Mkeke Compatible with iPhone 11 Case, Clear Shock Absorption Bumpers Cases for 6.1 Inch Cell Phones & Accessories

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Special designed for iPhone 11 released in 2019.
Camera lenses and screen : The lens protection lips raised 3.5mm on the back provides extra protection,effectively prevents the camera lenses and screen from breaking and scratching.
Precise charging cutout fits the volume buttons, side button, and curves of your device without adding bulk.
Transparent material make you enjoy the look of your Phone while providing extra protection.
Provides a firm and comfortable grip for your phone,thanks to a gracefully curved.


10 reviews for Mkeke Compatible with iPhone 11 Case, Clear Shock Absorption Bumpers Cases for 6.1 Inch Cell Phones & Accessories

  1. Hunter

    It’s a simple clear case that is not bulky but definitely protects the phone from drops. I have already dropped my phone on concrete and the case did it’s job without damaging the case or the phone. I am still able to see the beautiful design of the iphone without putting it at risk with no case.

  2. Jessi

    I’ve purchased this Mkeke case 3 times, and it’s consistently a great product. It’s kept my phone from damage through many (many) falls, but isn’t bulky like other protective cases.The only reason I’ve purchased more than 1 is because the clear case yellows over time.

  3. Bruce Burke

    I picked my new iPhone 11 at the T-Mobile store but didn’t like any of the cases they had in the store. I woke the next morning and went to pull my phone off the charging stand but with those aluminum rails it slipped right out of my hand and hit the floor! 😬I was relieved to see it landed on a padded edge of my bedroom rug and was unharmed.However I immediately went to Amazon and found this clear case to show off my purple (company/brand color) iPhone 11.The case was Amazon’s choice and so based their experience and knowledge I ordered the case and it arrived the next day.I don’t think I ever dropped my XR but I have dropped the 11 four times in the short time I have owned it. But thanks to this case it’s been protected and there has been no issues.The corners have some airspace padding which helps soften the blow upon impact. It’s thick enough where it even protects the cameras jutting out of the back. There’s also a lip on the display side to keep that from getting scratched or damaged when laid face down on the table. However it doesn’t feel bulky and add a lot of weight to the phone like those bulky expensive cases they sell in the carrier store. This is a great case at a great price. I can recommend this case without any reservations or misgivings.

  4. O

    I’m very happy with this case overall. I would recommend buying it.EDIT: I’ve just ordered my second one! After a year of wear and too many falls to count, my phone had 0 scratches or dents on it. To be fair, I have discovered a new con: this case allows the color on colorful iPhones (mine is green) to fade slightly. It’s a subtle difference, and not a big deal (what can you expect with a clear case?), but it’s there. I learned this by comparing my green iPhone bought a year ago with a brand new green one.Pros:- Saved my phone from MANY falls, including face down on concrete (I also have a screen protector on it, but I’m confident that the rim and bumpers on this case have made all the difference)- It’s yellowed only slightly on the corners in the 9+ months I’ve had it- Price is right- Easy to get on and off- Fits a metal plate underneath it with no issues (for magentic phone holder)Cons:- Case has tons of small scratches on it — not too noticeable but definitely present- Case does trap minimal amounts of gunk underneath it, which could scratch the phone- Slight yellowing less than a year after purchase, and will likely worsen with time (EDIT: yellowing did worsen, but still only around the edges. If that bothers you, either look for another option or be prepared to replace the case every 6 months or so).

  5. sodapotts

    Bought this for the new iPhone 11. The case fits perfectly without any play or sloppiness. The case is a cross between flexible and sturdy yet feels soft and grippy on your fingers. The case also has little bumper guards on the corners to help if you accidentally drop your phone. There is also a raised edge to help protect the screen and camera lens. I would certainly buy this again if necessary. A clear case at the Apple store that is not as high-quality was $40.

  6. Lois M. Charlebois

    I like that it is crystal clear so I can see my new phone, but still have it protected. The buttons are covered with a thinner vinyl to protect against dirt and dust and are easy to use. The camera has a cut out so as to not block any view. For the price, you can’t ask for more!

  7. Hannah Wilcox

    Sleek clear case, the logo is small on the side, and the front screen is protected.

  8. Vanessa Pantaleon

    I don’t know how people drop their phones or where they drop their phones from that their phones become cracked or shattered, seems like people are plain careless because I’ve never cracked or shattered an iPhone. I’ve owned iPhones since 2005.I LOVE this phone case!!!It’s completely clear so I can see the beautiful green color of my iPhone 11, it’s not slippery or bendable so that’s perfect!! All 4 corners of the case have extra grips to reinforce any possibility of shock from dropping my iPhone, I’ve dropped my phone from my lap or my hands only and my phone didn’t crack and the screen did not shatter so my phone was fine.I also like that the case is a bit raised from the base to further protect my screen, this phone case does not make my phone bulky or heavy.I like the way this phone case feels when I’m holding my phone, let’s see how long it takes before the case turns a yellowish color.

  9. Michele M

    I really like this case! It fits my new iPhone 11 perfectly (cut outs and form factor). I have even dropped my phone a few times (once face down) and everything was fine. I don’t have a screen protector on my iPhone so I like having the lip come up higher than the edges for the front glass and the back-facing camera. I even get compliments on the case and the question, “Where did you get your case?” There is an Mkeke logo embossed on the lower left side of the case, but it’s transparent and not noticeable unless you’re inspecting the case. I’ve had it for over a month now and it hasn’t picked up any bleeding/dye from my denim pants so far. This was a great accessory purchase for my lovely purple phone. If you’re reading this and looking for a clear case, I strongly recommend this one. Buy it and then enjoy your phone.

  10. Jenilee Castellanos

    Bought this case for my iPhone 11 not knowing whether it would fit and it does! Was worried the cameras would stick out significantly with the case on but they don’t, which is great! Case itself feels very sturdy, great for the price!

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