ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Pro360, Rugged IPX4 Water Resistant Head Light, Ultra Bright Headlamps for Running, Camping, Outdoor, Storm Power Outage (Batteries Included) Everything Else

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Color Midnight Black: 360 Lumens
Power Source Battery Powered
Light Source Type LED
Material Plastic
Included Components Washable Head band, 3 AAA Batteries, Headlamp
Battery Cell Composition Alkaline
✅ [SUPER BRIGHT LED]: Illuminates up to 85 meters with a 360-lumen beam of LED light in high mode – This head lamp can light up the room, or the campsite, with ease.
✅ [MAXIMUM DURABILITY]: Features a durable construction that withstands 1-meter drop test, a shatterproof lens, and a water-resistant IPX4 rated body – making this head light the perfect rugged companion both indoors and outdoors.
✅ [7 VERSATILE MODES]: Provides 7 light modes: high, low, wide, wide low, red, flashing red, and green. With versatile modes, you’ll have optimal lighting for just about any situation.


From the manufacturer

unspecified unspecified unspecified unspecified
Universal Headlamp (2-pack) Hybrid Powered High Performance Headlamp Mini Sporting Rechargeable Headlamp Headband Headlamp
Light Modes 2 5 5 2
Power Source Battery Operated Rechargeable or Battery Operated Rechargeable Battery Operated
Lumens in High Mode 100 400 200 100
Slim, Innovative Design
Number of Lights Included 2 1 1 1

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Number of Items 1 1 1 1 1
Power Source Battery Powered Battery Powered Battery Powered Battery Powered Usb Cable

Product Description

Convenient and hands-free, the Energizer Black LED Headlamp will keep you prepared for anything. With an adjustable strap, pivoting head, and water-resistant IPX4 rated body, this headlamp is great for camping, hunting, or hiking trips, DIY projects around the house, or to keep in any emergency kit. With 360 lumens of LED light, this compact and lightweight headlamp flashlight can help you see up to 85 meters in high mode. It features 7 convenient modes, including red night vision for outdoor activities and with VisionGuard technology, it delivers a gradual increase in intensity to protect your vision. Whether you’re looking for lighting during a blackout or power outage, or you just need more light during a home project, this LED headlight has got you covered. Energizer LED Headlamp flashlight – Best headlamp for camping, outdoors, emergency, power outage, walking the dog, running, hiking, and so much more. Easy to use for adults and kids.

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10 reviews for ENERGIZER LED Headlamp Pro360, Rugged IPX4 Water Resistant Head Light, Ultra Bright Headlamps for Running, Camping, Outdoor, Storm Power Outage (Batteries Included) Everything Else

  1. E. S. Hudler

    OMG what an excellent idea!! I’ve installed the wiring on dozens of computer in the dim and dark of a cabinet space that was way too small. I did it ** HOLDING AN AWKWARD FLASHLIGHT IN MY TEETH **! Never again! Thank you for this headlight! Wow! It’s small, adjustable (strap), and bright.Progress can be good but this light is more than good. It’s brilliant!

  2. J.C

    This is a great headlight. It’s very bright. Very impressed with it’s performance.

  3. John K.

    I was on the fence deciding about a head lamp. A late afternoon bow hunt shot convinced me it was time. The light was great during the tracking and field dressing activities. I used the green light on the walk out to save my night vision. The guy I was hunting with only had white which blinded me as we talked on the drag out. The light was lite enough to wear without much fuss. AAA are easy enough to stow and my hand light takes them so having 2 lights with the same power supply was something I wanted. Happy with the light options of red, green, and flood/spot white. Controls easy to cycle through. I would recommend this product.

  4. Michael L.

    The on and off switch is a little tricky but it works. Sometimes doesn’t change when pushed.

  5. Cassie

    This is a great product for night time walking. Nice bright light that can also be adjusted to a dimmer setting.

  6. Rio

    Hands Free!

  7. Robert

    Comfortable fit. Works very well.

  8. Davidly

    battery life is fineNot all that bright but it works and it’s usable – it’s also CHEAPI use it to scout around my house in the dark ..works fineYou want something Bright for a nighttime walkGet something with at least 3300 – 4000 lumens

  9. FiveStones

    I have three other headlamps and this is comparable to the others. I bought this Energizer black/gray 300 lumen headlamp and an Energizer 200 lumen headlamp at the same time and two of the photos are comparisons of the energizer ones. The bands seem exactly the same, only the buttons, lumen output and light configuration are different.The one thing that is certainly an improvement with the two Energizer headlamps is the band material and lamp attachment design. If you have to wear these things for prolonged periods, they get very uncomfortable. But the energizer bands are softer and the headlamps come off easier, which allows you to hand wash the band.Unlike my other headlamps which tilt from their center, this tilts from the bottom edge as pictured, so the actual light comes away from the band to tilt down. The headlamp is made in China unfortunately, and the batteries I received were made in Singapore. It works plenty well enough for my purposes with Eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries.Edit: I added two more photos to compare the Energizer 300 lumen to the black diamond 300 lumen. The light output on both is the same with fresh batteries, but is more concentrated with the black diamond light. As stated before, Energizer has a more comfortable band that seems to hold its shape longer, the Black Diamond one is not as soft and though both have gotten a bit stretched out in places, it doesn’t effect the Energizer headlamp’s ability to stay tight or comfortable. The Energizer headlamp can be angled downward further as pictured. Both are excellent headlamps.

  10. Mark D

    Hands free flashlights! Now, Who would have thought that this is EXACTLY what us-critters (with barely two hands) needs to see stuff in dimly lit nooks and crannies and in the dark! …Working on computers, rewiring guitars, running cables under studio desks, searching for stuff in the back of the closet or the attic, for crawling under the house. YOU CAN USE Both Hands! These things are Great! ..adjustable brightness – just hold the “on” button to get that done. Red and Green light for night vision – perfect for astronomy and night hikes – map and compass reading are so much easier accomplish with both hands free!Get one! I bought one! Then I bought Another one! Because the First one was Brilliant! :0)

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