Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen | Pink Kitchen with Realistic Lights & Sounds |Play Kitchen Set | Pink Kids Kitchen Playset & 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set Toys & Games

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Pretend stovetop burner features realistic electronic lights and sounds, activated with the special frying pan and boiling pot (requires 2 “AA” batteries, not included)
Make a cup of coffee with the pretend single-serve coffee maker station and included travel mug
Get cooking with the pretend appliances including the stovetop, oven with clickable knob, microwave, and refrigerator to keep pretend ingredients fresh
Pretend to wash the dishes after dinner with the molded-in sink and swivel faucet



Play Together!

  • Restaurant Role Play: Be a customer in your child’s own restaurant! Let them tell you what is on the menu and place your order. Make sure to ask them lots of questions as they get cooking and give special requests to encourage their critical thinking.
  • Make sharing the clean-up responsibilities fun with your little one. Pretend washing and putting dishes away when playtime is over will help foster good habits, show an example of teamwork, and a bonus in motor skill development!
  • Playing with a Step2 pretend play kitchen? Pair it with one of our table and chair sets to complete your child’s mini restaurant! Our favorites include the Step2 Junior Chic 3-Piece Furniture Set and the Step2 3-Piece Farmhouse Table & Bench Set.

10 reviews for Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen | Pink Kitchen with Realistic Lights & Sounds |Play Kitchen Set | Pink Kids Kitchen Playset & 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set Toys & Games

  1. Julie McDonald

    I purchased a Minnie Mouse kitchen for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter for Christmas and she loves it. She left it at my house for several months while the house she and her family lived in was on the market to be sold. When they moved into their bigger home, she took her kitchen. Now she misses having one at my house so I started hunting for another one.This Step 2 kitchen fits the bill perfectly. It was easy to put together and I really don’t understand why so many people complained about the one they received. It took a 70 year old Nana less than 50 minutes to completely put the kitchen together-stickers and all. Actually, it took longer to put on the stickers than it did to put the three pieces together.I know Aubrey will love the “cooking” sounds the burner makes and she will love making us coffee using the pods. This little kitchen is so realistic, she will think she is a little chief immediately.

  2. Me

    We got this for my 3 year old got this for his birthday and it was a huge hit! He loves it! It was easy to put together. Looks awesome! And is so detailed! I almost went with a more expensive kitchen but it wouldn’t arrive on time so I got this one and it’s awesome! Even better then the pictures. The only downside and it’s what other reviews are saying too is the compartments should be able to fit the accessories and it doesn’t. The compartments are so small.

  3. HlH

    Daughter loves it! simple to put together and arrived three days earlier than expected. It doesn’t come with food but comes with lots of other items so I bought a pack of play food to go with it which wasn’t costly at all.

  4. Lauren B

    I bought this kitchen for my friends kids but my husband and I assembled it for them. It is so darn cute. It’s sturdy and seems like it can take the beating from kids playing with it. It wasn’t hard to assemble however I do reccommend an electric screw gun as opposed to a hand one.

  5. Alice wolfe

    I ended up with the gender neutral color because it was cheaper. I mainly got it for my 18 month old daughter but my 11 year old son loves it too lol! I highly recommend this thing especially if you’re reliving your childhood thru your children 😀 the stove top makes little frying pan sounds and boiling water sounds, I LOVE it 10/10 highly recommend this product

  6. Ashley

    My daughter LOVES her kitchen. She plays with it every day and even I like “cooking” with it. It was easy to assemble. There’s no holes for the screws tho but I read in the Question and Answers section that it was for safety reasons. But it was very easy to see where they go and it was easy to drill them through. Worth every penny! No food is included so you’ll have to buy that seperatelt tho!

  7. Amber

    Very cute & sturdy/high-quality material. Only complaint is that the oven, fridge, & microwave are just a tad small. Most play food fits pretty well. Like the pizza… It will fit & the oven door closes fine but it hangs off the rack just a little.

  8. Bry

    We’ve wanted this for our child for the longest time! We got it here for a GREAT price (84.99) THE CHEAPEST ANYWHERE ONLINE & IN-STORE! VERY PLEASED!!!Arrived on time, box was not damaged.The kitchen comes in 3 big pieces, and are simple to assemble (there are NO holes for the screws, just ‘indentions’ where the screw needs to be)All the small pieces, and stickers were all in the box undamaged.For us, we enjoyed putting it together, it was simple! It did take us 1 hour to complete, but we took our time, and there was 2 of us.

  9. Brooke M Johnson

    I mostly like this for the size (width/2 “sides”) but wish these things came DOUBLE SIDED (like the backside is just flat- add something else! A table or another cooking area or a little house thing like a baby bed or washing machine – whatever.. SOMEONE MAKES THIS!) . AND also i loved the storage containers included & the cooking noises.Pro’s:Very easy to follow directions.Easy to re-apply stickers if a little off.Great sound features on the stove (the pot makes a bubble sound and the pan makes a frying sound. The salt and pepper shakers are fun for younger ones due to little clicking noise when turn back and forth. the 2 knobs make a clicking noise as well.)The sink is deep enough for a few items, the water nob moves (as pictured, it is about 2″ deep)It comes with super cute VERY durable cookware/Dinnerware.The “kurig” station is funny (for me) but a little kettle fits just fine for Tea Party. It comes with starbucks knockoff green coffee sleeves and lids that fit the cups.The size is great: Like the Headline – my 1 year old loves it, it was for my 3 year old, but my 7 year old also plays well! It is tall enough to detour climbing, it is short enough for all ages to play well. I like the width of it for multiple kid playing and not fighting over things. I like that the open/shut doors are on the bottom half (reachable, also if on top, kids like to hang or pull on them which may lead to injury). (Photo with 16mo old)Cute colors, great material. I like the “copper” colors of cookware.We LOVE the 2 little storage buckets for storage (they fit in their area. Photo’d is how big they are, and in relation to how deep the oven is)The oven and microwave are deep. (Photo’d i put in a bucket in 1 and a plate in the other)We also LOVE the puppy (or kitten!) area. The animal can sit in the cubby! (the same depth as the bucket) and the little food/water bowl is adorable. This works well for my animal loving kids since momma doesn’t want indoor pets. (PS the red dog is from ALDI for like $7 – you can sit and bounce on it – up to 250lbs. wow!)Cons:MUST USE DRILL if you want to save time on putting this together. (i read reviews and had my husband do this as I read the directions to him. Not a ton of screws but enough to make it sturdy (not just all snap together plastic molly screws – which is a PRO, not a con, oops!)Speaking of screws.. the backside on the left and right you have to screw in at a 45 degree angle per instructions and it makes a little edge still there on the screw. Not sharp but could grab a kid’s shirt or something. We just have the backside against our coffee table or if you put it against a wall or window it wouldn’t matter. (Photo of this)The refrigerator door opens maybe 2″ and sort of snaps back shut. So that part is not useful.Other: We already had a TON of play food so i am sort of glad this one didn’t come with more.

  10. Mom 2 Dae n’ Bean

    I was worried that my tall three year old would be too big to play with this kitchen but I needn’t have worried- it is the perfect size. It took me 25ish minutes to assemble it with a hand screwdriver. It took just as long to apply the stickers. Best of all he loves it; especially the coffee maker

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