Senso Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earbuds w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof Earphones for Gym Running Workout Noise Cancelling Earphones Earbuds Noise Cancelling Headsets Electronics

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True HD high Fidelity sound featuring latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and state of the art acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble. Comfortable and secure fit with IPX-7 waterproof rating – activbuds feature ergonomically designed flexible ear hooks with gel Flex silicone earbuds to ensure your headphones stay comfortably firm in place to guarantee fatigue free ears and tangle free comfort. Longest battery life – the new and improved Lithium polymer battery allows seamless enjoyment of music for up to 8 hours and 240 hours stand-by with a quick charge of only 1.5 hours. Bluetooth V4.1 wireless technology with CVC 6.0 noise suppression technology – connect seamlessly with all Bluetooth enabled devices up to 30 feet away. With noise suppression technology focus on your favorite music and answer calls without skips or missed words. 1 year warranty and bonus items – bonus accessories with 1-year Manufacturer’s warranty and 30 days no-questions-asked return policy. Value for money guaranteed, buy the Senso activebuds worry free today.


10 reviews for Senso Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earbuds w/Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof Earphones for Gym Running Workout Noise Cancelling Earphones Earbuds Noise Cancelling Headsets Electronics

  1. Amazon Customer

    I have had a pair of these headphones for about a week now and I am pretty impressed. For the price, these things are really fantastic and absolutely worth the purchase. I’ve had no pairing issues and battery life has been quite a bit longer than expected.For comparison purposes – I have had a few pairs of wireless headphones that ranged in price/quality: Jaybird X3s, Monster iSport Intensity, & Heydey Wireless Earbuds(Target house brand).PROSSound Volume – Excellent. Way better volume vs Monster & Heydey, comparable to slightly better than Jaybird.Sound Quality – Good. For the price I would say the quality is good to great. I have read some reviews highly critical of the quality and I came up with a couple ideas as to why. 1. They are being compared to a higher quality pair of headphones that more than likely cost a lot more and are an unfair/unrealistic comparison.2. The headphones are not being worn correctly. If you try to just gently put them in your earhole as opposed to wedging them in or I generally pull back the top of my ear with one hand and put the headphones in with the other. There is a HUGE difference in volume & quality if they are in your ear properly.3. They are defective.Quality was significantly better than Heydey, quite a bit better than Monster & a bit less than Jaybird.Product Quality – Excellent. This is the biggest one for me. I like the fact that the part that goes around your ear is not set, it is flexible and you can adjust it each time you put it on your ear. They came with a variety of different sized bud attachments, one even foam(I switched to the smallest buds which were difficult to put on but I like that because they won’t fall off, which they haven’t). But what I like even more are the buttons for changing the sounds, power & connecting to other devices. The volume are these square, clicky buttons that seem very durable. The reason this is important to me is because I have found most wireless earphones like these have round button that can and often tend to stick. This happend to my Jaybird X3s which I absolutely loved but the power/call button is partially stuck pushed in and frequently activates Siri or redials. They buds on the Jaybirds would also fall off all the time, not the case with these.TLDR – If you are looking buy these, for the price they have excellent volume, good/great sound, and excellent overall quallity. I have owned a few pair of comparable headphones that ranged in price & quality(Jaybird X3, Monster iSport Intensity, Heydey Wireless). My overall ratings: SENSO – 8/10, Jaybird – 7/10, Monster – 4/10, Heydey – 1/10 (Side speakers broke in 2 weeks). BUY THESE!!!

  2. Chris Radloff

    I’ve got a tangled-up pile of various earbuds and other assorted in-ear headphones around here somewhere that’s a gordian testament to my general dissatisfaction with poor audio quality and having cords dangle from my facial region. As a bass player I’m innately poor so buying anything that costs over fifteen bucks is an agonizing experience for me. But not as agonizing as not being able to hear the bass when I’m listening to music… Every few weeks I’d find myself standing in the checkout line at the gas station with yet another pair of ten-dollar promises in hand, hoping to find the Magic Set of Affordable Doohickies That Would Make Me Happy. And every time I’d end up throwing them onto the pile of disappointment with all the rest.What I wanted when I found these on Amazon was a good set of true wireless earbuds (headphones? is there a difference?) that would stay firmly implanted in my bean, have good bass response, have enough battery life for me to get the mowing done without going dead, and be my bestest friend forever. When I sobered up the next day (“Oh crap, I was drunk shopping online again? Gaaaahhh… What did I buy this time?”) and reviewed my purchase I was not happy with myself. I really had my little heart all set on buying true wireless earbuds (headphones?) that wouldn’t snag on things and get ripped out of my head (I hate mowing under that tree – it grabs at me), but these are quite obviously wired together, and they’re quite a bit chunkier than what I had in mind. I was so upset with myself for ordering these that I swore off beer for two whole days!The third day the doohickies arrived. Morosely, without much hope, I pulled ’em out of the box and stuck them in my ear-holes, fumbled with the “how do you connect this thing anyway” button for a moment to hook it to my phone and OH MY GOD I LOVE THESE!! (Happy dance, happy dance!)They fit my ears very well, stay planted in my head much better than any other headphones (earbuds?) I’ve ever owned, but best of all – they have great sound! The bass is sooo much better through these than other headbuds (earphones? whatever…) I’ve tried. They’ve been my go-to set of doohickies for nearly a year now, in daily use as I putter about. I’ve only had the battery in them go dead on me two or three times – they really do last a good eight hours or so. They’re starting to show a bit of wear now though (mostly through rough handling and pilot error) so I’m planning to buy another set.The only downfall with these is that they do take a few seconds to get them screwed into my ears properly, and invariably as soon as I get them firmly plugged into my head I’ll see my wife waving her arms about trying to talk to me so I gotta pull ’em back out to hear her. As noted by others, the speakers aren’t noise-cancelling per se, but they fit tightly enough in your ears that you really can’t hear the outside world much at all. Which is a good thing!

  3. Dulcinea16

    The sound from the right ear piece of my LG Tone Pro HBS-750’s – which I LOVE – became almost inaudible recently, just a month past the warranty end date. I read LOTS of reviews of different wireless earbuds, and I finally decided to try these SENSO’s, even though I’d never heard of this brand. Why? With 80% of 20,000+ reviewers giving 4 or 5 stars, & an under-$40 price, I figured I HAD to give these a try.These SENSO’s made a great first impression, starting with the excellently designed packaging. The box is very sturdy, and has just the right amount of graphics & pics on it; all the product info you need is on one of the 6 surfaces, with no gaudy advertising or other visual distractIons. It’s also nicely compact, having just enough room for the headphones, accessories, User Guide & Product Support card – the perfect size for storing the extra ear tips (three sizes are included), the VERY nice charging cable & a dual port car charger that are included extras, & just keeping everything SENSO together. It’s the best designed packaging of any electronics device or accessory I’ve ever owned.I wasn’t sure how I’d like the over-the-ear piece that holds these earbuds in place. But I’ve had the “naked” earbuds that are supposed to fit so well they’ll miraculously stay in your ear no matter what you’re doing – and they DON’T (another reason I thought I’d give these earbuds a try). I haven’t found the ear loops themselves uncomfortable, or too loose or tight; but they do compete with the arms of my glasses where they both sit on top of my ear, and I find myself often adjusting one or the other to make them both “sit right”. Also, the angle of the opening to my ear canal is different in each ear; and since this angle is not adjustable on these earphones, I sometimes have difficulty getting them seated correctly so that I get them seated correctly. When I manage to get that angle exactly right, the noise cancellation is excellent; it’s just not something I can achieve all the time.I find the sound, & especially the volume, that comes from these little babies to be excellent. I’ve never worn expensive, big name earbuds, so I can’t comment on how these SENSO’s compare to those; but I am perfectly happy with what I hear coming from them. I thought my LG’s had good sound quality, but these SENSO’s deliver better sound quality: it’s clearer, the bass is much better but not too much, and the volume is a LOT better.These SENSO’s do have several design features I like better than my LG’s. One is their size & the connecting cable; having no plastic neckpiece is a definite plus. The cable connecting the earbuds is thin and flat – about 4mm wide – and it feels more substantial than the tiny round cables on the LG’s. The supplied charging cable is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. It also is flat and flexible – taking up less room when folded up – and it has SNUGLY FITTING, oval shaped covers on both the USB and the “other end”. The “other end” is another piece of great design, with both a micro-USB AND a lightning connector in one tip. The micro-USB fits into the bottom end of the lightning tip, but can be pulled out when needed – no extra cap or second tip to mess with. I’ve only seen this design one other time, and it wasn’t as well done as this one is. The supplied case is well made, classy looking, and compact – about the size of a good thick donut – and has an interior mesh half-pocket on one side. It easily holds the earbuds, that very nice charging cable, and some extra ear tips if you like/need to carry more than one size. I’ve even gotten the car charger in there as well, although that gets a bit tight.Several things keep these earbuds from completely replacing my LG’s. One is the lack of adjustability of the angle of the earbuds (given that I have narrow and oddly shaped ear canals, that’s a problem with earbuds for me). Another is the shorter battery life. I’ve tried timing how long these will go on a charge, but I’m still not sure how long they actually do go – maybe 8 hrs., maybe not. They DON’T last a full day for me, whereas my LG’s seemed to go forever on a charge – multiple days for sure. I also don’t like that the battery status isn’t announced when these are turned on, OR that when the “low battery” warning sounds, it’s basically a “dead battery” warning. There’s not much more than 2-3 minutes playing time left when that warning sounds, and that’s definitely the feature of these SENSO’s I like least. When the LG’s are turned on, “Battery High (Medium) (Low)” is announced, a feature that I love and find very useful. Finally, these earbuds have a multi-second delay in completing the Bluetooth connection. Even though “Connected” is announced when they are supposedly paired, it can be five+ seconds before I actually hear the sound through these earbuds vs. the device.All in all, this is a very nice set, and a fantastic value for the price. It’s a keeper, but I’ve decided I AM going to get another LG headset as well. The battery life of the LG’s can’t be beat, and the battery status announcements are a “must have” for me – as well as the ability to adjust the angle of the earbuds where they fit into my ear, and to not have the over-the-ear clip always competing with my glasses for that tiny space. But if you don’t have the same fairly minor complaints I do, I highly recommend these SENSO’s for anyone who wants great sound and great features at a fantastic price.Addendum 9/15/17: I began experiencing several intermittent problems with these earbuds about 2-3 weeks after I started using them: they would sometimes not pair even though the “Connected” status had been announced, sometimes not Skip or Go Back one track when that button was pushed, & held a charge for less & less time. I did a “Factory Reset” as instructed in the User Guide a couple of times. At about the six weeks point, they suddenly stopped charging fully; no matter how long I charged them, they would only charge about half way. I figured the earbuds were defective, and called SENSO’s 24/7 Live Support. My excellent experience with their Customer Service sealed the SENSO deal for me. The rep I spoke to was VERY professional and efficient in handling my call. He first asked what problems I was having, then tried troubleshooting with a couple of questions (Was I trying to pair with more than one device? “No.” A factory reset needs to be tried. “I’ve done that twice.”) He apologized more than once for the inconvenience I was having, and with NO hesitation whatsoever immediately began asking for the info he needed – Amazon order #, name/address/etc. – to send me a replacement set. I had checked on the SENSO website, & asked if it was possible for me to pay the extra $$ and get the next better pair of SENSO’s instead of a replacement for the ones I had. Although that wasn’t an option, he immediately offered an alternative: “What I can do is offer you a 15% discount….” if I wanted to purchase a different set. He was able to answer all the questions I had about the differences between my earbuds and two other sets, and waited patiently while I viewed the currently available sets on Amazon (the set I wanted had recently been discontinued). In the end I elected just to have a replacement set sent to me. In my experience Customer Service DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER than this!! I highly recommended these earbuds before any troubles developed, but after this experience I’ll probably be a SENSO customer for life. I just wish they had a broader product line so I could give them more of my business! Kudos to a great company with great products!!

  4. TylerTheTechTinkerer

    These were a lot better than I was expecting, here’s some pros and consPros:1. Great sound and bass, compared to my 50 dollar Sony over ear wired headphones, they are about 80% as good. Nice noticeable bass, not as good as said headphones, but pretty good. Highs are pretty good aswell, can definitely hear that treble. Clarity is iffy, a bit muddy but nothing that’s noticeable without trying to look for flaws. It’s very loud aswell.2. Battery is good right out the box, been listening to music ever since I got them 4 hours ago.3.easy to pair, just turned them on and found them in the bluetooth settings.4. Lots of different accessories and eartips, the small ones are the best for me. TWO DIFFERENT CHARGERS, HAIL TO MICRO USB5. Fit pretty well, too well actually, residual pain does occur so be ready for that, it’s not their fault just the earbud design. But it does not and will not fall out.6. Easy controls, they are located in the right headphone.7. You can use Google assistant while phone is off, if you hold down the button for a second it will say voice dial but really it’s just the assistant. Cool if you need a quick fact but don’t want to get your phone out.8. Calls are pretty good, people can understand me fine on the other end.9. Perfect for any occasion, school, public, workouts, jogs, push ups, work and even home.10. Small and compact, can carry in pocket anywhere or around neckCons:1. They hurt your ears when you wear them for any length of time, oof my ears. Also random really high pitch noises when listening to music, unless your ears are good level like mine you won’t notice.2. The cord is a minor inconvenience but you already know this.3. Some slight static noise, hardly noticeable, am I hearing things?4. They can’t make me toast.Conclusion: Are these the best headphones out there? No. Can you buy a better pair for $29.97? No. Don’t buy anything more expensive, unless you really want super fantastic awesome sound. Plus these come with ballin accessories that could potentially cost more than the product itself! ( I honestly don’t know how they could pack so much accessories into this product, have it cost 30 bucks and it still be good quality, mind blower. I still can’t find where they cut corners other than maybe the build quality, it doesn’t look 100% like the picture but it does enough.) If you’re on the edge between these and some more expensive but essentially the same headphones, get these.

  5. cnjorda

    Overall the sound quality is great on these headphones. The ear buds are comfortable and sit in your ears nicely. A lot of times this style of ear bud hurts my inner hear after about an hour of use. The only time they have slid out (but still stayed on my ear) was when I was running 3+ miles and it was easy enough to just adjust them back in. If you are a minimal sweater, you shouldn’t have this problem, but I don’t really see it as an issue. I sweat a decent amount when I work out and I haven’t had any issues until today. ALSO – the magnet for your phone in the car air vent is INCREDIBLE. I know its just an added bonus but I love it and it works so well. I have had multiple people ask me about where I got it and when I said the headphones are great, they went on to buy them as well. You cant go wrong.UPDATE: I am a little disappointed. I bought these in May 2017 and they completely died on me today. That is less than a year of use (not every day, maybe 4 days/week) and I expected these to last longer than 10-11 months.I will be reaching out to the company to see if they will replace them due to the 1 year warranty period. Hoping customer service is prompt. If so, I will update my rating to full 5 stars because I DO think these are really good headphones, especially for the price.EDIT: Once I reached out to the company, they immediately responded allowing me to order a new pair at no cost. They stand by their product and provided excellent customer service. No complaints, will continue to order these and since my original purchase they have gone down in price to about $20. Incredible.Edit 10/2019: i still fully stand by this product. I am using the replacements still. I still think they are great value, I’ve bought them for family members and recommended to friends. I highly highly recommend these headphones. I also still LOVE the car magnet/holder. I use that everyday!

  6. Samantha

    For $40 I think they are pretty high quality. My husband has the Beats version and he said they look pretty much identical. The sound quality is pretty good. I like that I can talk on the phone using them. I have small ears so it was a concern for me that they would fall off. I went to the gym and tested them out and they worked out great. I have wore them around the house for 3 hours at a time and they didn’t cause any pain or soreness. Score! I purchased the extended warranty to go along with them too. My husband is considering buying a pair too. Awesome buy!

  7. BigSarge

    Extremely pleased with this headset. It definitely exceeded my expectations considering the price of the headset. You just can’t beat the price in my opinion. Put them in your ear, connect to your phones Bluetooth and just jam away. Whether you’re working out or at a construction site, you will not hear anything around you. Leaving you between working out and your music or working and your music. If you keep the volume at its lowest you’ll still hear what’s going on outside of your headset, otherwise, crank that puppy up and zone out the world. Has some decent bass to it too, not insane bass but enough to get your body moving to the beat. Just love this headset. Did I mention it’s water resistant? Don’t remember what the description mentions about water but I’m sure you cannot submerge it in water and expect them to work. What I can review is that I’ve sweated profusely with these on with no issues. I’ve gotten rained on several times and still going. I purchased these about 6 months ago and waited to write a review as I do with all products to give it time to do its job. Just can’t work without these headphones anymore, I got spoiled with these!!

  8. C M

    Now that I have the iPhone X, I was in the market for Bluetooth headphones that sounded good, but didn’t cost over a $100. I refuse to pay that much for headphones I’m sure will be dropped and/or stepped on accidentally. These headphones sound amazing! The sound is clear and when playing music the bass is great. The headphones are comfortable to wear as well.I always had a problem with earbuds not fitting my ears or staying in place. With the ear hooks, the buds stay in place. In my opinion, they sound better then the Apple’s EarPods. I use them every day at my desk when working and use when listening to music on my walks. With loud co-workers in a open floor plan building, I can attest these are the best noise cancelling headphones I’ve used lately. You cannot beat the price either! I would definitely recommend these headphones.

  9. Cubichi

    If you have time read this review, I think it will help you decide to buy or not. First, I dislike earbuds and find them annoying because they never stayed in my ears. So after going through 3 sets of headphones in one year and damaging them due to sweat and having to clean the headphone pads to avoid them from stinking of dry sweat, I broke down and searched for a pair of earbud style with a clip around the ear to help keep them in place better. Like most of us, I searched for them here on Amazon. There were three things I looked for: one is the reviews, second is that it’s fulfilled by Amazon ( so I have some backing if these things are bad ) and third is warranty period for them. Paying $125 to $200 was not what I wanted to spend on name brands that don’t deliver and are hyped up for their name, that’s just me ! I figured I take a chance on these earbuds for $34.00, and must say I was pleasantly surprised by their performance and quality so far. The sound coming out of these earbuds is just incredible to me. At the gym, I have them paired with my iPhone 5S and at 50% they are loud as hell. I will probably never need to go higher than that . Connection with my iPhone was easy and no issues. The fact that they are sweatproof was a must for me. The 30 ft distance in my home worked fine through 2 walls to the other end of my home. I made calls with them and the mic worked well. I tested the running time of 8 hrs, and it was on point with what they said . The comfort wearing them to my ears was great and guess what they stay in place. The clip around the ear is a soft rubber or silicone material that surprisingly works to help keep the earbuds in my ear. Then you get other little gifts like hard carry case, dual car charger, a short charge cable and 3 foot charge cable that works for as a lightning cable and mirco usb cable….. Both will charge the earbuds. Also you get two sets of ear tips small and large and the earbuds have a mid size on them already. My Amazon friends things are mass produced and during production you will have like in any other product defective units that leave the factory, but remember you have a one year warranty and I’m sure that they will back it up or Amazon will. All I can say is that after a full week I am very pleased with my purchase and guess what I did, I bought a second pair….the gray ones….lol ! The only cons I have at the time of this review is that they charge you more for the gray ones, than the red ones, and the earbud pads are little in different in feel from the gray and red earbuds, but in no way is it a deal breaker. At their price point and with what you get these are a very good deal, especially from a unknown brand. I can only see with time how they do, but for now these earbuds rock. I have a one year warranty on them so I’m not worried. Wish you all good luck.

  10. G. Swanson

    I have been using these wireless headphones since October 2017 while running in all sorts of weather and am very pleased with the quality and sound for the price. First, some background on me. I will run (or as I age, I call it the “old man shuffle”) at a local university on both paved roads and trails so the run is both smooth and rough at the same time. I will run for up to an hour or 5 miles “ish” and have run in heat of 90 plus degrees (lots of sweat), below freezing (lots of shivering), winds, thunderstorms, and all sorts of weather. The headphones stayed in place and worked without issue in all of these circumstances. I have even run with a “loose” fitting hat over my ears to keep my ears warm while wearing the headphones without issue.The amount of items you get for the price was a nice surprise. It came with a very nice compact case, charging cable, car charger, and many extra earbuds. I have actually tried the neoprene and foam earbuds in different weather and find that I like the neoprene in the heat and foam in the cold.Sound quality was surprisingly very good and these earbuds can get very loud. Paring with my IPhone was simple as well as learning how to use the headphones. I have never had an issue with the charge running out. I have run for 5 of 7 days without the need to re-charge the headphones so I typically charge them on the weekends.I will admit that putting them on took a few tries. First, it is highly recommended that you put them in the correct ears (I first tried them backwards and it took me looking in the mirror to realize I was doing it wrong – uncomfortable too!). Make sure the black plastic cord that connects them is over your back. The first time I ran, I had the cord in the front and it kept bouncing up into my face. (I guess common sense helps!) Now, I have learned that I insert into my ears first and then rotate the headphones to slide over and lock onto my ears. Once on, I have never had an issue with them slipping off.My only complaint, although minor, is that the connector to charge the earphones is very small. There is a “tiny” cover that has to be opened to insert the charging cable. Again, as I have aged, I have to find my “reading” glasses to get the cover open and charger connected, as I can’t see small items anymore! Not a big issue unless I can’t find one of my many pairs of reading glasses that always seem to be missing.Overall, in my opinion, these are a great pair of headphones and it comes with many extras. I was so pleased with these that I bought a second pair for my son who is using them for running as well. I would definitely purchase again. Great Quality at a Great Price!Reviewed by G. Swanson

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