Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Crisps, Roasts, Reheats, & Dehydrates, for Quick, Easy Meals, 4 Quart Capacity, & High Gloss Finish, Black/Grey Home & Kitchen

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Now enjoy guilt free food; Air fry with up to 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods; Tested against hand cut, deep fried French fries
Wide temperature range: 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat
4 quart ceramic coated nonstick basket and crisper plate fit 2 pounds of french fries. Cord length (feet) – 2.6
The unit will need time to preheat before coming up to temperature. We recommend that you preheat the unit for 3 minutes before adding your ingredients to achieve the best results
Dehydrate: Create flat, chip like dehydrated foods for fun, homemade snacks pounds; The combination of low fan speed and low temperature enables thorough dehydration
Dishwasher safe parts: Easy to clean basket, crisper plate, and multi-layer rack


Product information

Guilt-free fried food Now there’s a fast and easy way to cook your favorite meals and snacks. Ninja
Cook with little to no oil. Make your air-fried favorites with up to 75% less fat
Easy to clean Basket and crisper plate are dishwasher safe.

10 reviews for Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Crisps, Roasts, Reheats, & Dehydrates, for Quick, Easy Meals, 4 Quart Capacity, & High Gloss Finish, Black/Grey Home & Kitchen

  1. jay a wax

    I just received it and tried it out last night. This is the second air fryer I’ve purchased. I gave the last one away to a friend. I took the plunge again and bought this one from Ninja. I like the digital features, taking the guess work out of settings. One nice difference is how quiet the the fan and motor are.The enclosed instruction book is easy to understand, and the cooking charts are really helpful.

  2. M. Downs

    I had another brand similar in style to the Ninja and then a big Emmeril L. unit. They were both a pain to clean. The first wasn’t bad for a very cheap air fryer, but Intook it to our cabin due to it’s small size. The Ninja is awesome. Easy to use and clean and cooks fast. Love, love, love it.

  3. Paul L

    I use this almost every day. I’m single, live alone, and like to keep my kitchen relatively clean. This fits the bill. It’s very easy to use, easy to clean, and does a great job once you figure out the times that work best for what you’re trying to cook.The recipe book tends to overestimate the time needed to cook meat, but that’s probably a safety/liability thing. I found that going by the times specified, the meat was way overdone! Also, it doesn’t account for thickness of the meat.

  4. glotzy

    I did a lot of research after an initial underwhelming air fryer purchase years ago that had turned us off from using them ever again. Capacity and ease of cleaning are absolutely key and in all aspects this air fryer exceeds my expectations I’m every way. Price. Capacity to fit two dozen wings at once. Performance (wings are CRISPY!) Ease of use. Ease of cleaning. Height for counter top use. It is absolutely awesome and life-changing. Buy this. Buy it now and stop scrolling through other listings that will disappoint. This is the be all end all air fryer.

  5. Brianna P

    I’ve used every function and it is easy to use and clean.I’m a vegetarian and my tofu is now perfect without the grease. Zucchini fritters, edamame, latkes, veggie burgers, roasted squash, eggplant, even air fried peaches for ice cream. Dehydrated fruit and veg.My only wish is that it was smaller but with the same capacity.

  6. Anonymous Spider

    We have had this probably a month at least now and used it several times. It is our first air fryer. I don’t know why I put off buying one so long other than I felt overwhelmed by all the different options and mixed reviews for different models. I bought this model because it doesn’t take up much counter space and I trust the Ninja brand. They make quality products that last. This is so easy to clean and use. I did learn hard way it is important to shake the basket and check on it. I cooked fish sticks in it three times. First two came out great. Third time I didn’t shake it and they got overly brown and crispy on one side. The controls on it are easy to use and it comes with a booklet that has cooking times/temps for just about anything we would cook in it. The basket is perfect for our two person household. If you want to heat up more than one large slice of pizza at a time though I would get a different one.

  7. A. S. Minch

    I was one of the last people to buy an air fryer, because I was skeptical. I’ve seen other kitchen gadgets that seem kind of neat but they always end up taking up cabinet space and never getting used. I kept seeing so many people rave about them and then I finally decided to try one. I’m so glad I did because this thing has literally changed my life! Cooking has never been easier, way less mess, less energy use and quicker cooking. Meat cooks beautifully, even did a tri-tip and it was the best we ever had. This little machine is easy to use, I just wish it wouldn’t default to 20 minutes because it’s kind of a pain to have to go back to do three or four minutes. But that is my only complaint about the product. I do wish the temperature control had more variation, as some recipes call for a temperature that the setting doesn’t go on. My only regret is that I did not get a bigger one. This little guy is fine for one or two people, but if you want to entertain or have a bigger family definitely get a larger model.

  8. kristie

    Wow, this thing is great. So, we finally broke down and got an air fryer. I read the reviews and for the money this Ninja one looked like the best deal. Let me tell you something this thing is great. So, it cooks faster than an oven but probably slower than deep frying. It produces crisp, good tasting food that is almost as good as fried.As a fatty I got to say I love my fried food. The air fryer tastes much better than baked and better for you than fried. I mean I can tell a difference now, don’t get me wrong. It is not going to taste like French fries deep fried in lard, but its close.I decide I am going to make hot wings. Good idea, right? Well the first batch came out great. Even better than fried because they were a bit crispier. So, I decide I want to have a glass of wine while I cooked. This was my first mistake. God, I wished I had just went with whiskey. So, I insert the corkscrew into the cork and pop, it broke. Oh well, I thought let’s see what the internet has to offer on alternative methods of wine bottle opening.The first option is to screw a screw into the cork then pry it out using the screw as a lever. Well, I can’t do that because the corkscrew is broken off into the cork. The second option said to use a lighter to heat but the air in the neck of the bottle and the cork will rise out. The third option was to place the bottle in a shoe to not break the glass. Then smack the shoe against a wall. I went with option two. Note this was my second mistake.So, I break out the old lighter and start heating the glass up. Mind you I am also flipping my chicken wings in the air fryer while starting to heat up some hot sauce and other ingredients on the stove for my buffalo sauce. I decided I needed help so enlisted my 18-year child to hold the lighter up to the glass while I cooked. No good, this trick isn’t working.I tell him he can stop we are going to go with option three, the shoe. Here comes the third mistake. I grabbed the bottle. Yep you read that right I bare handed the bottle that I had ben applying a direct flame to for over 5 minutes. To top it off I grabbed the neck. This resulted in the most pain I have ever felt in my entire life. This is the pain Atreyu felt when Artax sunk in the swamp of sadness. This was the pain worse than 10 kicks to the balls. This was real pain. Kidney stones have nothing on my hand at this moment. I was done. My hand felt like it had melted to the bottle.Remember my son that I had help me? Well he is still there, and I must look like a man so I can’t cry, but boy did I want to cry. I haven’t wanted to cry this bad sense I watched “Ole yeller”. Despite the pain and fighting back tears. I managed to place the bottle in my shoe and set it on the table. I am still wanted to try that trick.I then went into first aid mode, hand in the sink water running, ahhhh sweet relief. Unfortunately, that was not to last. The cool water only did so much. I decided burn creme would work. Nope don’t have any. Back to the water. Perhaps some ice. Ahhh flip the wings, run the water, check the sauce wait ….The pot isn’t simmering. Why is the cutting board on the stove look funny? Yep mistake four here I come. I turned on the wrong burner and now my plastic cutting board has turned to liquid on my stove. Hand back in water again. I then retrieve my putty knife to scrape the stove clean. This causes wisps of plastic string to go from the stove to the sink. Hand goes back into the water.At some point my son decides to wake the wife. Did I mention this was at about 1 am? She come into the kitchen and sees me. With one shoe one, a bottle of wine on the table inserted into my shoe. Note she mentions that is the shoe I walk into bathrooms in and its on her table. She then notices the burnt cutting board and an abundance of melted plastic in the sink. She then simply asks “hot wings hu?”She is a god wife and wants me to go to the hospital for my possible 3rd degree burns on my hand but me, being a man, I decide I can tuff it out. She ends up getting me more ice and leaving my son in charge to go back to bed once she understands I am not budging on the whole doctor thing.Anyway, in conclusion the hot wings were the best I have ever made. Although eating them one handed was a bit of a chore. I stayed up all night in pain and now I am out of ice. I never did open that bottle of wine. Also, that air fryer rocks.

  9. Dmytro Klymenko

    Great gadget for the kitchen! Replaces the oven, but you need to consider the dimensions. The Air Fryer is much smaller relative to the oven, but for 2-3 servings is enough! A large bowl for cooking, but you also need to take into account that it will not be possible to fill it completely, only up to half + -, since there must be good air circulation inside. A huge plus is the possibility of degidration (dried meat is awesome!) and not only meat, but also vegetables and fruits. Fries are also excellent (it is important that the potatoes should NOT be young, but it is better to buy frozen cut into french fries) to taste like in the same McDonald’s and other fast foods BUT almost without fat. The food is much healthier, since very little oil is used (most often just a little sprinkle of food is enough, or no oil at all).

  10. C. Martin

    Been having this fryer for 2 weeks now and it has NOT rested yet. I LOVE IT & wonder how I’ve gone this long w/out one. Before I start bragging on this thing, I am by no way endorsed by Ninja or getting paid by them. I’ve owned a few Ninja products blenders and still have one that’s over 10 years old. They make quality machines. This fryer is a life & time saver…especially if you’re a lazy cook. I have been researching air fryers for the past few months and nothing comes close to the Ninja. The basket size isn’t the large 5+ quart capacity like the bigger fryers, (Ninja is only 4qt), but this thing cooks so fast you won’t miss the extra 1 qt. It comes w/ a crisper that works perfectly, a recipe book and a multi-layer rack. The first night I had it I made wings and I tell you that I will NEVER buy fried chicken again!!! Yes, they were that crispy and tasted much better. I bought the Louisiana fried chicken flour from Walmart, battered the wings, spritzed w/ a little olive oil and had fried chicken in 10 minutes. No greasy mess, no 3rd degree burns from hot oil, and your house doesn’t smell like a chicken joint for 4 days afterward. Because the Ninja uses a ceramic coating on their fryers the clean up is very easy. Next, I made sweet potato fries! Had a bag of frozen ones in the freezer and popped those babies in for 10 min. They were crispier than McDonald’s. I tried homemade fries but the procedure takes too long. You have to peel, slice, soak potatoes, dry them…I’m just ready to pop them in the fryer and eat! It has been nonstop air fryer cooking in this house! I hit youtube to get a few recipes and it’s been on ever since. What I like best about this fryer is it has a dehydrator feature and how fast it cooks. Frozen chicken wings? No problem! Throw them in the fryer for 10 minutes and they’re defrosted. I’ve cooked pizza, fries, wings, reheated food, fried zucchini, and tonight I baked a chocolate cake. Everything came out perfect! Next up is donuts! The only thing I don’t like about this fryer is 30 seconds after it finishes cooking it shuts off. I know this is a safety feature but I always have more items to cook. In 2 weeks, I have used my microwave twice, and that was to reheat coffee. Before I forget, I did cinnamon rolls too! I used the canned Pillsbury ones and it normally takes 20 min in the oven. In the Ninja? 8 minutes and that’s if you like them brown. I actually could have stopped it at 5 min and they would be perfect. My house smelled like a Cinnabon factory!😛 I have used every feature on this fryer except the dehydrator but I’ll be making beef jerky soon. Overall, I am VERY pleased! The best selling feature was the price & the size. The Ninja is much slimmer than some of the bulkier fryers and fits under my cabinet nicely. I’m also happy it only used 1500W unlike some of the larger fryers that burn 1800 which could kill your light bill. The outside of the fryer doesn’t get hot so you won’t have to worry about getting burned but do take caution when taking your food out. Is it loud? My exhaust fan on my stove is louder than the Ninja. The extension cord on it is long so you don’t have to worry about being limited on where you can place it. I think I’ve covered everything? This thing is THE BOMB! If you’re wondering what cookware you can use, just about anything you place in a microwave you can put in the Ninja. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a few 7″ foil pans I use to reheat food & bake in. Also, grab you some silicone tongs while you’re there so you don’t scratch the surface of your fryer. This thing has been almost as good as a kid getting a new bike for Christmas. You will NOT be disappointed w/ this purchase. Happy & healthy cooking!

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