Long Distance Walkie Talkies for Adults Long Range Rechargeable Walkie Talkies 6 Pack.

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💪 【Advanced Technology】:With stronger usability, more mature technology and even better portability. The best walkie talkies support many advanced features, such as Auto squelch system, Auto memory function, Auto scan function, Auto power saving, Low battery alert, Voice activated(iVOX), Keypad lock, Adjustable power, Drop-protection(ABS), 22 channel each with 121 privacy codes, Large LCD screen with backlight, Compatible with most brands, NOAA’s Weather Emergency Alert and so on
💪 【Stronger Usability】:As shown in the picture and video, take off the belt clip, use your palm(Not finger) to open the battery cover and insert the batteries, then you can just simply press the PTT button to talk. You can also set your own main channel and privacy code via the MENU button. The CTCSS privacy code can not communicate with the DCS privacy code, for example (07,CTCSS 11) can only talk to (07,CTCSS 11), not (07,DCS 11)


Reliable American Design Trusted by Millions Worldwide
Topsung portable NOAA walkie talkies give you the optimum communication experience at home or on-the-go.
They are perfect for workplace or family travel, such as farm, school, warehouse, camping, hiking, fishing, cycling…

Advance Systems & Hardwares
108+ technological processes, global sourcing and manufacturing, the advance walkie talkies support more mature technologies.
E.g. button Lock can prevent members from turning off or modifying channel.

√ Matte process
√ HD backlit LCD
√ Drop-protection
√ Nano Eco-coating
√ 88° 4-curved body
√ 3 levels iVOX activated
√ Durable ABS Eco-material
√ Spiral copper ion antenna
√ Turbo charging technology
√ Big size high-power speaker
√ Nano-scale silicon-based CPU
√ 4500mAh large-capacity battery
√ one to one/many communication
√ Compatible with most brands 2 way radios
√ NOAA alert and 10 hazards weather channels
√ Easy to use, call vibration, 10 call tones, keypad tone, roger beep
√ Setting the same privacy(CTCSS/DCS) code can get better voice quality
√ 22 license free FRS channels: 8-14 have longer standby time, 1-7 & 15-22 have longer talk range
√ Smart control system: Auto squelch, Auto memory, Auto scanning, Auto power saving, Low battery alert

!! The cruise-ship like Faraday Cage, the signal may not pass through the metal wall well

Best Value for the Price
Better sound quality, better usability & portability, long range & long battery life, different colors for different teammates,
multiple after-sales-guarantee, e.g. prime FBA service, exchange service, 30-day money-back…

√ 18 * 1500mAh rechargeable AA battery
√ 6 * USB walkie talkies rechargeable
√ 6 * Adjustable soft lanyard
√ 6 * Durable Eco-pouch
√ 6 * Earpiece with mic
√ 2 * Powerful charger
√ 2 * Micro USB cable
√ 1 * Manual

10 reviews for Long Distance Walkie Talkies for Adults Long Range Rechargeable Walkie Talkies 6 Pack.

  1. CW

    We have a large property and these allow us to stay in touch with each other when we’re separated on opposite ends of the property. In addition, one of us actually doesn’t have a cell phone! So when we’re driving separate cars they’re really helpful for communicating with one another assuming we’re following each other and within a few miles of each other of course. Working exactly as we’d hoped! Haven’t run out of battery yet as we’ve only used them for about 6 hours total, but the fact that these are rechargeable (and all at the same time!) is fantastic!

  2. J Pangburn

    Used these ski/snowboarding and the batteries last all day and often drop only one bar or none. I suggest using the encryption mode, not because you have anything private to say, but because you don’t have to hear other people’s conversations who are on the same channel. Maybe 18 channels sounds like a lot, but if you’re on a busy mountain there will often be chatty Cathys on your same channel- with the encryption enabled though you will not hear them!Range is pretty good- these ones definitely go farther than our old ones. Of course the mountains mess up signal if you’re on the other side, but if you’re on the same side of the mountain you’ll probably be able to hear the other person.I don’t know the temperature rating of these things, but I’ve had them around 10 degrees Fahrenheit and they still worked.They’re super light, you don’t even notice their weight carrying them around.Downsides:One of the plastic antenna covers broke off when we loaned it to a friend for ski touring. The metal antenna is a coil spring shape underneath and it was undamaged so the radio still works fine. Would be nice if they had made the cover out of rubber or something that could take a little more abuse from people who are not as careful with them as you might be.Not super easy to adjust the channel and encryption number. It’s no problem if you familiarize yourself with it before use but if you hand one to someone unfamiliar with it, occasionally they’ll screw it up. There’s a lock feature that requires them to hold a button down for 3 seconds to unlock it, and I do use that. I don’t know what they’re trying to do, but somehow it’s happened a couple times. So now I take the time to show them how that all works and I think the explanation just convinces them not to push the lock button for 3 seconds lol

  3. Rena

    NOT WATERPROOF Amazon added that on their own. My kids love those things an when we had a problem wit 2 of them, both different, I contacted seller and they got back to me every quick. They were very understanding and helpful. Even when amazon falsely advertised as waterproof they still replaced the 1 that got moisture in it. And the other they replaced NO PROBLEM. Even when they dont usually do refunds or exchanges they did for me an im very thankful for that. Every happy customer and would recommend this seller and buy from again.FYI dont leave outside to get any moisture in them. Probably common sense but thinking it was waterproof I didnt see a problem.

  4. hosea j moss

    My kids are too young for a cell phone, but they like to go out and play in the neighborhood. I got this to keep in contact with them. One for each of them, and one for the house. They can go to the end of the block and I hear them perfectly. So far we haven’t had to recharge, but we turn them off at the end of playtime. The belt clip is useful for when they are riding bikes and want their hands free.

  5. bostons2005

    We use these radio primarily while camping. Our kids take them to the pool or playground which in some case is a quarter mile or more away from the site and we can talk to and hear them clearly. There’s a “call” function to alert the receiver that you’re trying to reach them. In one case I used the radio from 2 miles away while at the store to call back to my wife and we were able to communicate. For the price these are pretty amazing radios. Accidentally left them out overnight in a rain storm and they still worked fine the next morning. The battery life off of a full charge is amazingly long. The seller had them to our door ahead of schedule.

  6. Sarah

    These walkie talkies are great! So far we have used them to go camping and hiking, and so far they have worked as expected. The range on them is a pretty good distance. One added bonus is that the batteries came pre-charged, and we still haven’t needed to charge them ourselves. Each one comes with a lanyard, a belt clip, a headphone, and two chargers for them to share. Setting them up and using them was a breeze, and simple enough for our children to understand. They’re each a different color, which helps alleviate any arguments on whose is whose. I would definitely recommend these!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Distance is what I expected as described and the battery lifetime is WAY better than I expected (3+ days even with constant usage)

  8. Ted H.

    The range appears to only be 1 mile, but the battery life is excellent. Have tried all 4 units and they work fine. Having been using it for the past month for my 11 yr old for after school pickup to avoid the crazy car line of parents that stretches for blocks. My kid would simply bring his to school and turn on at the end of the day to coordinate where to pick him up depending on the line/traffic (we haven’t given him a cell yet). He loves it!

  9. Arin H.

    These were such a great purchase for my family’s RV trips. We used them to keep easy contact when driving and when parking the camper. We also used them while roaming around on the golf cart at the campground. Too much fun and easy to use! The quality is also superb.

  10. Max Walker

    I bought this set of four to facilitate family camp comms in a campground where there was no cellular coverage. No one had used radios before, but it was very simple and inviting for them all. They enjoyed it, and it was useful for us. We had lots of fun with the 3yo grand-daughter. She couldn’t quite figure out the PTT, so I activated VOX control for her, and we had a great time on the radio! We were surprised by the battery life. It lasted all week, and still have 3 of 4 bars when I recharged them at end of week for storage. I pulled a pair of these out again this week to facilitate some “invalid” comms between me (the invalid this week) and my son in the basement. It worked a treat! To a ham operator, the “ringer” button seemed very strange to me until this week. Calling him with that ringer instead of just pressing PTT gave him time to disengage elegantly from a computer group game before answering me. All these features are useful sometimes … and definitely not at others. This is a solid set of FRS radios and I’m glad I picked them.

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