Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD – USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, PlayStation, & Xbox – 1-Year Rescue Service (STGX2000400) ElectronicsLive viewers eye icon

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Easily store and access 2TB to content on the go with the Seagate Portable Drive, a USB external hard drive
Designed to work with Windows or Mac computers, this external hard drive makes backup a snap just drag and drop
To get set up, connect the portable hard drive to a computer for automatic recognition no software required
This USB drive provides plug and play simplicity with the included 18 inch USB 3.0 cable


Seagate Portable

Need More? Upgrade.

Backup Software

USB 3.0/2.0


USB 3.0/2.0

Windows/Mac Reformat

Works with


120 MB/s

Max Speed

120 MB/s

Multi Color Options


Max Capacity





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Compatible Devices PC, mac, PS4, Gaming Console PC, Mac (reformatting required) Laptop
Connectivity Technology USB USB USB USB
Digital Storage Capacity 2 TB 2 TB 2 TB 2 TB
Hard Disk Description Portable Portable Portable External Hard Drive, Portable External Hard Drive
Hard Disk Size 2 TB 2.0 TB 2 TB 2 TB
Hardware Interface USB 3.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0, USB 2.0 USB, USB 3.0
Item Dimensions 4.6 x 3.15 x 0.58 inches 4.22 x 2.95 x 0.44 inches 4.3 x 3.1 x 0.55 inches 4.52 x 3.07 x 0.46 inches
Item Weight 6.70 ounces 4.23 ounces 5.28 ounces 5.33 ounces
Memory Storage Capacity 2 TB 2000 MB 2 TB 2 TB
Size 2TB 2TB 2TB 2TB
Always Spacious. Always Easy.

Always Spacious. Always Easy.

Back up yesterday’s memories and today’s documents, even on the go. Seagate Portable makes it possible thanks to the plug-and-play simplicity of USB 3.0 and drag-and-drop functionality.

Seagate Portable

10 reviews for Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD – USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, PlayStation, & Xbox – 1-Year Rescue Service (STGX2000400) ElectronicsLive viewers eye icon

  1. edstanjr

    Working great work my XBox One

  2. Desmo Due

    And Seagate is one of the top performers, outperforming WD by a long shot. Don’t waste your money on WD.Before you purchase an internal or external hard drive, make sure you buy the best. Google “hard drives with lowest failure rate” and make sure an actual study and its information is provided as proof of which drives have the lowest failure rate.SSD drives are becoming cheaper, but if they’re not written onto for a long period of time, they can lose their data. I’m unsure how common that is, but SSD is nice because there are no mechanical parts for failure and truly shock resistant.

  3. Dan Leithauser

    Truth be told I have two 5T drives that are variants of this drive from 2018 that I use for backups, purchased together. One serves as a primary external drive. The other is never connected except during removal from a fireproof safe. That same stored drive will now not run, despite switching positions into my normally used “other” drive of the exact same config to test cables and adaptors. I guess this is par for the course with backup drives?In any case, I was led back here to purchase another drive because, according to BackBlaze, these drives have high reliability. I considered spending 4x on a solid state drive, but BB stats alleviated concerns about better reliability of SSD vs HD. I am not going to mourn the loss of my prior drive, I have multiple backups spread across a variety of drives… still to have a drive fail and come back to purchase another seems the definition of insanity, but for the fact that I do not have hundreds of these drives tested over years in server systems (like the analysis from BackBlaze).My primary use for these types of high capacity drives is for archival storage of photographic data, and to act as a storage source for my home music server with Plex.This current Seagate drive sits on your desktop, with a power adaptor included and attached. It is not really portable. It took over 15 hours to move a couple of terabytes of data between my old Seagate and new Seagate, but that is not the fault of the drive; more an issue with the USB ports I have on my now 4 year old Dell (updated but not for the USB). Average transfer speeds of 25-30M/s are a bottleneck. Data integrity was good but for a couple of files where I had to dig into prior backups to correct (good to know).I hope insanity does not become a statistical issue with the new drive, which for the time being I am letting stay connected.


    Very nice!

  5. L. Richardson

    I was surprised that the description says only shipping to domestic US and yet the package comes with almost every variation of a power adapter. (See images). Take note there are two that look like US power, but only one says it’s for US/CN. This doesn’t come in Seagate branded packaging. Strangely, it comes in that brown worry free packaging box.Upon connection, you have a total of 7451 Gigs of the drive available to use.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I’ve read reviews saying not for Mac but discovered that you need to format it to work with MacOS. When registering the product it will give you instructions to reformat the drive for a Mac Computer. These instructions are for older MacOS. At the top of the instructions it will say for MacOS High Sierra or later click here. After clicking the link the instructions will work perfectly and the HDD will operate as stated. All the formatting is done through DiscUtilities but the instructions tell you what to click on so no worries. Hope this helps someone trying to format the HDD to MacOS. As for performance I just got this drive and have moved one file onto it and it wrote the file very quickly to the drive. Now this is not advising that the drive will last or work for everyone but only my experience of ownership for one day. So far so good and if this HDD fails me I will update the review.UPDATE: June 23, 2020 I have used this now for four months and the hard drive has yet to fail me. I purchased this to store video files for school and for youtube. I do use thumb drives for a backup and found that the Seagate HDD actually writers faster than my SanDisk thumb drives write. My wife was impressed with this 1 TB drive and I ordered her one not long after and it too is still in use and working perfectly. She also uses a Mac. As from my personal experience I would recommend this SeaGate 1 TB to anyone looking to free up space on their Macs or Windows PCs.

  7. Miss_Nocturna

    An absolute great purchase! Small enough to fit in my hand and it doesn’t get in the way! I love that I can buy/download as many PS4 games as my heart desires and it’ll be a long while before the space is filled up!Edit 7/21/21: I just wanted to come back and give an update. I just upgraded from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. The process was made a whole heck of a lot faster and smoother thanks to this little miracle. I successfully moved over 70 games with absolutely NO problems! NO issues with speed! Once this one is filled up (which will still be a while) I’ll not hesitate to order another! I still have about a terabyte worth of space left.

  8. Keith Stathem

    Another reviewer opened up this 8TB drive and researched the internal model #, but I couldn’t find anything to confirm that there’s no hardware encryption (so the data can be recovered if the usb adapter poops out). So I stuck a few files on it – didn’t test the speed, but 390MB took about 2 seconds – then opened it up very carefully (still broke the two smallest tabs in the corners farthest from the connections) then plugged in a SATA cable, and it worked just fine.

  9. Silent til I speak

    I am again impressed how technology has advanced. My old hard drive is 4 times as big and probably 8 times as heavy with half the storage… Bought for a Mac, works just fine.

  10. Miggy

    Bought this to store all the PS4 games on my PS5. I’ve had it for a couple weeks and so far, no issues at all. The PS4 games play like they should and I can save the internal SSD storage for the PS5 games.No external power needed. I just plugged it into then PS5, it recognized the drive right away, did the PlayStation reformat, and it was ready to go.No word yet on the durability. I’ll update the review if I have issues.Update 2/11/2022: this drive still working great on my PS5.

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