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EASY ONE TOUCH MECHANISM: Press the locking side arms with a quick one-handed motion, and place your phone against the trigger button. The mount’s arms will close automatically, holding your device securely while you drive. Mount or remove your phone in seconds with the patented Easy One Touch Mechanism.
WIDE COMPATIBILITY: New larger Easy One Touch button, with a universal cradle that fits smartphones and cases of any size.
MAGNETIC CORD ORGANIZER: Keep charging cables neatly organized with the magnetic tab located near the bottom foot
TELESCOPIC ARM: The improved telescopic arm now extends from 5 inches to 8 inches (as opposed to the Easy One Touch 4 which only extended to 6.5inch) and pivots 260 degrees. This enables a myriad of customized viewing angles while you’re on the road.
ADJUSTABLE BOTTOM FOOT: You can easily and securely adjust the bottom foot by squeezing the spring button.


Compatible Phone Models IPhone 13/ 13 Mini/ 13 Pro/ 13 Pro Max/ 12/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max/ 12 Mini/ 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max/ Xs/ Xs Max/ Xr/ X/ 8 7 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 20/ A72/ A52 5G/ S21/ S21+/ S21 Ultra 5G/ S20/ S20+/ Note10/ Note10+/ S10/ S10+/ S10e/ S9/ S8, LG Google OnePlus and all smartphones even with thick caseIPhone 13/ 13 Mini/ 13 Pro/ 13 Pro Max iPhone 12/ 12 mini/ 12 pro/ 12 pro max/ SE/ 9/ 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max/ XS/ XR/ XS Max/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus/ 7/ 7 Plus/ SE/ 6s / 6 Plus/ 6/ 5s/ 5/ 4s/ 4Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G/ S21+ 5G/ S21 5G/ Note20 Ultra 5G/ Note20 Ultra/ Note20 5G/ Note20/ S20/ S20+/ S20+ 5G/ S20 Ultra/ S20 5G/ S20 Ultra 5G/ Note10/ Note10+/ S10/ S10+/ S10E/ S9/ S9+/ S8/ S8+/ Note 8/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6/ S6 Edge/ S5/ S4/ A70s/ A20s/ M30s/ M10s/ A90 5G/ A30s/ A50sLG K92 5G/ K62/ Q52/ K52/ K42/ K71/ Stylo 6/ V50S ThinQ 5G/ G8X ThinQ/ Q70/ K30(2019)/ K20(2019)/ K40S/ K50S/ W30 Pro/ W30/ W10/ Stylo 5/ V50 ThinQ 5G/ G8S ThinQ/ G8 ThinQ/ Q60/ K50/ K40/ Q9/ V40 ThinQPixel 5/ 4a 5G/ 4a/ 4 XL/ 4/ 3a XL/ 3a/ 3 XL/ 3/ 2/ 2 XL/ XL/ PixelNexus OnePlus 3 / 2 / X; Blackberry Q10 / Z10; Sony; Nokia; XiaoMi; Huawei and all phones iPhone; Samsung, Moto, Galaxy; All SmartPhones ALL PHONE MODELS (even in cases); including iPhone 13, 12, SE & Plus/Max/Pro models; Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, LG, Lenovo, Motorola Samsung Galaxy S22,Moto G,Google Pixel,S10,Nokia,Oneplus,Huawei,Iphone,Moto G7,Sony,S21
Compatible with Vehicle Type Automobile Automobile Automobile Automobile
Item Dimensions 6.5 x 4.2 x 4 inches 1.3 x 1.7 x 1.2 inches
Mounting Type Dashboard Dashboard, Windshield, Vent Dashboard
Special Features Easy One Touch Mechanism, Rotatable, Adjustable, Universal Phone Control Easy One Pull-push Mechanism, Telescopic Arm, Rotatable, One-hand Release, Universal TRUE ONE HAND OPERATED Adjustable

Easy One Touch 5 Dash Mount

10 reviews for iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for -iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones Everything ElseLive viewers eye icon

  1. xpianox

    This is my third gen iOttie device – and they just keep getting better. My only gripe (not worth a deduction) is that in my current car, the weight of my iphone 8 plus hanging at an incredibly low angle kept tearing the stick disk off the dash – something I had never experienced in other configurations with less weight at that angle. So I glued the disk to the dash (thanks Shoe Goo!), and no more issues.This is one of those simple devices that is extremely configurable. It can be flipped over, extended, and there are joints and hand-turn adjustments that can support some pretty wild configurations. It easily holds my iPhone 8s with its large case, and snapping the phone in or out is simple.

  2. Archean

    Background info:I bought the Easy One Touch 4 in the fall of 2018 because of its features and price. I still use the original because it still works and nothing ground-breaking has come out–all it needs to do is hold a phone. The only problem I had with the Easy One Touch 4 was the adhesive coming off after a few months, but I was able to get a replacement [via RMA] in a few days. I’ve bought the Easy One Touch 4 several more times for family and friends based on the price/performance ratio and the after sale support. I wanted to see if the Easy One Touch 5 had made any major improvements, so I went ahead and ordered it.Packaging:The packaging is roughly the same, although the sizing chart had been removed and the stock image now shows the mount being used in a “luxury” vehicle; this tells me that the company is trying to move upstream [which is fine], but outside of Lyft/Uber, I don’t think most people would use a phone mount if their car already hasinfotainment/GPS built in. The packaging does look nicer and the color palette remains the same. The font has also appeared to change, but I doubt anyone cares much about the packaging except for environmentally conscientious individuals. Every component inside receives its own bag–this is likely to prevent dust and/or damage to the adhesive. Aside from fully sealing the outermost box, this is the best option. The manual contains multiple languages and instructs on how to adjust the newest feature; a magnetic charging cable holder; more on this later.First Impressions:The piano gloss black has been removed in favor of a less fingerprint prone matte black and the “push panel” has been upgraded to a more subdued and trim less soft-touch rubber. The push panel, which is used to automatically retract the arms, no longer bears the brand name, but gains a texture. This design choice is intelligent becauseit lowers tooling cost and looks more premium–something the packaging is also trying to convey. All rubber grips have been slightly altered to provide a surface with more grip and depth to help hold a phone securely. I did not have any issues with devices falling out, but it is good to see.More Details:The suction cup and tab mechanism is largely unchanged and intuitive; no reason to fix what already works. As a side note, the instructions clearly state a “curing” time and temperature to mount the base and arm. If you do not adhere to the instructions, the adhesive will not form a strong bond and may fall off. Additionally, if you have a car where the dashboard is made of rubber or has been recalled for something like UV degradation (google car dashboard melting recalls), you may have an issue with the adhesive regardless–this isn’t to say it won’t work, but if you have a mid-2000s Toyota Camry and park in the sun, you might find that the suction cup has melted.The Magnetic Cord Organizer:Inside the box you will see a small black strip of rubber with 2 magnets on opposite ends [similar shape to a Breathe Right strip]. This is to wrap around your charging cable so it doesn’t fall away between your chair and center console or anywhere else you wouldn’t want it to fall. There is enough clearance for most phones and cases for the cable to rest in a neutral place and everyone I’ve showed it to did not have any issues using it with their phone.Changes:The arm now extends an additional 3 inches (8 total) in case you have a very long dashboard or want your phone to be as close to you as possible. The tension mount on the back of the device is now thicker, stronger, and has better quality threading–it is easier to work with when compared to last year’s model. The feet are still adjustable, but the position of the feet is no longer controlled by a dial; the same piece of plastic used to hold the magnetic cord organizer can now be pushed (gently) towards to user and moved up or down depending on the height of the phone.Notes:There are wireless charging variants of this device, but I feel that the cost increase is not worth it–you still have to touch your phone to mount it, it takes 3-5 seconds to plug in your phone and the cable will already be directly underneath the mount.TL;DR Its the best car mount available [that I am aware of] in its price bracket.

  3. Christian

    This is totally worth the 25 bucks. You can transfer it between vehicles and for most dashes will stick right on.The mount is not shaky, creepy, or short of features. It held my iPhone X (with case), and before that it held my iPhone 6s Plus. I use this for long distance travel and commuting and t is perfect. The mount makes it very easy to load and unload your phone and change the orientation. This new model looks best out of all of them.You can see in my pictures this new version set side by side with the last model. The functionality is the same but I believe it is way more pleasing to the eye.

  4. Nicole Zeig

    Honest to Gosh, I can say this is one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. I ordered two of these; one for my husband’s car, and one for mine. Both failed, probably because my dashboard is just curved enough to need the different bottom piece. I installed the first one in my car, and it came off after about 24 hours even though I followed the instructions, including the (!) part, then I used the sticky part of my hubby’s for a second go in my car, and it too failed, even though I tried it in a flatter part of the car which blocks a large portion of my view. After 24 hours of having a working clip, I can’t see how I ever used any other type of phone holder. This thing is AWESOME, because it easily clicks in, (with a satisfying click sound and everything,) and it adjusts to how ever I need it. I am disabled and suck at things that require dexterity, and this thing gives me almost no trouble to set my phone in, and take out. Anyway, it didn’t stay on my dash, I wrote an email to iOttie, and they wrote me back right away, and are going to send me a replacement sticky part, that is better suited for my dashboard. Wow. They were so great. I am super impressed. I hate writing reviews, but I wanted to make sure I did for this item, because it is worth it.

  5. Bella

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     This works perfectly with my iPhone 8 plus with a phone case on. Secure fit and its easy to attach and remove. I opted to not use the sticky base when I saw reviews about removal damaging the surface. It holds tightly just using the suction directly on dashboard.I’m so pleased with purchase after buying one previously from a different brand that was horrible. The phone was never safely fitted and popped out often and I couldn’t keep my case on it.Thanks for making this available.

  6. Hooterville

    Easy One Touch 4 is a much improved mount over the Easy One Touch 3. This unit now closes and opens much smoother than the 3 did and is overall a much better design. The size of the actual unit is a lot smaller now but still works perfect with our Note 8 and iPhone X both in cases. The adjustable foot has also been much improved and locks in place better now. One of the best $25. you can spend. I’ve included some pictures showing the box and contents. Also a couple pictures of the 4 and 3 side by side.

  7. Will England

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     The phone bracket – the part that matters, as it holds your $1,000 investment in place – is incredibly solid. No amount of vibration could shake it loose out of the bracket. (see video). The mount bar and sticky pad haven’t been tried yet, but I’m far less worried about them. I’ll update the review once I install the mount into the car with the included sticky pad and suction cup. At this point – 5+ stars; I’ve never had a mount this solid, with the capability to display the phone in portrait or landscape mode.The Car Mount:Simple to install, excellent design and easy to use. Very flexible, solid, sticks well to the provided pad. Easily adjustable height, reach, angle and orientation. Magnetic cord holder is kind of a gimic – just as easy to wrap the cable around the mount. Still very impressed with the whole package.Details:Made from solid, reinforced plastic. Not going to shear off during anything resembling normal use.Side grip bars do NOT touch any buttons, unlike most other mounts I’ve seen.Easy to release with a single squeeze.Easy to insert – just press and the wide side bars snap shut.Fits Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a thick case.Does not cover any of the cameras. Yes, you can use this as a mount to video from your car.

  8. KevKev

    This little thing is a trooper! I bought this one after my old mount would lose suction and fall off if the weather was too hot or too cold, oftentimes it would fall when I was driving, and that was very dangerous.The mount by iOttie has been stuck to my windshield for 10 months now and stayed on during sub freezing days and days where the temperature reached well over 100!The spring loaded clamp is so hassle free and holds your device in place, and no need to squeeze the sides because it automatically clamps down on your phone when you push it against the back of the holder!I work on a construction site where huge bumps and potholes are very frequent and this thing never shakes lose and keeps my phone secured.I have an iPhone 13 pro max and it fits perfectly.Get rid of those janky holders where you have to contort and bend the support arm just to get it in the right position. Keep it sweet and simple.One little issue that I wasn’t very bothered by was that the dash mount didn’t work for me. But this is largely because of the way my dashboard is. If you’re looking for this to mount on your dash just make sure your dash is flat enough and not made of a slick material.Other than that this mount is perfect!Picture descriptions:first image is showing where your phone would go on the device.Second image shows what the device looks like from my eye level and what it looks like while I’m driving. It doesn’t obscure the roadway or block my vision in any way.Third image is a side profile of the device to show the various adjustment points.

  9. Chin Music

    I have bought 5 of these for my family and never had a problem with any of them. The key is to take your time plotting where you are going to install the mount, before peeling back the adhesive. I try to find the optimal location where the phone does not hinder my driveline site, yet is a quick glance away. I make sure that the edge of the bottom bracket is lightly touching the dashboard so as to ease the pressure on the mount. I flex the mount in every direction to make sure my iPhone can easily get in and out. The only time I have experienced any issues is when I have left my truck out in the blazing sun and the adhesive gets soft. This lowers the unit, but all I need to do is rinse the mounting bracket with warm water, let it dry, and it re-adheres like new.

  10. Stephen Beville

    I have to drive a lot, and my phone is in and out of my truck many times during the day. Other models of phone holders will either not stay mounted to the dash, or they will not hold my large model phones that will always be wrapped with a protective case. This iOttie, of which I have had two, has always stayed solidly mounted where I have installed it. It has been able to hold the weight of the phone with the case (S21 Ultra + Otterbox), and the attaching mechanism has never failed even after many months of daily use. The previous one lasted for several years.The other nice attribute is the ability of this device to move in so many directions in order to place the phone in the position I need it in. The dash on my truck is a bit odd and I don’t like my phone in my line of sight. I was able to create a way for my phone to be placed lower and still have rigidity. I’ve been very happy with iOttie products. I generally purchase the more simple models. I don’t need the more complex ones. However, I am sure they would be very well made.

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