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FITS ANYWHERE: Less than 5 inches wide, perfect for small spaces
YOUR PERFECT AMOUNT: Brew any cup size between 6-12oz with Keurig K-Cup pods
ONE CUP RESERVOIR: Just add fresh water for each brew
FAST & FRESH BREWED: Coffee made in minutes
CORD STORAGE: For easy transport and tidy countertops
TRAVEL MUG FRIENDLY: Removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs up to 7.0 inches tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup
ENERGY EFFICIENT: Auto off feature turns off your coffee maker 90 seconds after your last brew, helping to save energy
COMPATIBLE WITH THE MY K-CUP UNIVERSAL REUSABLE COFFEE FILTER: Brew your own ground coffee (sold separately)
INCLUDED IN THE BOX: Keurig K-Mini single serve coffee maker
MATTE FINISH: Sleek simplicity meets modern style the K-Mini coffee maker is available in a variety of matte-finish colors

10 reviews for Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black Grocery & Gourmet FoodLive viewers eye icon

  1. Joyce

    Perfect size to fit the limited counter space we have in our travel trailer. Works great too whether you want coffee or hot water. You get the right amount of water in your cup too since you’re putting in the water for each cup you want.

  2. Amanda Mangold

    I am the only coffee drinker in our family. When the time came to replace my coffee pot I just wanted something simple. This is perfect for me it was affordable and it’s easy to use and clean. This would be ideal for a dorm room as well as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I absolutely recommend!

  3. Senior Citizen Sue

    I like this Keurig because it does not have a water tank that stores more water than what you need for one cup. This maker is small and does not take up much room on the counter.

  4. Patti Poo 100

    Honestly GREAT brewer – coffee comes out piping hot – DO NOT have to gulp it down because it’s warm or Luke warm when comes out ❗️It’s wonderful to be able to sit & relax & just sip your cup of coffee & not hurry so you do NOT have to reheat it half way through the cup.My only problem with brewer is really with me & not the brewer- I have poor eyesight & cannot see blk on blk- can’t tell you how many times I’ve poor the water into the water trough on my Mini KEURIG only realized I had forgotten to open the lid on the water shoot- I solved this inconvenient & annoying problem by putting a couple brightly colored smiley stickers on the lid to the water shoot ❗️I purchased my Mini KEURIG end of July & must say I really like it – I use it daily -👵🏻-

  5. Jack McMuffin

    There’s really not much to say about this. It does what it’s supposed to. Works just fine, doesn’t take up much space, nice and simple, not too expensive and regularly is on sale. Just a very straight forward machine. Put water in, clothes the machine, and push brew. That’s it.

  6. Anna P

    I bought this for my friend to celebrate her return to college for grads school and so far it work perfect for her! It is simple to use without the manual!She loves it and i thought this would be a great buy for whom might going back to school or small space home 🙂

  7. Ineedsun

    I used to have an older version of the single serve Keurig maker. I really liked it but for some reason decided I needed a much more expensive machine that costs a lot of money from Switzerland. Not sure if I can say the name of that machine. Anyway, I came to the realization that I did not like my new expensive machine so I got rid of it and I ordered this Keurig to replace it. This thing is great. Easy to operate, small and doesn’t take up much space at all on my counter. As some other reviews have mentioned, you really need to read the instructions. It’s not hard but there is a sequence you must follow. I’m really happy with it.

  8. Sam

    Love the slimness and the small carbon footprint. I live in a small apartment and it fits beautifully on the counter.So easy to use. Makes a perfect cup of coffee. It comes with quick instructions that are very self-explanatory.The negative reviews have to be from people who just didn’t get a good machine, or just expected more as if they had a very large machine.This is a one cup machine. It makes a simple cup of coffee. It doesn’t claim to do anything else and it does exactly what it claims to do.I had a cup of coffee literally in 30 seconds. I brought in the box, opened it and took the machine out, plugged it in, added water, put in a k cup and made my 1st cup of coffee in two days.I had another Keurig machine two days ago and literally picked it up to move it and dropped it on the floor to pieces and could not afford to buy the same machine so I went for the single so I could have my coffee. I was so desperate.As they say, things happen for a reason. This machine is just as good as the Keurig machine I dropped.I love the size of it and it’s small enough to put in a suitcase or a bag and bring with me if I should go overnight somewhere and I can have my coffee anytime I want.I love this machine. I have been a keurig customer since the very first machine and I will say that this one is just as good as all the rest.Please don’t be hesitant in purchasing this because of some negative reviews.I’m a firm believer that it can be hit and miss with any product. Sometimes you get a bad lot and sometimes you hit it right and you get a perfect product.I guess this is my way of winning the lottery. Thank you Keurig for making a machine that is affordable in these very hard times.

  9. MonicaP

    This is my third Keurig purchase. The first two were purchased from different vendors. This review is for the one purchased on Amazon.That said, my first one died as I think something went wrong with slamming the closure. It’s best to press the K-cup in FIRST, then gently close the lid.What I like about this model is that there is little to no water sitting in the reservoir. It’s a pour-and-go.So my Keurig count is:One died due to operator error .. lolOne is at my home.One is at my mom’s home.I like it .. worth the purchase.

  10. Nicholas Shultz

    I like the color and the femanine vibe it gives off. I dislike that it takes a bit of time before it starts to brew your coffee. I like the fact that if you buy reusable k cup coffee filters they are easy to clean and reusable as well and they come in a pac of 6 as well so you always can have your coffee grounds ready to use. Overall the product is smaller than a normal kureg coffee maker and is cheaper as well i so do love it.

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