SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7″ 32GB Android Tablet w/Compact, Slim Design, Sturdy Metal Frame, Long Lasting Battery, Gray Electronics

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LIGHT AND PORTABLE: With its compact 8.7” screen, slim design and sturdy metal frame, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet is perfectly sized for entertainment on the go; Easy for everyone to carry and travel with, especially kids
LASTING PROTECTION: This device features an upgraded metal frame that helps protect against everyday hiccups; It’s made to be durable so your tablet keeps working even when handled by children’s accident-prone hands
FASTER PERFORMANCE: Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has faster speed than previous models for smooth streaming with minimal interruptions for work, school or play; Also packs more expandable storage than before — up to 1TB, almost 2x as much as the previous model — for all your photos, videos, and apps


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SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7" 32GB Android Tablet w/Compact, Slim Design, Sturdy Metal Frame, Long Lasting Battery, Gray
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Customer Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars (9362) 4.5 out of 5 stars (235) 4.7 out of 5 stars (18769) 4.6 out of 5 stars (1051)
Price $119.99 $199.99 $249.99 $105.00
Sold By Cellmigo Prime-Pros Woot
Color Gray Gray Silver Black
Screen Size 8.7 inches 8.7 inches 10.4 inches 8 inches
Flash Memory Installed Size 32 GB 64.0 GB 32 GB 32.0 GB
Item Dimensions 0.31 x 4.91 x 8.37 inches 10 x 8 x 1.5 inches 0.28 x 6.2 x 9.75 inches 8.75 x 5.3 x 1.55 inches
Item Weight 0.81 lbs 1.34 lbs 1.04 lbs 1.00 lbs
Operating System Android 11 Android Android Q Android 9 Pie
Wireless Communication Technology Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

10 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.7″ 32GB Android Tablet w/Compact, Slim Design, Sturdy Metal Frame, Long Lasting Battery, Gray Electronics

  1. Amazon Customer

    perfect for school and it was clean and had no issues. And camera quality is not the best but is better the nothing.

  2. Eduardo J. Grebe Rodriguez

    Justo lo que esperaba y perfecto para el uso que le voy a dar. Precio adecuado.

  3. Dhanu

    Nice tablet. Has a bit of a lag but other than that I love it for my small hands. It’s lightweight and fits into my small bookbag. Also, because I have the Samsung galaxy phone, it’s like a bigger version of my phone and made it easier to use.

  4. Tiffany Robinson

    Got this for my 3 year old because he loves YouTube kids, Disney and noggin . AmaZon fire we didn’t like because had to go thru hoops to get on YouTube kids and they make you buy to much . Plus it was bulky , froze a lot and more . My toddler loves this tablet so easy for him to work Omggggg . Best Buy . Low on cost for a kid and easy to work . Got a kid case and he loves

  5. Julie B. RN

    This tablet is very simple and user-friendly. I always like this about Samsung products. The camera ain’t all that good but I can use it for video calls and conferences. Great microphone (good sound),. As far as I can tell it won’t link to any phone besides another Samsung to use for texting or as a phone, which I was hoping it would. I need the bigger buttons due to my arthritis. Overall it’s it’s a really nice product. Would recommend

  6. Michael M.

    Bought this tablet for my sister for Christmas. For the price, this is a fairly decent little tablet. She seems to really enjoy it. If you are looking for something to use to maybe just play simple games on, browse the web, check email, Facebook, video chat, etc., this isn’t too bad of a deal.First, it’s a Galaxy series device from Samsung. That, in itself, was a selling point for me. Both she and I have pretty much used Samsung Galaxy phones every since smartphones first came out, so we are both familiar with the quality of Samsung Galaxy products. That is one of the reasons I chose this tablet to start with. Samsung makes really quality products. And if you are familiar with Samsung Galaxy phones, this is basically the same thing, just larger, which is a main reason I chose this for her, because I knew that she would have no problems using it because she is familiar with the way it’s set up already.One of the other selling points for me is that it came loaded with the latest (as of this review) version Android OS (which is 11). It also has plenty of storage right out of the box and you can add more if you need to by adding an SD card. And for what she does on it (mentioned above), this has plenty of speed and memory. To her, game playing is Solitaire or Word games, so I’m not talking about it being great for gaming that requires lots of processing power. But for just everyday internet stuff, the tablet works great. Battery life is pretty good, but the charger it comes with isn’t fast charging (I just bought her a separate new charger that actually is fast charging. Cost like $12, so not too bad).The size of the tablet is decent. The screen size makes it perfect for reading online books or viewing videos. Although, she has mentioned that it’s sometimes hard for her to hold onto because she has small hands. The back of the tablet is a little on the slick/slippery side, so I would suggest getting a textured cover for it, not only to protect it from drops, but to make it easier to hold. Every since I got her a textured cover for it, she says it’s not hard to hold onto anymore. One other thing is that the screen does tend to get really smudged. When the screen is off or black, you can really see all the fingerprints and smudges. But when on and light behind the screen, you can’t really see them, so that’s really not a problem.The two cameras aren’t too bad, but don’t expect to be able to take award winning photos with them. But, they work well enough for what most people would need. We tried making video calls with it earlier and the video from the tablet was sharp and clear. Same thing using the rear camera to take pictures with, they were sharp and clear and the colors were vibrant. Again, not the best in the world, but don’t think many people are looking to take awesome, breathtaking pics with a tablet, anyway.As far as connectivity goes, it is set up to handle fast internet WiFi connections. It can connect using 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and either use the 2.4Ghz range or 5Ghz. It’s not set to use mobile data, so if you’re looking for a tablet you can use with mobile data, this wouldn’t be a good choice. It’s Wifi only. One thing I did notice though, which I thought was kinda cool, was that depending on your carrier, there is a setting that allows you to view/send text messages and make/receive phone calls with the tablet through your phone. Unfortunately, Verizon and AT&T are both carriers that don’t allow you to do that.All in all, this is actually a really nice little tablet for the money. It’s basically a bare bones Android device, but still, it is perfect for someone to just do regular, simple internet tasks on. If you’re looking for a tablet to just check email, surf the web, watch videos, check out social media stuff and the like, then you would be hard pressed to find a better deal. And as I said, you know you’ll be getting a quality product from Samsung and you really can’t beat the price.

  7. S. Kessler

    I bought this on sale during Prime Days in July in order to more easily carry around my Kindle reading material and other tasks. My iPad Pro is too large and heavy and a my iPhone Max too small to read on comfortably. I am very pleased with this lightweight tablet for reading. The screen is just the right size and it tucks easily into most medium size purses. Since using it for a while, I discovered that I am able to create a wifi hotspot with my iPhone and now this cute little tablet is even more versatile.

  8. Michele L.

    I previously had a Samsung Galaxy tablet that was outrageously slow to boot up and be useful after first being turned on (prior tablet was a Tab A 8.0 tablet – a different model than this purchase). I wanted a better/faster Android tablet that was still in the 8″ size range but unfortunately there aren’t that many options in a smaller Android tablet. I debated for months and months and finally settled on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 8.7 Lite — it was a GREAT decision. I was able to transfer my apps seamlessly through Samsung Smart Switch and, best of all, when I turn on the Tab A7 8.7 Lite I can IMMEDIATELY get out to the internet and my apps. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 8.7 Lite is a great tablet and was less expensive than the prior Tab A 8.0 tablet. I am very happy with this purchase.

  9. Dragonwings

    Easy to setup and use. I like it.

  10. jason pace

    Got it for my son to use battery life is great for when he is playing his games

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