SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – World’s Fastest Keyboard – Adjustable Actuation – Compact 60% Form Factor – RGB – PBT Keycaps – Bluetooth 5.0 – 2.4GHz – USB-C Video Games

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World’s Fastest Keyboard – Overtake standard mechanical keyboards as OmniPoint 2.0 delivers 11x faster response and 10x swifter actuation.
Customize Every Keystroke – Precisely adjust the registration depth of every key to the nearest 0.1mm, going from speedy 0.2mm touches to deliberate 3.8mm presses.
2-in-1 Action Keys – Program two different actions for the same key, such as walking with a light touch and sprinting with a deeper press.
60% Form Factor – Streamlined design saves desk space and leaves more room for mouse movement, retaining full-size keyboard capabilities with side-printed functions.
Quantum 2.0 Wireless – Play lag-free with a 2.4GHz wireless connection for ultra-smooth gaming, and use Bluetooth 5.0 for a variety of other devices.
Durable PBT Keycaps – Long-lasting, fadeproof double shot PBT keycaps provide a high-quality



The Apex Pro Mini Wireless

From your battle arena to your work desk, win everywhere with the world’s fastest keyboard.


OmniPoint 2.0 Switches

Leave your competition in the dust with the fastest keyboard in the world that responds 11x quicker and with 10x swifter actuatoin. State-of-the-art magnetic sensors respond in an instant to grant you what you want — speed.


Adjustable Keystroke Registration Distance

Tune the keystroke registration distance to the nearest 0.1MM, going from light 0.2MM to deep 3.8MM.


2-in-1 Action Keys

Program two actions to a single key. Walk forward with a light touch and sprint by pressing deeper.


Streamlined 60% Design

The Apex Pro Mini is built to create more space on your desk for game winning-swipes while retaining all the capabilities of a fullsize keyboard with its side-printed secondary functions.


Quantum 2.0 Wireless

Play for days with lag-free gaming using an ultra-fast 2.4GHz connection or Bluetooth 5.0.


Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

10 reviews for SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – World’s Fastest Keyboard – Adjustable Actuation – Compact 60% Form Factor – RGB – PBT Keycaps – Bluetooth 5.0 – 2.4GHz – USB-C Video Games

  1. Rowena Seward

    I bought this keyboard about a year and a half ago and it is the best keyboard I have ever used. I have tried various keyboards and brands and the Apex Pro TKL is the best keyboard you will ever try.Switches: The switches on this keyboard are buttery smooth and require no need to lubricate them because they feel like they already are. This keyboard has EXTREMELY fast switches and is great for gaming and especially any FPS games. The letters and numbers at the top of the keyboard are a switch that no other keyboard has, which is Omni Point adjustable Mechanical Switches. They are a white in color and can be adjusted by the OLED display menu at the top right of the keyboard or in the SteelSeries software.OLED Display: The OLED display is a little screen at the top right corner of the keyboard which has some cool little functions that you can use to adjust the keyboard without having to open up the software. It gives you options to adjust things like the actuation which is the point at which the key registers so you can change how far you have to push the key down before it registers. You also have options to change the brightness of the rgb and you also have some of the basic options for the different rgb settings.RGB Lighting: It has very customizable rgb settings in the software. You can change anywhere from one key to the whole keyboard with different effects. Some of the basic settings are colorshift, single color, gradient, and the breath effect. Anything that you would want to change as far as rgb, you can do.Feel and Durability: The way this keyboard feels is like no other and has a nice and strong feel while it’s not too heavy or too light. The durability is very good on this keyboard and I have had it for over a year and it feels the exact same as when I first bought it.Overall Review: This keyboard is a little pricey for some but you get what you pay for and in my opinion this keyboard is best of the best from the performance of the keyboard and the way it feels, to the variation of rgb lighting and with the OLED display like no other keyboard has is very convenient and is also customizable.

  2. Alex

    This keyboard has everything you need

  3. Rick Best

    My grandson received this for his birthday and loves it. This is the heaviest key board I have ever lifted and can take the level of intensity a gamer typically uses. The color coding of the key board appears to be beneficial to the player per my grandson.

  4. tim west

    LEDs: They’re good work well and have lots of customization to them can’t go wrong with them only problem is I did notice on my full size after a few years of owning it one of the colors started to go out in my Left Alt button I believe blue went out on white the LED was a yellowish orangish color.Switches: These are very advanced switches if you’re looking for something simple or tactile these aren’t for you these have a nice feature I play with a lot witch is the actuation you can constantly change it to whatever suits your use case typing a lot? Turn it up to make sure you don’t miss click anything. Gaming? Maybe turn it down to around 4 for more faster reaction time or possibly turn it up for more accurate movement? All personal preference but I love the ability to change it but if you’re a settings person like me you may drive yourself crazy trying to find any excuse why you can’t play correctly and spend more time messing with this option.Key caps: the original key caps work well had no issues on my full size with them used the for a long time with not a problem. However on my new keyboard this one the TKL I decided to opt for the Pudding Keycaps I noticed the ones listed for this steel series was going for around 30$ for the set and read a review just as this one that stated the hyper x caps were exactly the same with a hyper x space bar that costed almost half of that so I opted for the hyper x pudding caps and they work perfect no issues or complaints but they really don’t do much other than appearance wise they look really clean with RGBs on.OLED Screen: I really don’t even look at it I set a custom image on it and other than that it’s just there for eye candyVolume Scroll Wheel: I will have to say it kinda sucks on my full size it got dust and whatever else trapped between it and the sensor / switch and caused it to completely work backwards turning it down turned it up and turning it up made it turn down very annoying but found online it said to blow between the scroll wheel like we used to do with game cartridges to clean them out and it started working correctly again but this is not a solution so far on my TKL I have not had this problem but it hasn’t been very long I expect it to happen for sure other than that when it works correctly it’s very nice and feels very good.Quality: Very good keyboard built sturdy and does not feel cheap it’s not all metal it says there is some but it all does look like plastic but it does feel very solid compared to other cheaper keyboards I’ve used.Value: Now here’s where it gets tricky I bought this purely based off wanting something I was comfortable with but I am aware there’s a lot of other options most likely even cheaper with just as good quality but I will say this much this one is packed full of options you most likely won’t find on others. So if you like complex and lots of features and options/settings this is the one for you if you don’t then why are you even looking at this product?

  5. Andy

    The keys are so light compared to my Razer Huntsman Mini (red switch), especially the shift key. The sound it makes isn’t as satisfying but the feeling and response time blows every other keyboard out of the league.

  6. robert

    Has all the good stuff you want plus some but instead of trying to figure out what color keys “sensitivity” I need and having to make a tough choice because I dont know the difference. I bought this one and it rocks!!

  7. Dhruv Patel

    I’ve used most of the top rated keyboards before like the Steelseries M750, Razer Blackwidow v2 (green and brown switch models) and the Razer Huntsman (red optical). Just those three are well respected keyboards and get a lot of praise for how it is they are built and what they offer.I’ve played FPS games for years now so I tend to notice and look for if a new tech product gives me an advantage in my gameplay. Besides that I’m also a full-time engineering student so I find myself typing reports frequently. The switches in this are linear so they don’t have a tactile click or bump but instead a smooth keystroke. This is perfect for fps shooters as it allows for faster and better feeling key presses.I tested this keyboard in all my favorite shooter games, the main one I play is Apex Legends. While games like Valorant are more Aim heavy, Apex is a movement heavy game so you are using your keyboard more than your mouse at times. The lowest Actuation setting which is 1 (0.4mm) is very nice for those quick movements, pulling up your Heals/shield wheel and throwable wheel on Apex Legends.The OLED screen is a really cool feature and actually allows you to change settings without the Steelseries Engine application. Settings like Brightness, actuation, macros. Plus you can have custom messages as the main screen on the display. I’ve seen that it even connects to some games and displays your Kills/Deaths/Assists for games like CS:GO.In terms of my reports, Actuation setting 1 might be too responsive to some. For me perosnally I up this to 5 so I don’t tend to mistype as much and it really does help. The Overall build is really good. I do wish steelseries used Braided cables but it’s not a huge deal breaker for me. I’ve got to say, Steelseries made a Keyboard to suit my school and gaming needs.Not only that but it’s an attractive keyboard and I always get complements and asked what keyboard I have every time someone sees my setup. I did also replace the standard key caps with White ones from HK Gaming.So is it worth getting the Apex Pro? personally, Yes.The price is a bit high for people and i agree it is. But what you get compared to other keyboards such as the adjustable actuation points, the OLED screen, and volume dial make it my top pick in keyboards.Steelseries have done a great job making a very attractive and nice looking keyboard. I already own a full-size Apex Pro but I needed a second one for a second setup. When it came to buying a second keyboard I was looking at every option available.I usually tend to want to get something new or different but I couldn’t seem to find a keyboard that looked or sounded better than the Apex Pro personally. The overall keyboard is just so good and so fun to use and I’m sure if you are on the edge of buying it or fear of not liking it, give it time and you’ll appreciate this keyboard a lot.This isn’t a keyboard that you have to get used to but a keyboard that grows on you. I hope this helps!

  8. Ronald Hamski

    Im sure this is an amzing keyboard but it came in the mail and i got a steelseies mousepad instead some how and i got a replacement and it was another mousepad again

  9. RFM

    This keyboard is great. It’s good for typing or gaming. The whole board feels well made and solid, I think it’ll last a while. The dual USB (one connector for keyboard and one for USB passthrough) is a bit thick and stiff, but not unmanageable by any means.The programmable keys make a HUGE difference when going between typing and gaming, and with the Steelseries software it’s extremely easy to set up. I went into it assuming the programmable keys were more of a marketing gimmick and never actually intended on adjusting them…but that changed when I realized that they’re definitely a feature I’ll use.The RGB is nice and bright and very customizable with the software. Lots of options for colors. Something to note, they board turns on/off keys white when active (caps lock, num lock, etc stay white when on). This confused me at first, I thought the LEDs in my NumLock key were broken because it stayed white. Definitely not an issue, but not a feature that’s pointed out anywhere either.The OLED screen is the one part of the keyboard that I’ll admit, while cool, is a bit gimmicky. It does have it’s use for sure, like changing saved profiles without the software, but it’s not necessary. It’s a neat little addition that allows another level of customization, but I feel Steelseries could have left it off and made they keyboard $10 less or something. It gives the “pro” keyboard a premium feel, but seems wholly unnecessary once the “neatness” wears off.Overall it’s a great keyboard, definitely a purchase I’m glad I made. If the board holds up, which I think it will, I’ll definitely look into other Steelseries products in the future.

  10. Oof

    Works very well. I Had been using a BlackWidow Chroma from Razer since release till this board arrived. This board has some noticeable upgrades. The key caps have a splendid near rubberized feeling texture to them. The keys are far quieter and my friends in Discord have thanked me for it. The LED screen for custom logo/animations is frankly amazing- Such a cool brag feature. The media volume wheel worked without any setup and I don’t know if I could live without it now. I’m not a sweaty enough gamer to play with accuation settings as the default has felt great anyway but I could see myself adjusting numpad for data entry to avoid any slips. At this price point I think braided cables would of been nice but I have not one bad thing I can say about this keyboard.

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