Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus 2m/6ft Base Kit with Plug, (Voice Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Home) – –

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This item is certified to work with Alexa
Add voice control by combining with an Alexa device
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“Alexa, turn on living room lights.”
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Product details
Color White
Brand Philips Hue
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Special Feature Dimmable, Color_changing, Adjustable
Light Source Type LED
Power Source AC
COMPATIBILITY: NOTE: These are NOT compatible with the Non-Bluetooth light strip extension or previous versions of light strip extensions.. To extend this strip, please use the Bluetooth extension. Expand with any voice or Smart Home assistant. Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Microsoft Cortana, SmartThings, IFTT. Hub required, Alexa device).
COLORFUL SMART LIGHTING: Instantly set the mood for any occasion with 16 million colors. Transform the room for an immersive entertainment experience, create the perfect atmosphere for a get-together with friends, or complement your home décor.​

10 reviews for Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip Plus 2m/6ft Base Kit with Plug, (Voice Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Home) – –

  1. Jose Roberto Kfoury Junior

    “well received”

  2. Bianca Sanchez

    So I’ve been streaming since 2016, And like other content creators you always want to have the coolest lights in your room. The cool thing about the highlights is that they can be integrated with Llumia which then can integrate with twitch and they can have like reactions and really cool things happen when people follow or tip etc. if you’re a content creator who uses twitch often I would definitely recommend these lights. You can also customize they color that they change to the exact HEX code you want to use, Or you can select from the app. Also the adhesive for this product is actually really good I even changed around my set up twice and as long as they don’t get dirty when they remove them you can stick them back on and they’ll stay pretty well

  3. Bryan M.

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     Was able to place in my entertainment center in a great hidden way for more ambient lighting. Works great with the sync center and adds some great flavor to the set up

  4. Iceolated

    Had these for almost a year now and very happy with what I have. I have them installed on two tv setups now. One for the Game Room and one for Living Room where I can show off my lights at parties and such. I try to use them as much as I can. I even use them with a motion sensor in the game room as I walk in they will come on. Yes, they can get that bright to light up the room. Very good purchase, but I would recommend you spending the extra needed to get the HDMI Synch Box, as that just elevates the utilization of these lights and improves the experience. Just buy things a little at a time, as we know it can get costly very quickly. I have a Synch Box for both my game room and my living room.

  5. Spacingoff

    Pros .Out of the box plug and play, this this is easy to set up . If you don’t not have the hue hub make sure to down load the Bluetooth version of the app. This thing is crazy bright and super easy to use from the app . Found my self not even turning on my main lights . Does not get hot even to the touchNot for the consThe adhesive sucks honestly I ended up going to Home Depot and got a 3/4 Velcro and using that to stick it to the tv and have had zero issues.

  6. Tw1tcHy

    Lights are fantastic, adhered well to my brand new solid wood Walnut bed frame. I was originally going to put them under the kitchen cabinets, but was informed by Litcessory that it will be a year until compatible extensions and other attachments are available for the gradient strips. Not wanting to waste them by having them sit for a year until then, I purchased additional extensions and put them around my new King size bed (The pictures taken are with my old Queen size mattress on the bed before my new King mattress arrived). I’ve set these up to trigger via a Philips Hue motion sensor when someone gets out of the bed and it casts a gorgeous soft glow at night, and adds ambiance to the room (which is admittedly still slowly being setup after my move).The review about the price is ridiculous. Yes, they’re way overpriced. We know that. That isn’t a review, that’s just complaining, as valid as it may be. The light perform phenomenally and will go toe to toe with or outclass any others. The downside is, you pay way too much for this and honestly if I wasn’t so locked in to the Hue ecosystem, I wouldn’t have either. If you’re not balls deep in the Hue ecosystem, explore the Govee lights or do some research on alternative gradient lightning. I’m only just starting to explore Smart Home accessories and setups so I’m still unfamiliar with the capabilities of HomeKit or Google Assistant. I believe there are ways to trigger scenes and the like blending Philips Hue lights with other brands and they may be the ticket. The only other downside with that method is possible issues with color matching, but I’m sure with some manual tweaking you can setup scenes where the difference is completely imperceptible.Anyhow, if you’re like me and pretty nestled into the Philips ecosystem, I would say it’s worth it to just pony up the cash and grab these, they really are a stunning improvement over the last generation of light strips!

  7. Anne

    Love these lights.. have them set up with Alexa. They gone early morning on a timer when we go to work and I also use them as a night light when we come home later. You can have different colors depending on what your eyes like. Holidays and parties are fun they set an atmosphere . I bought my own stringer tape. System is easy to use with apps.

  8. Hadhod

    New to the light strip era. I’ve been on the smart era for around 5 years now,Just recently started tinkering with the Phillip light category, I’m still an mediocre investor in this project,But I’ve learned quite a deal,With the extension methods, I didn’t have any luck cutting it, and then trying to reconnect,I was able to get the extension cable they make work,But it worked really wonky for about 1 year. The light strip was always one color, (and the extension would always be another color)To prevent this, I recommend plugging in all the extensions first,prep your area, where the light strip will go with a double sided adhesive.Get your ladder ready if needed, and reaching stick if installing this via 1 person,And it should make it a “measures ton easier”To get this thing mounted, and situated in a permanent position, that can easily be removed if need be, for lease or anything.This product goes into depth, you can sink it with your desktop,To mimic your gaming experience.It doesn’t just do all the work, straight out of the box, it does require some doctoring,Feel free to call your local tech, Keo

  9. Heather

    Worked alot better than cheaper knockoff brands. These are pretty expensive but are well worth it.

  10. Haley King

    I use these so much i don’t use my actual room light and it works w siri

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