Greenco Corner Shelf 5 Tier Shelves for Wall Storage, Easy-to-Assemble Floating Wall Mount Shelves for Bedrooms and Living Rooms, Espresso Finish Home & Kitchen

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Decorative & multi-functional shelves – These shelves will look great in any room and are an ideal choice for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc.
Great for storing spice bottles and dishes in the kitchen or using the shelves in the bathroom for toiletries and towels.
Durably made – The 5 tier wall mount corner shelves are light weight yet sturdy. They made of durable MDF laminate & will hold up to 11 pounds.
Easy to assemble – Our floating shelves are easy to assemble & mount with all necessary hardware included.
Product dimensions – Each corner shelf measures7.75″” L x 7.75″” W x 48.5″” H. in inches
Creative 5-tier floating shelf – A great decorative solution for challenging wall spaces or for dorm rooms!


Product Name 4-Cube Intersecting Shelves Set of 3 “U” Shape Shelves Set of 3 Hexagon Shaped Shelves Set of 2 Photo Ledge Shelves 2-Tier Corner Shelves
Material Wood Wood Wood and Metal Wood Wood
Cube Wall Shelves Set of 3 "U" Shape Set of 3 Hexagon Shaped Set of 2 Photo Ledge 2-Tier Corner Shelf
4-Cube Intersecting Set of 3 “U” Shape Set of 3 Hexagon Shape Set of 2 Photo Ledge 2-Tier Corner Shelf

10 reviews for Greenco Corner Shelf 5 Tier Shelves for Wall Storage, Easy-to-Assemble Floating Wall Mount Shelves for Bedrooms and Living Rooms, Espresso Finish Home & Kitchen

  1. Sarah Galán

    Lo amo

  2. Kevin B.

    I just finished building and installing it on the wall. It took about an hour (a long hour) but it came out very nice!All I needed was a Phillips screw driver.First off, some of the reviews are wrong. The screw color does not matter because included are colored plugs that fit over the screws and hid them. EVEN the product photo is missing these plugs that hid the screws! Maybe it’s a product update or something but it works for me!Second, people are saying these boards bend. They do not bend at all. I think they are trying to build it while attached to the wall. That is just dumb. You build it on a table or ground… Then you attach it to the wall with 3 screws. NOTE: these shelves will not hold considerable weight… it’s only 3 screws holding it up after all.Lastly, the shelves are very small, only about 7.5 inches tall each. Each shelve length has a 7 inch radius… so not much.For a cheap, small, wall mounted corner shelves, this is the best deal. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  3. Devin Watson

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     Not sure why the video quality is so rough but what I was showing was the condition of some of the pieces and the spacing between the wall.. honestly it’s nothing major that bothers me – just showing it in case it bothers someone else.I love it for what we are using it for.. it is in our 1 year olds bedroom and we plan to use it mainly for his books, and for that it is working great.It is an inexpensive 5 level shelf so I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece. I was shocked at the amount of books we could fit so far, I just threw them on for picture purposes.Overall I am happy with this!

  4. Amanda Virges

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     I purchased one at first, i put it in the middle of the corner. then i was like i should have got 2, so it can go from top to bottom, so i did that. The only thing is i did not want to unscrew what i did,so I took the second install & assemble half on top n bottom, so it will connect with first whole shelf i assemble.

  5. Christie P

    Perfect solution for odd inlet next to my fireplace. I added Greenco’s 2-tier zigzag floating shelves to this 5-tier corner shelving unit to accommodate my 7 chakras lotus tea light cups. Almost everything you see in my photo was purchased on Amazon!!!

  6. choua

    I love it! So easy to install! Under an hour and I’m a woman! I got this for my bedroom because I have small items such as hair clip, glasses and even lotions. I’m going to get another one for the other corner. I’m happy today because of this. It’s going to be a good day regardless.

  7. Machelle W.

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     I put mine together with my drill. It didn’t take long at all! Just follow the instructions and you’ll zoom through it. Once u catch the pattern, u really don’t need the instructions.

  8. Big Al

    Okay. So i bought these shelves Used-Like New cause they were $10 cheaper than new and i didnt care if they had a few scratches or anything for what i needed. 1st thing I did when they came in was check to make sure all parts were there. Too many stories on here about people not getting all the parts. Once I checked to see all parts were in the box, i began to assemble. Very easy set up. I recommend using the dry wall studs that come in the box. Made my shelves feel much sturdier. Only complaint would be the size of the shelfs. If the height was a foot each, would easily be a perfect buy. I cant fit certain figurines due to their height, but weight wise the shelves work. The heaviest figurine I have is at the top which is where the dry wall anchor and screw is so i know its sturdy enough to hold the weight. Overall good buy for the price, color and looks are excellent. Would be great buy if the shelves were a little taller.

  9. Cap Capello

    Having just remodeled my home/office bathroom which included getting rid of one of those tall plastic double door cheap storage cabinets, I opted for a SouthWest color scheme of cabinets, a mojave sand wall color, mojave Corian counter tops and a dark distressed looking barnwood flooring.With the cabinet gone, that whole corner exploded with emptiness. I saw this corner piece here on Amazon and took a flyer on it as being the one”. It was. Fairly easy to put together however pay close attention to alpha id system. It looks inutitive but then it becomes a rubix cube if you mess up one piece connection.I get a lot of compliments from guests abut the bathroom. Not bad decorating for a guy, dontcha think?

  10. Veronika Kontos

    LOOks very nice ‘ and easy to assemble.

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