Hover-1 Night Owl Electric Folding Scooter, 31 MPH Top Speed, 37 Mile Range, 1400 Watts Max Power.

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NEXT-LEVEL PERFORMANCE – With 1,400 watts of maximum power, this E-Scooter can reach 20 mph in street mode and soar to an exhilarating 31 mph in offroad mode.
BUILT FOR OFFROADING – Take on any terrain with ease with Night Owl’s 10.5” offroad tires, dual disc brakes, and front and rear suspension. Ride comfortably and with confidence on the extra-wide foot deck that provides added stability.
WIDE TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY – The large touchscreen display is easy to use and shows the Night Owl’s speed, battery level, terrain mode, and more. Intuitively adjust settings with the touch of a finger.
LONG-LASTING BATTERY – The Night Owl boasts an impressive range of up to 37 miles on a single charge! Whatever your riding style is, Night Owl is ready for it.
PORTABLE FOLDING DESIGN – Night Owl easily folds, making it convenient to store at home or transport to your favorite destinations.


7 reviews for Hover-1 Night Owl Electric Folding Scooter, 31 MPH Top Speed, 37 Mile Range, 1400 Watts Max Power.

  1. Amanda

    * Hover-1 Night Owl Electric Folding Scooter, 31 MPH Top Speed, 37 Mile Range, 1400 Watts Max Power, 10.5” Offroad Tires, Dual Disc Brakes, and Front and Rear Suspension *This scooter arrived and setup was fairly easy. The wiring was already assembled. Just needed to add 4 screws to the handlebars and the rear tire cover with 2 screws. It arrived 80% charged and only took about 2 hrs to get it to 100%.The app was easy to setup and use. It connected quickly via Bluetooth. You can control so many different features with it. The headlight, drive mode, cruise control, lock, and kick start on/off option. Very impressed with the app!Compared to my other scooters this one is HUGE. The tires, handlebars, deck, literally everything is bigger. That being said it’s also much heavier. So this one doesn’t go up stairs or get carried easily.This scooter also flies almost terrifyingly FAST! Off-road is the top speed option. Perfect for my husband commuting to work on the trails. It’s also nice not having to move for anyone to pass. With my other scooters I’ve been lax on wearing a helmet. Not with this one lol.At this price I would expect something at least water resistant as this is a huge investment and I would love not worrying about rain or puddles damaging it.Overall really impressed and I can see why it’s at this price point. The quality of this Hover-1 puts my others scooters to SHAME!

  2. sam

    I am a big fan of electric scooters and the one I have been using for normal daily use is the Niu Kqi 3 Pro, which is a fantastic scooter. The Niu maxes out at 20mph, and I saw this looked like a much more powerful model that goes up to 31mph so I was curious to check it out.This scooter comes packaged in a nice looking full color retail display box, and that box comes inside of a more normal looking black & white brown cardboard box.Assembly of the scooter is pretty easy, there’s just a couple of screws to put in to attach the handlebar to the top of the stem, and then you have to unfold the scooter, which entails lifting the stem up and screwing this giant thing in to it to keep the stem secure. It takes maybe 5-10 mins.One thing that threw me off at first, was the screen/display thing on top of the scooter looked all scuffed up, and frankly like garbage, and I was expecting to see a little tab or something to lift to be able to pull the plastic cover off of it… but there was no such thing. I sat and thought about it for a few days because it really didn’t look like there was anything to peel off of the screen, but eventually I worked up the courage to try, and sure enough, the plastic did peel off to reveal the brand new, beautiful screen. So just so you know, you can peel that off, even if it doesn’t look like it.This scooter was a bit of an adjustment coming from the Niu because it has a lot more powerful, and probably isn’t as smooth of a ride. There were initially some noises coming from the back wheel that subsided after several rides, maybe some break in period.This scooter has a road mode (20mph) and offroad mode (31mph). Going 31mph is scary as heck. Please, for the love of god, if you get one of these scooters, wear a helmet. After trying out the max speed a few times, it is still scary, but fun.The app is pretty crummy but sufficient, I was able to go in and tweak a setting that lets me start the scooter from 0mph rather than having to get going a few mph before it goes.One interesting thing to note, upon doing some research on this scooter I discovered the Kugoo Kirin G3 which is another scooter that visually appears identical to this, aside from slight color changes, and it looks like this has maybe a slightly stronger motor. Something to consider looking in to when researching this one. Apparently the G3 has had some issues which concerned me but I haven’t really got anything bad to report on this one after having it for several weeks and taking out for quite a number of lengthy rides.What I like about the scooter:- Very fast- Very powerful- Very fun- Sturdy- Fantastic battery lifeWhat I don’t like, comparing to Niu:- Not as smooth of a ride- Expensive (double the price)- Difficult/inconvenient to fold/carry (Niu takes 2 seconds to fold, this is an ordeal)- A little bit rougher around the edges due to the extra power, more noise, etc- I don’t think suspension makes a lot of differenceIf I were recommending a scooter to someone, honestly one like the Niu is pretty killer and going to be sufficient, more than meet the needs for the vast majority of people. This is one to think about if you wanted to trade some convenience (ease of folding, carrying) and spend some extra money to go up to the next level, get that extra power, speed (which you probably aren’t allowed to use on roads anyway), etc.

  3. Robert Strecker

    When it comes to scooting around town, i am a fan of it. I am referring to using electric scooters to navigate around in a leisure fashion. I am so fond of them that i use three for different situations. While my lighter variation is great to take right into the gym and position it off to the side of the track as i jog, i was longing for a more heavy duty unit for better acclimation to road conditions. The other big reason i was looking for an upgrade was to be able to match the speed of cars on back streets, so as to not hold them up, or have to pop up onto the sidewalk while they pass. With this top notch scooter from the Hover One brand of the Night Owl style, i have found exactly what i was looking for and much more. While this may not be the one to take into the gym and carry up stairs to reach the indoor track, it is definitely the one to use to travel across town tot he bank, store, outdoor track or any other location within a reasonable distance. I am thankful that i have exposure and extensive experience, riding around on two other units from other brands, that are within the five to six hundred dollar range. With that exposure i can point out what makes this one so expensive in comparison to that price range. I feel confident in saying it is all in the battery and the charge span. This instant classic of a scooter can hold a battery charge that is three times my other scooters. I can ride this Night Owl across town and back and the charge is at like eighty seven. I can then store it inside and ride it again three days later across town and back then around town short distance for like the rest of the week without a recharge. My other scooters need frequent charging after every use. I want to point out that it is always good to charge the thing before using it but to never over charge it ad that can damage the battery. That is standard with all scooters. To compare the battery life with my scooter that is within the six hundred dollar range; i can ride that across town, then the battery is half way depleted. I want to point out that i am referring to riding the scooter on the highest speed setting. It is recommended to not always ride any scooter maxed out, but i do not know anyone who does not ride them slowly, so i m approaching this review form that standpoint, meaning when i accelerate i am usually going around twenty miles an hour. So if i ride any of my other scooter across town then to be safe i would need to pop them on a charger if i was at a friends house. With this Night Owl, i do not ever have to worry about taking the charger with me because of the super impressive battery. I love every thing about this scooter but the battery life is where the money is at and this Night Owl delivers that feature in top form. I am sayin that the extra money spent here is worth it.The technology with electric scooters is still in its infancy, until a design comes out that allows these to get wet, unfortunately until then, make sure not to get this Night Owl wet.I love the dominant red color that is of a darker red. I like how the lights for night safety are also red which appear along the sides, as well as front and back, or in all of the traditional brake indicator areas.What makes this scooter heay duty is is has a moped feel due to the bright front lights and the front and back brakes. With the brakes being formatted like a motorcycle or dirt bike, the setup is familiar and well known. Wait- i can’t forget the bicycle which has the front and back hand brakes. The fact that this scoter can achieve a speed of 32 miles per hour max almost requires there be a front and back brake option but regardless that is a great feature. The front lights are not red but of a standard white/yellowed style and are as bright as a moped or smaller motorcycle. When i rode this down the street after dark for the first time, i could hear a young kid go “woa that scooter goes fast”. I want to point out, that with a scooter that can travel faster, you want to make sure to wear a helmet and other safety pads. The charge time on this is not too long but it does not matter with how long a charge to receive. The tires have a good deal of tread which contributed to the off road compatibility. I did not do much off road riding, as i like to take it easy with my scooters, but it did take it into the grass and it seemed to operate nicely in that medium. That is significant because my smallest scooter has like six inch wheels instead on ten and a half and that scooter and budge in the grass. This Night Owl would would work nicely on hiking trails.One of the awesome features of this Night Owl is the ease of folding it up. My other scooter require some sort of force between your foot and hand while pulling some kind of lever contraption. With this Night Owl, there is simply a large metal dial that you turn to loosen, or tighten the tension to allow the handle section to fold back. That feature is a big plus and another thing that makes this worth the money.I want to point out that the weight of this is pretty heavy for a scooter, but it can actually work to your benefit when temporarily storing it someplace in a public area. I took this scooter to the gym and inside because i do not trust the weather to use an outdoor bike rack. If it rains unexpectedly then i am in trouble so, i was able to take this inside and carry it folded to a spot off to the side in the gym. Being that i can’t watch it constantly i noticed the weight of this then contributes to it not being stolen. When i picked this up folded to take up the stairs in the gym i go to, it felt like the thing was about sixt or seventy pounds. This then works to make is very awkward of someone would try to steal it. To make this work even better i chose to wrap a bike chain and lock around it as it is folded. I feel confident that if someone picked up this heavy scooter with a chain still around it, that would cause great suspicion. So my point is, if you have it folded then locked by an external lock, it is basically steal proof. Even if someone did get the thing a few feet away and start carrying it, locating the thief would not be hard at all.I could go on an on about this sweet scooter, but that would turn into a novella so to conclude, i am very happy with this and recommend it.

  4. Laura

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     This is my second electric scooter. I love my other scooter as well (which was offered at a much lower price point), but the Night Owl scooter is far superior, and you can certainly see that it is a top-quality product. First, it is larger in every way – larger foot bed, higher off the ground, bigger tires. It can go WAY faster than other scooters I have tried – over 30 MPH! There is plenty of power for off-roading and extended battery life so that you can take this on a long journey without charging (37 miles – we haven’t tested it to the extreme, but it seems correct). The clear display is easy-to-read. The scooter folds up very quickly and easily, but it is super heavy. It weighs over 57 pounds, meaning it is not easy to just fold up and carry, so this isn’t a great choice if you need to fold it up to carry up and down stairs, for example. I was a little surprised to see the rider weight limit is only 220 pounds – I have tried other scooters which are much smaller/less substantial with weight limits in the 250-280 range. We have tried this out several times now on trails, bike paths, and sidewalks with great success. If you are looking for a very powerful, fast, off-road scooter and aren’t concerned about portability, the Night Owl is a great choice.

  5. akaDrew

    The first thing you notice with this upon arrival is that it is absolutely huge. Bigger and heavier than any scooter I’ve used before. Definitely looks like it’s built tough to really handle off road use.The whole thing comes pretty much fully assembled, all that’s needed is connecting the handlebars and tire cover with a few screws. For me it was also pretty close to topped off for the battery, 87%. I went ahead and topped mine off over night before use though. I used this time to mess around with the app. It can connect via bluetooth and is well laid out and easy to use. It which gives access to a variety of status information and settings.Once on the road I could really feel why this has the crazy price tag that it does. Both on and off road I was getting great speeds with this. Even with me being pretty close to its weight limit, I was still getting pretty close to. the promised 31mph.. With light usage throughout the week I was also getting great battery life.This is definitely a fun scooter to use. it’s an entirely different experience to be going so fast on one of these things. That said though, it is definitely pricier than it needs to be. They are certainly taking advantage of their beans and being one of, if not the only one, with such a powerful motor. Their are probably better price to performance ratio options out there, but if you are someone that loves using scooters and want to try out one of the fastest you can get, this is a pretty good buy if you can afford the somewhat inflated pricetag.

  6. Nancy

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     See video to see it in action!If you want to own your road, ride it on this scooter. This thing has power and isn’t for the faint hearted at its maximum.Thankfully, it has speed ranges so you don’t have to go from 0 to 31 in one second. You can ride at your leisure or catch the wind. The tires are very supportive since they’re so large and the suspension is amazing. You really don’t feel the bumps on the road so you can ride for quite a while without getting fatigued from shaking.The led screen is clear and easy to manage (you can’t see the screen on video!)The dual brakes work just as intended.The scooter supports adult weights. Personally, we’ve tested it up to 220 lbs with no problems.The battery has lasted quite a while. We’ve only been able to ride in 45mins-1 hour bursts for the past month due to the heatwave we’re currently facing and have charged it once in a week so that’s great!The scooter looks like a beast with its tires and sleek, dark design. Really love how it’s put together.Overall, everyone in the family loves this scooter and it’s safe to say it’s the favorite. We can fully recommend this to anyone who wants a scooter for life that can take them nearly anywhere. 5 stars!

  7. MadROMAD

    Okay. I have to take a deep breath before I type this out. This thing is so freaking awesome!!!! I had it less than 24 hours and had already put 40 miles on it puttering around town. I felt so silly, yet didn’t care! I put in some headphones and was rocking this thing. Now, for the nitty gritty. The battery life is really good and really accurate. The tires are heavy duty and this does indeed work “off-road.” That isn’t to say I was tearing through the back country in this, but I took it on gravel and some dirt areas in some construction zones. It worked FLAWLESSLY. Okay, maybe not flawlessly. Below are my ONLY complaints about this:1. The 4 screws that screw the handle bar in suck. I lost 2 without even realizing it. They just don’t screw in good and constantly come loose. After a few hours and 2 lost screws, I got some lock-tight and that solved the issue.2. I had a helluva time finding the 2 screws to replace the ones that were lost. I don’t know if they use non-standard size or what, but it was PITA. Luckily I ran across some screws that were used in part of my new desk. I had to remove the back and noticed they were of similar size and boom! THey fit perfectly. Really annoying that he hour I spent at Lowes resulted in no resolution yet my new desk did. Mind you, I TOOK MY SCOOTER INSIDE THE STORE TO TRY AND FIT SCREWS. So use Lock Tight before screwing them in.3. The console will randomly switch. Suddenly the lights on. Suddenly it’s in KPH instead of MPH. Suddenly it’s no longer going 31mph, but instead 20 because it switched to “on-road.” I don’t get it. It’s not like I have a gut and my tummy is brushing up against it. It would just randomly switch. Doesn’t ruin my experience with it, but it does get annoying having to pull over to adjust it back. I wish there was a “lock” screen or “lock-mode” function.Those are really my only complaints.Literally everyone who has ridden it has loved it. I took it to a family member’s house and they were out drinking with all their neighbors when I showed up with this. Easily 13 people rode it that night. You should’ve seen all those 30-40 year olds out there driving this thing. Not a single negative comment. I’m seriously over the moon with this. My kids love it. My wife loves it. I love it. This would be perfect for getting to work too. The speed is legit. It will EASILY go 31mph. It’s no struggle to get it there. If you’re going up hill it will struggle, but that’s about it. It’s just so responsive and fun to drive. It’s essentially a toy for me haha This would be the PERFECT commute vehicle for shorter distances and if the weather permitted. I almost wish I had a job in the city so I’d have an excuse to use it often.At this point it has around 100 miles total on it. Battery is still hanging in great and so is everything else. You will NOT regret getting this thing. If you’re looking at this and trying to decide if you should pull the trigger, let me help you: DO IT!!!!!

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