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harge two controllers – Charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers at the same time without having to connect them to your PlayStation 5 console.
Free up USB ports – Your controllers charge as quickly as when connected to your PS5 console – so you can free up USB ports without sacrificing performance.
Click-in design – Dock your DualSense wireless controllers quickly and easily with the charging station’s click-in design and leave them to charge at your convenience.


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DualSense Charging Station, PlayStation5, PS5
DualSense Charging Station, PlayStation5, PS5
DualSense Charging Station, PlayStation5, PS5

10 reviews for Playstation DualSense Charging Station Video Games

  1. Bambi

    Easy to use. Works well and does a great job charging. Also keeps my controllers up and out of the way from getting broken. I’m glad I bought this product.

  2. Ashley Duncan

    It’s my controller charger, it charges but if there’s one drawback it doesn’t use the USB on the back of the PS5 which I personally prefer. I know a lot of users don’t want those taken up but I’m very short of outlets behind my entertainment area and would’ve rather used the PS5 myself.

  3. NYCJim57

    When it comes to buying anything for your PS5, Stick with the authentic Sony accessory products. I made the mistake by getting a clone model for cheap and ended up tossing it in the trash. This one was pricy but worth it. Super easy set up in minutes and being able to plug it into your home outlet or power strip is the way to go.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I am a picky person… I expect quality! This is sleek and pleasant to look at in the room… Not something ugly that you want to hide. The power cord is long enough to reach pretty far you can pretty much wirelessly charge your controllers which is nice! Just another beautiful addition to my already perfect PS5… Now to add a internal hard drive hahaha.Enjoy gaming and enjoy charging as you go with this device! It’s a must have! You’ll love it 🎮🎮

  5. Its5Four

    When I say small learning curve, I mean tiny. You need to get used to how it feels when you place the controller down properly. There’s a small click you hear and feel when done correctly. Get used to that and you won’t need to double check it to ensure it’s charging.

  6. Asterisk

    So the PS5 controllers are cool. The vibrations and so on. However I still like the Xbox controller more for one main reason. Sheesh do the PS5 controllers die fast! I would go a week before needing to charge my Xbox controller. PS5? Every other day of use. To make things worse I use to use a usb plug to charge it while I play. Same tactic I use with my Xbox controller. And it worked the first year or so and then randomly stopped. The same plug that works for my Xbox just stopped working on my ps5. It did however work when I plugged it directly into the PlayStation. Hmm. Which is pretty far from where I sit to game. Anyway, tactic I use now is I have two controllers and I let one charge while using the other. And switch them out. Works fine. And this charger station gets it done

  7. S

    I frickin love this. PlayStation controllers have notoriously the worst battery life of last and current gen consoles (PS4 & PS5). This station coupled with two controllers means I never worry about charging controllers anymore. So great.

  8. The Chinese Farmer

    Really enjoy this charger. Nice sleek look, works great. Wish it came in black but I guess I can spray paint it

  9. J. Park

    This item is authentic. Came in original sealed ps packaging. Easy to use unlike older chargers. You simply place it on too and some magnetic type connection draws it in and it charges. When its done charging it turns off. Theres no annoying lights either because since the remote itself lights up while charging. There is no need for another light. That would just be a waste of power. As for now it works perfectly and i love it.

  10. Dale

    Read a lot of reviews about many different chargers for the PS5 Dualsense controller. In the end I chose the Sony Playstation version. The controllers just kind of lay on the charger. No plastic post to insert into the Dualsense risking the post to break off in the expensive Dualsense controller. Just place the controller on the charger almost straight up instead of leaning in back. After a few tries it’s working nearly every time. Many of the other chargers make you almost force the controller onto the charging unit making sure the post on the charger inserts into the Dualsense enabling the contacts to connect. Others plug in to the C port on the front of the Dualsense which is fine if you’re using a cable but if you have to plug it directly into the charger upside down, you risk damaging the port on your $70 controller. Yes the Sony charging station is more expensive and doesn’t have fancy lights to show its charging. But as soon as you connect your Dualsense to the Sony charging station the controller itself flashes to indicate its connected and charging. For my money and peace of mind, I recommend the OEM Sony Playstation charger.

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