GILOBABY Kids Robot Toy, Interactive Smart Talking Robot with Voice Controlled Touch Sensor Speech Recognition, Singing, Dancing, Repeating, Recording, Birthday Gifts for Children Boys Girls Age 4-7 Toys & Games

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Repeat & Record Mode: Long press the recording button, the smart robot will go into record mode, you can take a 8 seconds recording each time, 3 recordings can be recorded in total. Short press the button, it will repeat play the recordings.
Intelligent Partner and Teacher: The kids robot toy will go forward, go back, turn left, turn right and 360-degree spin when you touch the sensor button. Also, talking, singing and dancing are all skills it is good at, not only as a friend but also be a great teacher for your kids.
Skills Development: The interactive smart talking robot will spark hours for kids of imagination in play, developing hand-eye coordination, motor skills, color Identification and creativity, which is very helpful for their intelligence and self-confidence.
Gift Ideas: If you’re looking for an ideal and exciting gift for birthday, Christmas or festival, then you’ll love our smart robotic. Playing with family and friends is always exciting and everyone allows to join in the fun with GILOBABY.
Child Safety & Quality Assured: Made of child-friendly ABS material, BPA free, durable and smooth edge without burrs to protect children’s hands. We’ll provide worry-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service if you’re not totally satisfied with our items.







10 reviews for GILOBABY Kids Robot Toy, Interactive Smart Talking Robot with Voice Controlled Touch Sensor Speech Recognition, Singing, Dancing, Repeating, Recording, Birthday Gifts for Children Boys Girls Age 4-7 Toys & Games

  1. MamaB

    This was a gift for my 4 year old, he is really into robots and was super excited to get this one. It’s pretty easy to use, looks just like the pics and videos and keeps him entertained for a long time. It’s definitely smaller that I pictured, only about 6 inches high, but I guess I should have read the description better- I would have gotten it anyway I think because I really is the best robot for kids that I found at a decent price. It sings, dances, follows commands and can repeat what you say (which my son gets a big kick out of), so it does everything I was looking for in a robot.It is top heave and works better on our hardwood floor than the carpet, but still works fine on the carpet.Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase.

  2. Carole J. Biccum

    I bought this in October of 2021 as a Christmas gift – due to Covid, we didn’t open this gift until a few weeks ago. And it didn’t work. I contacted the supplier and received an immediate response and they sent me a replacement in less than a week. And the new one works just fine. So Good Job to the supplier.

  3. Phoenix🐶

    We got this for our daughter’s 3yo birthday. Both her and her 8 months old baby brother likes the robot toy a lot. They’ve been playing with it everyday since it arrived. Our daughter even cover it with blanket when not playing and clean it with baby wipe like it’s her little baby. It also helps distracting her little brother too when I’m busy making food and such. It doesn’t have small loose parts or anything so it feels safe to let it be around our baby boy.It does take some reading the instruction to get a hold of how to use the robot, but it’s not a problem. So far it’s working as shown in listing video, and we all like it. Thanks!

  4. Tony

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     My son loves his new robot. It keeps him busy for hours! He asks questions and the robot follows simple commands like can you dance or go backwards. I highly recommend this product to anyone with young children.

  5. cc

    My 3 year old cannot quite master the different commands yet, but she loves this little robot very much. She calls it ‘little chicken’, maybe due to its cute voice when it’s in repeat taking mode. Lol. Sometimes it does take me a few times to repeat the commands before it acts. Background noise also seems to confuse the little robot sometimes.

  6. jayjay

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     I can’t wait for Christmas! They all love this robot too! My nephew is very introverted and does not like to talk. We are all very worried. But one day I found out he was whispering to the robot! !! !! oh my God!It’s really great! I am going to look for more voice operated toys! Hope he can speak like a normal child and tell us he loves us.

  7. EDA

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     We named the robot, Little Green. My son took it to everywhere. It’s new member in our family. It can talk and obey some direction. It can dance and copy voice if u said.

  8. Eileen Ulick

    I thought this was a very small robot but it turned out to be bigger which is really nice. This is a perfect toy for my soon to be 3. For $30 bucks, this robot is on another level. It has many commands which is really cool for my kid to learn and communicate with the robot. Blue is his favorite color so this was a perfect toy for him. The singing and dancing part was fun to watch and he loves the repeat mode. We had a great time watching him playing with the robot instead of watching TV all day. He now has his favorite best friend.

  9. H. Birenbaum

    This robot was bought for my 4 year old grandson. He loves it! It responds to touch and voice commands, moves forward and backward, turns right and left, and dances to music. Works on 3 AAA batteries (not included), and seems to be well made. Like its green color, too! I love it and so does my grandson.

  10. MesEHair

    This is a such a cute little robot. I got it for my son who just can’t get enough toys. I did have to go out and buy batteries for it, as it didn’t come with them. It’s very cute how it moves and talks. It’s the perfect size, not too large or small. I personally like that the color is green, since it’s such a gender neutral color. It’s well made and has survived a fall from the couch a couple times. The cat also seems to be quite interested in the robot too. We (my husband and I) have been entertained with watching our son play with it and seeing all does.

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