Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper, Mandoline Slicer & Cheese Grater | Multi Blade French Fry Cutter & Veggie Dicer | Includes Bonus Handheld Spiralizer & Kitchen Gadgets Home & Kitchen

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Greatest functionality on the market – 5 interchangeable blades means this kitchen gadget meets all of your slicing, grating and chopping needs. Choose the perfect thickness of your sliced vegetables with the easy-to-use adjuster dial and select the ideal size for your chopped vegetables by simply changing the inserts.
Bonus handheld spiralizer – compact and easy to use, the Fullstar mandoline slicer comes with a bonus 3 in 1 adjustable spiralizer. Unlike large units this kitchen gadget is easy to store and a breeze to clean as it is dishwasher-safe.
Keeping you and your family safe – we know our stainless steel blades are high quality and razor sharp. Our set therefore comes with a fingerguard and protective glove to keep you safe whilst you are using the spiral slicer and a cleaning brush and blade organizer for when you aren’t. The abs plastic is nontoxic and bpa free guaranteeing healthy meals for your family.


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Fullstar picador de vegetales cortador vegetable slicer and mandoline

10 reviews for Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper, Mandoline Slicer & Cheese Grater | Multi Blade French Fry Cutter & Veggie Dicer | Includes Bonus Handheld Spiralizer & Kitchen Gadgets Home & Kitchen

  1. Maria G

    I didn’t do a whole lot of research before purchasing this product, but I figured it absolutely HAD to be better than the cheapy mandolin I bought at a grocery store or ROSS or something. The reason I got a mandolin to begin with was to make veggie chips, ie sweet potato, zucchini. My old one didn’t cut them thin enough and my chips were very meh. This has a thickness setting that I can actually get thin enough for chips AND so I could make scalloped potatoes.I didn’t even know I was getting the other attachments but they’re pretty cool too. The only one I’ve used (and will probably be using most) is the grater. I grate fresh Parmesan when I make risotto and having the bin as a catch is sooo tidy compared to using a tower grater. Can’t wait to dice onions with it! (Didn’t think to for risotto 😬)I also just love the way it stores. All the little pieces stack nicely! I just wish that the two attachments that you can attach to the catch tray fit together better for storage.

  2. Cadance Renene

    In case people haven’t noticed – there is a supply chain issue with “farm to table” items.I have long been a fan of a California-based chain’s Healthy Eight Chopped Salad. At 16 oz, I can get my dose of fresh veggies, no problem. It has been harder to find in the store.I decided to recreate my own version based on the contents: red/green cabbages, carrots, broccoli, jicama, bell peppers, radishes, and celery.The Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper, Mandoline Slicer & Cheese Grater made this super easy and quick to make my salad mix up for the week.I used 5 ounces of each thing (for 40 ounces total) 5 servings at 8 ounces each. My review for each how THE LARGE DICER handled each vegetable as follows:Red/green cabbages: Didn’t try it. I just cut these items by hand into smallish squares.Carrots: This worked pretty well. For the first trial run I used “baby carrots” that were less than 4 inches long and placed them side by side. I didn’t crowd the grid.Broccoli: This worked pretty well. I used the stalks only. I peeled them and sliced them long-ways in 1/3 in thickness and tried to “square them off”. I didn’t crowd the grid.Jicama: This was a little tougher. I peeled it, cut it in half and sliced it 1/3 in thickness and tried to “square them off”. It was okay, but, I am not sure I’ll use it for Jicama in the future.Bell peppers: This worked really great. I cut the top and the bottom off the pepper. Sliced it into 3”-ish squares and it cut through like butter,Radishes: This worked really great. I used Daikon radish, it’s milder and easier to peel. I cut it into 3”-ish lengths and then sliced them long-ways in 1/3 in thickness and tried to “square them off”. I didn’t crowd the grid.Celery: This worked pretty well. For the first trial run I used “pre-cut lengths” that were less than 4 inches long and placed them side by side. I didn’t crowd the grid.It was quicker than doing it by hand and I like that I have uniform sizes. It’s definitely fresher than what I have been seeing at the store, when I could find it at all.

  3. Monica

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     The products works good… really good! I love how quick and easy it is to use. Especially when I have a very large gathering and have a lot of chopping to do. It’s a lifesaver!! Washing it can be a pain in the butt… kind of. Sometimes food can get stuck into the lines. But it does come with a brush that helps to remove and get into the lines to clean it up. I like the way it storages away. This came with a storage case for the different attachments. I would like tho add a fair warning… in case you want to be like me. Careless 🫣🤭 The safety guide is there! Be smart unlike me and use them! 😅Ok, so you are warned to use the glove and vegetable holder while you are slicing or while chopping. I did use my glove and tool while slicing. But once it came to chopping I thought I could had it and thought I was some kind of pro at this gadget. Boy did I have a rude awakening! 😂 I tried to stuff my very large onion slice into the square to chop and at that point ended up slicing my finger tip! That’s when I knew I messed up! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤭

  4. Michelle

    This is the best thing I’ve bought in a long time, and it’s “just” a small kitchen appliance. I follow a low carb lifestyle and this just simplified it times 1000. The other night I went to make my fried radishes and decided to use the small diced attachment and they came out of the air fryer like those shoe string chips you buy, so good! On taco Tuesday it was so easy to dice up some tomatoes for my tostada, just make sure you do it fast!. And for when I’m feeling snacky, I just grab an English cucumber and use the mandolin slicer and slice it up, sprinkle some ranch seasoning on them and voila.I found a place in the cabinet to put it away, but honestly, I use it so much, it never gets put away!

  5. Mansur

    Its amazing how happy your wife will get when you purchase here one of these. My wife was ecstatic! lots of accessories, things i didnt even know existed and dont even know how to use. my wife uses it every day and regrets not buying one a long time ago. its very sturdy and quality of the plastic is very good. would recommend to anyone who wants to make the kitchen life easier for their spouses.

  6. Hassam a.

    Edit: After my very honest rather brutal review :-! Customer service contacted , my issue was resolved and I was offered a refund, I do not know if it was only my chopper which had this problem because everyone else is raving about it, nonetheless customer support was excellent and resolved my problem.Based on the reviews either other people got a good chopper or I am very stupid. Since , it can’t be the latter so I assume people are very easily overjoyed by this atrocious product. First of all you have to cut the onion in to small pieces to be able to chop it properly, second of all you have to take off the first thick layer of onion otherwise it won’t chop and you would be stuck with an onion in between the chopper that wouldn’t come down or go up ( trust me it was so painful 😣 removing it ) , third of all when you finally made it to the last step you need arm n Strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger to chop it down . I can not describe my utter disappointment and pain . Also used it for the carrots and it stained it badly ( I washed it immediately) after washing couple of times I still wasn’t able to get rid of the stain . I am being robbed of my hard earned money by this chopper , I WANT MY MONEY BACK . please save yourself the torture and don’t buy it , just use your damn hands n knife .

  7. Emily

    This was the best purchase my husband and I have made in a long time and help prep are vegetables very fast chopping them in the correct in right size helps the vegetables cooked better and evenly I’d buy one again This was the best purchase my husband and I have made in a long time and helps prep our vegetables very fast chopping them in the correct and right size helps the vegetables cook better and evenly I’d buy one again. we love it.

  8. Paul Park

    I’m new to using a food dehydrator and mandolin/chopper. After reading many reviews, I went with this model and couldn’t be happier.I would say that it focuses a little more on safety than ease of cleaning and that is a good thing. I appreciated the protective glove (although a good Mechanix glove will do the same thing) and the mandolin vegetable holder is sturdy, stable, and designed so the small spears that hold things will not impact on the blades. The chopper works well but you need to do a bulk cut to get your pieces down to a size that will fit. After that, it’s one-shot done.Clean-up is pretty easy and there are some included brushes and scrapers. I just power rinse my blades and then throw the whole thing in the top rack.Like any mandolin, you have to be mindful of when you are handling your blades at all times and that includes when you are putting them into the storage bucket or in a cupboard.Overall: very happy and impressed with this gadget. It’s a time-saver for sure.

  9. Crazy Mom

    I am an avid canner and have been looking for a chopper that is sturdy and can also slice. At first I was not sure as I know others that have purchased this and did not like the lid as they stated that it was not removable. I bought it anyways and thought I would give it at try. I am so in love with this chopper and guess what? The lid is removable!!!! Some things that are really cool are listed below:**The filling tray slides out instead of removing the lid and then dumping your product out.**There are rubber grips on the bottom so it does not slide around.**The lid has a a rubber grip so when you push down your hand does not slip.**The chopper is made with a thicker plastic so it is really strudy.**The blades lock into place instead of snapping into place.**When you have to push down on the lid to chopper your product it down not bend or feel like it is going to break.The only negative I can really say about this product is that it only comes with 2 sizes of chopping blades BUT that is really my fault for not buying the one with more blades. So because it was really my fault I did lower my star score!This is a must buy honestly even if you only use it once in a while it is a great product to have on hand!

  10. Mary Baise

    I received this a few days ago and just got around to opening and using a few of the blades. I spiralized a couple of new potatoes and was really happy with how they turned out. I also diced some potatoes using both sizes of the blades. I loved the uniformed look of the potatoes. I have not used all of the blades as yet, but judging by what I did tonight, I believe I will be very satisfied with this product. I did have a little problem pushing the potatoes through the blades, but I believe this has more to do with my age than the product. Another thing I really like about this product is how little space it takes for storage.

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