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Media playback controls – Quickly navigate media with built-in play/pause, fast forward and fast reverse buttons.
Seamless console compatibility – Power on your PS5 console and navigate its menus directly with the remote for ultimate convenience.
TV settings – Adjust the volume and power settings of compatible TVs with the built-in IR transmitter. PS5 system software update may be required.


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Media Remote, PlayStation 5, PS5
Media Remote, PlayStation 5, PS5
Media Remote, PlayStation 5, PS5

10 reviews for Playstation Media Remote Video Games

  1. Chris Wilkinson

    Much easier to use for watching dvds and streaming services than the controller. Plus saves having to constantly charge the Dualsense. Setup was extremely easy, and it recognized my Samsung TV right away so i have no need for two remotes. Matches the style of a white ps5 exactly. Would be better if the streaming service buttons were programable. Two days after I wrote this my remote started acting strangely. It turns out the included batteries were dead, and had only lasted three days. I put new batteries in it and it is fine again.

  2. Jose

    Convenient way to use the ps5

  3. Michelle OG

    This remote is our new best friend. Wish we got it sooner! Been using it for 3 months and still haven’t had to change a battery and we use the PS5 every day!

  4. Francisco Castro

    Bought this cause I use my ps5 more for streaming content than gaming sometimes and it just seems like ps5 controllers die so quickly and I have to keep swapping controllers so this was the best move. So now I can leave my ps5 controllers charging for gaming and just use this to stream and not worry about a dead battery.

  5. Stephen O’Dell

    Perfect for watching youtube or streaming videos without killing your controllers. I dont pay for ad free on youtube and it sucked having to keep up with my controller to hit the skip ad button. The remote has a long battery life and works great.

  6. alex

    This remote can turn on and off your tv turn up the volume and turn it down, that is if it recognizes your tv. Thing is so useful! I love it to be honest. Only downside is that there’s a button for Spotify and not Hulu which doesn’t make sense to me but whatever😂

  7. daniel covey

    1 remote for 3 devices. I like using my ps5 for everything and this remote takes the place of 2 remotes and a controller.

  8. Godzillaspet

    Works infinitely better than using a controller. Wish you could reprogram the dedicated buttons to other apps rather than the ones they are programmed to. Easy to pair and use especially compared to the controller.

  9. Elias Gregory

    When we need a remote for my fiancé to use the PlayStation, this thing has been perfect. Highly recommend.

  10. Mike Chapman

    A well made remote. Like the little details, like it turns on/off both the TV & PS5 with one press. Only con is it uses batteries over like a usb-c charge.

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