customer

    I don’t really care to carry a purse around but this is a nice size purse and has a lot of compartments. Love the zippers with the security hooks. Purses do need zippers and not the flaps. Made well and have had compliments on it.

  2. Arlo

    I ordered this to use on a trip to Iceland. It was just the right size with many compartments to hold everything I wanted to keep close and safe: passport, ID, credit cards,a little makeup, etc. It was light enough to wear on hikes. The nutmeg color is nice too and goes with anything. Highly recommend.

  3. Bonnie Altmann

    This is just the right size for travel. Crossbody that has several pockets and can really hold a lot of stuff. My phone fits perfectly in the outside zipper pocket, has room for passport and other travel essentials. The locking zippers are a great for security while sightseeing. Water resistant and wipes clean easily.

  4. Kindle Customer

    I bought this bag for a recent trip to Europe. I wanted something smaller and lightweight that could fit inside my carry-on bags (allowing me to not count this one as one of my carry-on’s). I really appreciated the security features when visiting crowded spaces and museums. It was nice knowing there were RFID blockers and a cable inside the strap that prevented it from being cut. The locking zippers were a great feature, but still easy to open when I needed to retrieve something. The material held up well, was easy to clean and still looks new. I am looking forward to using this bag on more travel adventures soon!

  5. OnlyOne

    Vacation was spent traveling between two states and attending several ‘crowded’ events. I appreciate the easy of slipping the strap from my side to cross-body with ease. It was comfortable to wear and I never had to worry about it slipping off (which was especially useful on a riverboat tour!) I was worried that it wouldn’t hold all the items I wanted, but thankfully it kept the essentials plus room for a small hairbrush, lipgloss, pens, a few bandaids, and a small snack. Slim and conservatively stylish. My daughter was fascinated with the secure latches (and had fun ‘locking’ my bag when I wasn’t looking). Highly recommend!

  6. Gravy Boat

    I couldn’t fathom taking my big purse and its associated jumble of contents on a recent trip to Vegas so I opted for the Travelon mini shoulder bag. It is now my regular everyday purse and I love discovering I don’t need to haul around a filing cabinet worth of purse junk to live my life! Contrary to some reviews, there is more than enough strap length to cross carry for security. I’m average sized but a more ample person could also cross carry this bag by adjusting the strap. There are lots of pockets that are both secure and roomy enough for essentials. I had no problem fitting my cards and ID, phone, kleenex, some cosmetics, 2 packs of cigarettes and a big old wad of Vegas cash in this bag and had room to spare. It has a spare, classic look that could certainly be unisex. If I asked my husband to hold my bag, I don’t think he would flinch in the slightest.

  7. Treace

    I bought this purse for my daughter to take for study abroad, but it is way too big for her. It is perfect for ME! I am using it everyday. I love how much I can get into it and yet it stays slim. The strap is comfortable on my shoulder or across the body. And I love the organization of the bag. There are just enough pockets to keep things for easy access and I especially like the built in place for credit cards so I don’t have to pull out a wallet every time I need a card or my drivers license. The material feels like it will be water resistant and it definitely is easy to wipe off.

  8. Valerie

    I’ve been buying Travelon purses for years as I travel frequently. Brought this to Germany and to a music festival. It held up well even during the rain, and I had to spot clean some dirt off of it. None of my cards or phone got wet and someone even pulled the strap and it didn’t break. The colors they have are neutral and stylish enough to be worn with cute outfits on daily outings and sightseeing, or to a nice lunch at a local café.

  9. LoriArtWorks

    Although I had already acquired three other small-sized shoulder/carry bags this past year, I went ahead and ordered this mini shoulder bag several weeks ago, based upon product description, and consumer reviews. Why did I order yet another small bag when I already had three? Because there was ‘something missing’ with the other bags … I found it in the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag! All the best features of a larger (and more expensive) shoulder bag – without the bulk, weight, expense, and hassle of carting around a larger, more cumbersome bag.HERE’S WHAT MAKES THIS LITTLE BAG SUCH A BIG DEAL:* At 9.5” D X 8.5” W X 2.5” D (when empty) the bag is compact yet serviceable.* The strap can be adjusted to provide a maximum shoulder-strap drop of about 30” (admittedly, beneficial only to persons with baboon-length arms), and a minimum of 16” – or anywhere in between. NOTE: ‘shoulder strap drop’ represents the measurement of the strap from the top of the purse/bag to the peak (center) of the extended strap. (Straps measuring less than 7” are usually carried in the hand, straps measuring between 7” and 21” are usually carried on the shoulder, and straps that measure over 20” are usually worn across the body – messenger bag style.)* The strap features a large carabineer clip with a safety lock (see images #7 and #12). This allows the strap to be wrapped around a chair, bench, or post, etc. – and then locked for added safety. (i.e. – when sitting in a food court to enjoy a meal, sitting in an airport terminal while waiting to board a plane, et. Or, in a pinch, use the strap’s carabineer to clip onto Fido’s dog collar, for a temporary leash … smile.)* The strap and lower part of the bag body are reinforced with panels made from flexible stainless steel chain-link mesh. Although bendable, supple, and visually undetectable, this high-tech mesh/cable is tough and offers slash-proof protection from would-be ‘slash-and-run’ purse snatchers. NOTE: bag slashing is the #1 method of thieves who rob travelers; the #1 bag theft venue is shoe stores.* The bag weighs only about 10 ounces, but helps to keep hands free. Even filled, it is vey lightweight compared to other purses, which can put stress on shoulders and become uncomfortable and burdensome as the day wears on.* The inside of the bag is a lighter or brighter color. I ordered my bag in the stone color; the inside lining is a bright red. (See images #4 and #11.) This is not only pretty, but it makes it easier to identify objects inside the main and outside compartments – especially in low light situations. * An LED light on a tethered key clip that hangs from a sturdy 2.5” cord is located on the side wall, inside the main compartment. (See images #8 and #9.) The light is detachable; it is powered via a small cell battery, which is included. This is a handy feature for low-light to no-light situations, whether to locate objects inside the main compartment of the bag, or to use in the dark to see close range (i.e. – when putting a key inside a house or car door lock). The clip that holds the LED light is large and sturdy enough to accommodate another small object on a ring – such as keys, purse-sized mace or pepper spray, personal alarm, or emergency ultra sonic dog repellant, etc.* The main compartment can be ‘locked’ via a small but sturdy clip, attached to the main compartment zipper. (See image #6.)* There are 2 zippered pockets on the outside of the bag. One pocket measures approx. 6” D X 7” W (See image #11); the other one is approx. 3.5” D X 6” W (See image #3).* In addition to the 2 outside zippered pockets mentioned above is a roomy flap pocket that is secured with a magnetic snap (See images #2, #3, and #4). This pocket (which also has a zipper) measures approx. 7.5” D X 8.5” W. AND – inside the flap pocket is yet another pocket that measures approx. 4” D X 5” wide (see image #4) – the perfect size to hold sunglasses, eyeglasses, cell phone, or a small notebook, etc.* The main compartment features Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking technology for credit cards and passports. There are 4 sleeves for credit cards; each is roomy enough to hold several cards (See image #8). Located behind the credit card sleeves is a roomy 3.5” D X 4.5” W pocket, also fortified with RFID-blocking technology, large enough for passports, additional cards, etc. (See image #10.)*Opposite the RFID-blocking credit card and passport sleeves are 2 ADDITIONAL pockets, side-by-side (see image #9) – each approx. 4” D X 4” W. Perfect for cellphone, keys, tissue, compact, lip balm, MP3 player and earbuds, etc.IMPORTANT NOTE: RFID-blocking shields only HELP to insulate you from electronic pickpocketing – also known as ‘RFID card skimming.’ While the blocking shields DO make it more difficult for someone with an electronic reader to steal your information, they DO NOT block transmission of card data 100%. However, if you have credit cards with the tiny computer chip that uses radio frequency identification – also known as ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) – a simple homemade feature can help fortify the already-in-place defense of the RFID-blocking attribute of the bag. Either make a sleeve for your credit cards using duct tape lined with aluminum foil, or line the pocket that holds your credit cards and/or passport with aluminum foil. According to ConsumerReports.org, this added safety measure will entirely block attempts at RFID card skimming – 100%.WHAT I PERSONALLY LOVE ABOUT MY NEW TRAVELON ANTI-THEFT SHOULDER BAG:* I ordered my bag in the color ‘stone.’ The bag has slightly more of a taupe hue than what is pictured online, but I like it better. The bag is made from 900 D polyester, with an obviously water repellent finish. See images #1, #2, and #3. (‘D’ represents the weight of the fabric; 900 D being a high-quality and sturdy fabric.)* Instead of being my ‘when-traveling-or-on-a-day-trip-bag-of-choice’ that I expected it to be, it has become my favorite shoulder bag for everyday use.* I purchased my classic mini shoulder bag online at Amazon.com for $30.10. This price is lower than what I would have paid for it at Travelon.com, Overstock.com, and eBaggs.com. Also, because it was listed as a Prime product, I paid nothing for shipping, and received the bag in only two days – which makes it an even sweeter deal.* Love, love, love the tethered LED light … it proves to be a handy little feature.* Although small and lightweight, this well-designed bag holds a lot! IN ADDTION TO all my credit cards AND my fat wallet with checkbook (albeit, not fat with money), I have the following stored my mini shoulder bag: eyeglass case, cell phone, pens, small notebook, lip gloss, travel size tissue pack, store receipts, coin purse, 8-inch Samsung tablet in its case, MP3 player and earbuds. My sunglasses can hang inside a cloth case from one of the external clips or rings … leaving room to spare inside the bag, not to mention one external pocket still totally empty.* I love and appreciate all the great safety features in this bag design, so that I can spend more time focused on enjoying the moment.* The mouth of the main compartment opens a full 6.5” wide! (See image #9.)* Because it is so lightweight, it is a great choice for people like me, with back and/or shoulder problems. It doesn’t pull on sore muscles and is more comfortable to carry on my shoulder than any other bag I own – AND the strap STAYS PUT on my shoulder, better and for longer periods of time (instead of repeatedly slipping off, the way most of the straps on other shoulder bags do).Note: I paid full price for my mini shoulder bag; I DID NOT get it free or at a reduced price in exchange for an evaluation. So, why did I take the time to write such a detailed review? First, because I am a writer. Secondly, because I am like you. I depend upon the comments and experiences of other consumers when making an Amazon purchasing decision.

  10. Elizabeth M. Rishor

    it was nice to have so many pockets and a smallest bag was, it expanded to fit so many things. I couldn’t believe it. The only thing that bothered me was that the strap would rub my neck because I work cross body style. But I loved that every zipper had a hook so I didn’t have to worry About anyone grabbing anything, and I love it nobody could scan through the purse. It really was very small but expanded and packed everything I needed to take all on my tours all day long. Just fantastic. Told friends of mine about it who will be traveling soon.

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