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Neon Blue and Red
Product details
Platform Nintendo Switch
Input Device Gamepad
Brand Nintendo
Model Name Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con – HAC-001(-01)
Color Neon Blue and Red
Connectivity Technology HDMI
3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode
6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen
4.5-9 plus Hours of Battery Life will vary depending on software usage conditions
Connects over Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming; Up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless multiplayer


Product information

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Nintendo Switch Lite

Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con Gray Joy-Con Turquoise Yellow Gray
Play Modes
TV Mode, Tabletop, Handheld TV Mode, Tabletop, Handheld Handheld Mode Handheld Mode Handheld Mode
Compatible Games
All Nintendo Switch Games All Nintendo Switch Games Handheld Supported Games Handheld Supported Games Handheld Supported Games
Joy-Con Controllers Included
Nintendo Switch Dock Included
4” high 9.4” long .55” deep 4” high 9.4” long .55” deep 3.6” high 8.2” long .55” deep 3.6” high 8.2” long .55” deep 3.6” high 8.2” long .55” deep
Approximately .88 lbs Approximately .88 lbs Approximately .61 lbs Approximately .61 lbs Approximately .61 lbs
6.2” Touch Screen 6.2” Touch Screen 5.5” Touch Screen 5.5” Touch Screen 5.5” Touch Screen
4.5-9 hours 4.5-9 hours 3-7 hours 3-7 hours

10 reviews for Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con Video GamesLive viewers eye icon

  1. zoe

    Delivered safely with no damage whatsoever. definitely not for children under 12 though, as it does feel pretty delicate. i expected worse quality due to the other reviews claiming the joycons were super flimsy, but was pleasantly surprised. the joycons are great. they do feel a little fragile, which they are, seeing as they’re all plastic. started my first run of Hades, and the game runs super smooth and the audio is amazing.

  2. Manny Knowles

    I play Skyrim on it all the time and it never crashes. I just wish they had Fallout New Vegas on it!!! Or any Fallout really (besides Fallout Shelter) thats on here but who wants to play that when you got way better games 🤭

  3. Jasmine Deguzman

    I had the gray version that came with mario kart 8 previously with an ex boyfriend but he took it so decided to get a new one and loved this one so much. Came quickly and my boyfriend uses it a lot!

  4. Adam F

    The last console that I bought was a Playstation 2, back when it was first released. I haven’t played/owned a gaming console in about 20 years. I just bought this for my 8-year old daughter….and I think I like it more than she does. The controllers are unconventional and they take some time to get used to. However, this gaming system is so much fun to play alone, or with the whole family. I have been using for about a month and I absolutely love it!!!! So much fun!

  5. Enya

    My boyfriend bought me an animal crossing switch because he lost a bet, and I just couldn’t see him without one, so the next day I got him a Switch and he was so happy to have one too. I know that it was a stupid impulse buy, but to be honest, it was worth it, I kind of play everyday, and he too so.. It would be a hassle to share just one switch.. xD

  6. renegade

    Being at an age where I thought my video game days are well behind me. I am an adult now right. Have to do adult things. So my grandson got a switch for his birthday and loved it. I said he is calm when he is playing maybe I should have one here for when he comes over. So I get one ended up getting the sports game (Tennis Bowling, volleyball etc) and My wife and I can’t stop playing . So if you are thinking about one get it at ny age it can be fun..

  7. Spearra

    This review is targeted at newcomers so for veterans of Nintendo products, not much new information here! As for everyone else looking at this gaming system wondering if its right for them, I’ll do my best to explain what this model in particular brings to the table. In my particular case a: “Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con – HAC-001(-01)”Introduction to the system/What is a Nintendo Switch?:The Nintendo Switch is a “hybrid system”. Lets break it down to its core do understand what people mean by “hybrid system”, lets start with what is basically a gaming tablet with a plastic screen and a multi-touch-touchscreen. This is the “Switch itself” so to speak. For a “console”, it is EXTREMELY thin in comparison to a PS4 or Xbox One for example. This also means it takes significantly less energy to run. The internal cooling fan is also significantly quieter than either of the prior two other consoles mentioned.That multi-touch-touchscreen allows for certain mobile games like Muse Dash, VOEZ, Deemo, and many others to be ported to the Switch without compromising their touch screen gimmicks from their mobile phone counterparts. Despite this, many of them do have support for button controls. Many Switch games gives you options on how you want to play and this is a running theme with the Switch.Now for the controllers which are “hybrid controllers” in a way. For those of you who used the Nintendo Wii, these “Joy Cons” share and improved upon the motion controls from the Wii days, except in addition to the motion controls, Nintendo also made the actual button layout resemble a regular controller like the button layout found on a Xbox One controller for example. Not that weird button layout on the Wii for example. This means both the Wii crowd can assimilate into this new generation of Nintendo, along side the core gamers who would prefer a more “traditional” controller button set up.Normally a player would use both Joy Cons together as a pair, whether that be attached to the Switch Tablet itself to be played on the go like a 3DS (be it much longer than a 3DS), at home and connected to a plastic grip that gives you those controller “thighs” to make it easier to hold and to make it feel more like a more traditional controller even more. You can even use the Joy Cons without them being attached to anything like the Wiimote and Numchuck, but without that annoying wire in between your controllers. This “detached” controller style option with the Joy Cons allows you to play in positions otherwise impossible with a more “static” controller. For example, you can play with one arm behind your head while the other arm is resting on your stomach as you play from your bed or couch.These Joy Cons also have two buttons on the plastic rails that connect them to the Switch Tablet piece. These buttons are functional and you can actually use just a single Joy Con per player in certain supported games.Key word “supported games”. This is where the main issue with the Nintendo Switch lies, Nintendo laid the foundation for developers to have the best tools at their deposal but not all of them use them. Some developers have games that cost less overall on the Switch than their original releases on other systems, or from mobile with mobile’s atrocious micro-transactions , meanwhile there’s other developers that neither have the full game on the physical game cartridges while having the audacity to be more expensive on the Switch. But again, its ALL developer based. Research the game developers in question to see if you’re getting the best value for buying their ports (or original) releases on the Nintendo Switch.Oh right, this gaming system uses cartridges. Don’t worry, they’re not those huge ones from the Nintendo 64 days! They’re more Nintendo 3DS sized if anything. If the developer you choose did it properly, a entire game can fit on these cartridges. This means you can play those properly done physical releases immediately without any additional downloads. But again, developer based. Some of them DO only “partially” have the game on the Switch Cartridge(s). Do your research.Now to talk about the Dock that connects the Switch Tablet to a TV.If you open up the back side of the Dock, there should be two slits near the bottom of the Dock. The Switch Tablet has two air vents that when “docked” should be right up against those vents. Please try not to block off those vents so the Switch Tablet as a easier time cooling itself off while you (and others) play in “TV Mode”. The Switch Tablet also has a air-vent on the top. So keep that area of the Switch Tablet clear as well.This particular model of the Nintendo Switch, model number “HAC-001(-01)”, is different from day one Nintendo Switch systems in the sense that Switches with the model number “HAC-001(-01)” have better battery life. For example, day one Switches would run really graphically/resource intensive games for about 2 hours 30 minutes (or 2.5 hours) minimum. Whereas this new “HAC-001(-01)” numbered Switch(es) can run those games for up to 4.5 hours minimum in “handheld mode”. The way these “new Switches” accomplish this is by having a more efficient component in the inside of the Tablet piece. This also means these new Switches are more energy efficient and less prone to overheating than the day one models. So this is even helpful for people who would use this gaming system for TV use.If you don’t have a Switch yet, I recommend this model for its versatility. You never know when you’ll change your mind on “how” you want to play. I used to use it mostly in TV mode but eventually started using it more and more while outside in general. For example, on the bus, while waiting for something to start whether it be a class, jury duty, meeting, you name it. The Nintendo Switch will make that wait all the less painful. Waiting to be called or dismissed for jury duty especially.Oh, I almost forgot! You CAN use power banks with the Nintendo Switch! The minimum power requirements for a power bank to work with a Nintendo Switch is 5 Volts, and 2.4 Amps. The cable you use to plug the Switch Tablet with a power bank can be found bundled with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or the Nintendo Switch Charging Grip. Both of those products come with the USB cable required to use a Nintendo Switch with a power bank. So even if you manage to drain this new Switch’s battery life on a long trip, bring a battery bank and you can extend its battery life even further. But again, this mostly won’t be needed unless you’re on a air ride for over 7 hours or so. Anything less than that, if you’re smart about it, you can get away with just the Switch’s battery life.Speaking of battery life, the Joy Cons each have a estimated battery life of 20 hours each. Let me repeat that, 20 hours. That brings its competition’s controllers to shame!So if you keep your Joy Cons charged overnight (they charge when connected to the Switch Tablet while the Tablet is charging in either the Dock or via battery bank), they ain’t going to die unless you deliberately go out of your way not to charge them at least once a week.When their batteries are completely dead, both the Switch Tablet and one pair of Joy Cons takes about 3 hours to fully charge everything. So if you’re able to, put the Switch Tablet with the pair of Joy Cons connected to it, and leave the three of them in the Dock overnight to keep everything nice and charged for tomorrows challenges.Get creative, once you get used to the options the Nintendo Switch offers, going to anything else, you’ll realize that you’d taken for granted with the Nintendo Switch! In my particular case, using the two Joy Cons in each hand unconnected. I can’t do that with a keyboard and mouse! So get your Joy Cons, get them in a position that works for you, get cozy on your couch, bed, etc. and have some fun with your game(s) of choice!Just keep in mind it is a GAMING SYSTEM FIRST, and the “entertainment media center” SECOND. So as of January 15th, 2020 don’t expect things like Netflix to be on this machine. If you treat it as a DEDICATED gaming system, you’re in for one hell of a ride!Just don’t forget your screen protector since the Switch Tablet’s screen is made of plastic!If you don’t want to go through all of them, get this one: should serve most peoples’ needs. Its durable, cheap, anti-glare, self heals from minor scratches, etc. Its the most value for the price I’ve found from searching through all of what Amazon has as far as Switch Tablet screen protectors go.As far as the “system itself” goes, this is pretty much all of the information that you’d need. Everything else is developer centered, game wise. Do your research, and think very carefully which developers will give you the best bang for your buck!

  8. Andrea Poucher

    I used to play Nintendo 64 back in the day and now I have another Nintendo product that I love.I play my Switch every single day. Mostly Animal Crossing at the moment, but I change it up sometimes. The only thing is the price of the games. They have sales all the time for various games on the shop but a lot of the bigger name games aren’t included those. Or if they are the “sale” is pretty negligible.The things I love the most about the Switch is that you can take it pretty much anywhere. To my friend’s house when we hang out, on long car trips, outside, you name it. The other thing I love is how durable the system is. I have dropped it at least three times on hardwood floor and tile and it hasn’t affected the performance at all.Great little game system. It’s an investment, for sure, but if you’re going to play it every day then it’s worth it.

  9. Scarecrow

    I love my 1st generation switch. Works as described minimal scuffs if any.

  10. Sherrie Payne

    I surprised my middle grandson with the switch and he was really happy that I got it for him!! He told me that he loves it!!

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