Threeking RC Cars Stunt car Remote Control Car Double Sided 360° Flips Rotating Outdoor Indoor car Toy Present Gift for Boys/Girls Ages 6+ Toys & Games

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Amazing STUNT CAR:In addition to the basic skills that ordinary remote control cars should have, the car can also roll and rotate in situ at 360 degrees and drive on double sided. When the car encounters a small obstacle, use the remote control to make the car roll or double-sided Driving can easily pass obstacles, and at the same time, this function can also suddenly reverse in fast motion to make the toy car instantly turn into a dance car.
POWERFUL CONTROLLER:Easy Controls;Long-distance and anti-interference. Multiple sets of toy cars can compete together, and these cars will go their own way without interfering with each other. Children can harvest their unique happiness together.


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Threeking rc car toys gift presnet for kids

10 reviews for Threeking RC Cars Stunt car Remote Control Car Double Sided 360° Flips Rotating Outdoor Indoor car Toy Present Gift for Boys/Girls Ages 6+ Toys & Games

  1. adamsjaz

    Bought this for my 5 year old grandson. He has had so much fun with it. Of course boys love to smash and bang things into walls etc. He ran it through his mother’s garden and tilled up the soil! Love that the car is rechargeable. Also, the remote is easy to use for a young toddler.

  2. Jon Lamrouex

    Fun to operate. very hearty – can handle bouncing off the walls which occurs often until the user gets used to the controls.

  3. Susan

    Very durable car, just be careful when connecting and disconnecting the rechargeable battery components. They can be delicate, but overall this is a great toy for3-10 year olds.

  4. laurie pelland

    Birthday present for my 6 year old Granddaughter, I had it all charged up and ready to go when she opened it, she loved it,All the kids played with it, very durable, and the battery lasted. It was easy for them to understand the controls and how to drive it with little help! 5 stars for that! Easy to play with! You know what happens to difficult toys to play with for a 6 year old!! This was perfect.I bought another one, (used on prime day)now two grandkids can race and crash them together!Fun toy

  5. E. O. Bowser

    I bought this for my 6.5 year old grandson for Christmas next week. As with all his battery operated toys I spent several hours last night making sure the units (I bought two, the green & red) functioned properly & were ready for him to enjoy as soon as he opened his presents (nothing is so frustrating for a child as waiting for his exciting new toy to be assembled and batteries charged).At any rate, following the included instructions, I had the units up and running in a reasonable amount of time and played with them long enough to feel that my hopes for this toy had been fulfilled and be able to to share my thoughts for others considering buying this for a child.OVERALLIf you watch the video for this product, it makes the toy look exciting, fun and sturdy. Well, I’m happy to report that all three impressions are true 🙂 These cars are extremely well made of heavy duty materials that should equate to years of kid use/abuse. One of my deciding factors for buying this toy was something my grandson could use year round, indoors and out. They are great indoors; low enough to the ground to shoot under most furniture and easy to reverse out of tight spaces. They are pretty darn quiet so other than maybe knocking down something noisy and kids yelling with joy, you’d be hard pressed to know they were being played with in the house.As sturdy as this toy is constructed, I see no problem at all with outdoor play. Most obstacles like rocks, branches and undulating ground should be easy to avoid or simply go over. There’s a lot of torque in these motors & since they operate independently you probably won’t hear a lot of calls from your child to extricate this car from any entanglements.I can’t speak to the endurance of the batteries yet.In sum, great construction, good overall design and a terrific toy for the young person in your life. One tip: buy at least two from the beginning; you’ll be wanting to play too ;)THE GOODExcellent heavy duty construction for the body the wheel arms and the large soft tires.Very speedy. Seeing this car speed along and almost instantly reverse and head in the exact opposite direction is a blast.Independent carriages allow this car to do some amazing climbing, turning and floor acrobatics.A heck of a lot of fun!THE NOT SO GOODTo recharge the battery pack, you have to unscrew the battery cover door, remove the battery pack and plug it into the USB charger. It would have been so much better to create an external port that could be plugged directly into the charger. This isn’t a flaw, and I realize a lot of toys work this way, but sheesh. Also, & IMO this IS a flaw, the compartment for the battery pack is so tight that you can barely fit the pack, cord and connector inside to be able to screw down the cover. I’m concerned that eventually the cord and/or connector will be damaged by all the compression. We’ll see.The handles on the remote are VERY twitchy. A switch to allow a lower intensity setting for the car’s acceleration would be great. Again not a flaw, and my grandson’s reflexes are insanely faster than mine, so he probably won’t even notice ;)That’s about it for my observations so far. I’ve included a lot of pictures to hopefully clear up some questions I’ve seen about this unit and reflect some questions I had before buying it myself.I hope this review helps you decide whether or not to buy this toy. I’m happy I did!

  6. Suzanne

    My son bought this using an Amazon gift card he received for his birthday. He enjoys playing with it and has come back to play with it again and again. I always hear him and his friends giggling while they are playing with it watching it flip around in every which direction climbing and jumping off dirt mounds and street curbs. Would recommend as it’s been sturdier and more entertaining than other RCs at same price point.

  7. Cin Cinnamon

    This is an awesome race car for boys. Bought it as Christmas presents and my significant other wanted one too. So ended up buying 5 total for all the boys and my other half.

  8. BJ

    This toy is smaller than pictured in advertisement. I purchased this toy to help distract a puppy, and somehow the car survived. In our experience, it moves great on vinyl flooring, carpet, sidewalks, dirt, but it doesn’t travel well on a lawn. It manuevers well (forward, reverse, spins and flips). The tires are made of a soft rubber, so it gets great traction. The battery life, in our experience is superb, but the puppy is able to catch the car very quickly. In fact, we spend more time chasing the puppy to get it our of it’s mouth than actual play time. Puppy loves it! Age appropriate, adults may enjoy it as well, but it is limited to forward, reverse, spin and flip.

  9. JMACK2

    The product came with a rechargeable battery for the car, but you will need to supply 2 AAs for the remote control.We gave this to our friends’ son for his 5th birthday. It took about 10 mins from the time he opened it til I got it fully operational. (Had to find a Phillips head screwdriver to open the battery compartments) He is 5. Reading the directions was NOT a thing (although we adults did…). He just started messing with it, and figured it out. Within minutes, he had it climbing over other toys, over people’s feet (it’s pretty light, no discomfort there), and, as promised, down stairs. He had it doing flips up against the wall, and spinning in circles in the hallway. Within the first hour, it took a pretty heavy beating and held up just fine.It’s pretty quiet, minus the sounds of crashing into things or going down hardwood steps. It’ll make a good option for rainy days inside or after dinner playtime once the sun is going down early.We are ALL very happy with the product. This one is red. Pretty sure we will have to get the green one for his little brother pretty soon!

  10. Matthew

    My kid really likes it, but he’s had to learn how to take apart the bottom and plug it in to recharge, since it only runs for 20 minutes on a full charge. It seems well-built/durable.It’s smaller than it looks in the product photos and also not as fast (maybe the non-rechargeable version is faster?) but I don’t mind that, since it’s an indoor toy for us.Update: Didn’t last long, maybe 6 months before it developed unfixable issues. Two wheels stopped responding. Took apart the remote, probably a circuit board issue. Soon after it was totally unresponsive. Kid is super disappointed.

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