CHI Spin N Curl Special Edition Rose Gold Hair Curler 1″. Ideal for Shoulder-Length Hair between 6-16” inches. Beauty & Personal Care

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Product details
Product Benefits 410°F Maximum Temperature for Optimal Styling, Directional Buttons, Tangle Protection
Brand CHI
Hair Type All, Coarse, Fine
Material Ceramic
Color Rose Gold
Size 16 Inch (Pack of 1)
1” Inch Ceramic Rotating Barrel ideal for shoulder-length hair between 6-16” length.
Includes Pre-set Temperatures: Low 370°F for Fine Hair, Medium 390°F for Medium Hair, High 410°F for Coarse Hair
Includes Adjustable Heat-Up Times: 15 seconds for Fine Hair, 17 seconds for Medium Hair, 19 seconds for Coarse Hair


From the manufacturer

Spin N Curl, Hair, Wand, Curling, Iron, Style

How to Style

  1. Choose your desired temperature by using the + or – buttons. Set the timer (15s/17s/19s) by pressing the M button and selecting the + or – buttons.
  2. Hold the CHI Spin N Curl vertically with backside facing the head.
  3. Take a ¾” to 1” section of hair and insert in into the opening of the curl chamber in a 90° angle
  4. Hold down the arrow button in the desired direction to curl the hair. The hair strand will be automatically curled into the chamber. When the hair strand is completely in the chamber, release the button. The rotating will stop.
  5. You will hear 4 beeps once the curl is set
  6. Remove the tool gently from the hair.

Spin N Curl, Hair, Wand, Curling, Iron, Style 

Spin N Curl, Hair, Wand, Curling, Iron
Spin N Curl, curling iron, hair, wand,


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CHI Spin N Curl CHI Ceramic 1″ Curling Iron CHI Interchangable Curling Wand Kit CHI Lava Curl Shot CHI Tourmaline 1″ Ceramic Curling Iron
Barrel Size 1″ 1″ .75″ – 1.5″ 1″ 1″
Barrel Type Ceramic Rotating Barrel Ceramic Barrel Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel Volcanic Lava Ceramic Barrel Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel
Temperature Adjustable temperature range / Maximum Temperature of up to 410°F Adjustable temperature range / Maximum Temperature of up to 410°F Adjustable temperature range / Maximum Temperature of up to 425°F Adjustable temperature range / Maximum Temperature of up to 410°F Adjustable temperature range / Maximum Temperature of up to 410°F
Benefits Perfect Curls Without Heat Damage Reduces frizz & static / Adds exceptional shine Comes with 3 different barrel attachments for multiple curling options Heat damage is reduced by the ability to use lower temperature settings than traditional heat styling. Reduces frizz & static / Adds exceptional shine
Cord Length 9ft 6.5ft 6.5ft 11ft 9ft
Digital Temperature Display
Auto Shutoff
Dual Voltage

Product Description

Product Description

CHI Spin N Curl rotating curler creates flawless, beachy waves at the push of a button. Hair is drawn into the curl chamber where it is heated and timed to create perfect curls and waves every time! The digital temperature display offers easily adjustable temperature settings and a selection of preset temperature settings for each hair texture, creating a customizable styling experience while avoiding unnecessary heat damage. Ceramic heat technology produces far infrared heat while the conditioning benefits of negative ions results in shinier, healthier and more beautiful hair. Curling hair has never been so effortless with the CHI Spin N Curl!

Brand Story

Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston-based company of hairdressers for hairdressers, known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products under the industry-leading brands CHI®, BioSilk®, and SunGlitz®.

Product details

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5 x 3 x 13 inches; 1 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ CA2348A
  • UPC ‏ : ‎ 813843041501
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ AmazonUs/FB2LD
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07VYK8GY9
  • Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

10 reviews for CHI Spin N Curl Special Edition Rose Gold Hair Curler 1″. Ideal for Shoulder-Length Hair between 6-16” inches. Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Shastoco Doyle

    I have 4c hair and this makes it so easy to curl the back of my head. I can’t burn myself at all because it’s so easy to use. This tool just does the work for me. Awesome, definitely a staple in my hair care 😊🥰

  2. Life with 6 kids

    I’ve never been good at curling my hair and this makes it so simple for me! And the curls stay in for days!

  3. Anonymousiam

    I’ve bought two curling irons and neither did the trick… one I had to give away and the other is only used for my bangs… When I saw this (and the video), I thought it would be perfect for my very long hair… it’s a bit difficult to remember how to use it if you don’t use it often but the laminated instruction card takes care of my memory loss…lol… The curling process is very easy and fast once I get reacquainted. The curls last a long time and as a syfi buff… it’s very futuristic looking, which is awesome!If you have long hair, THIS is the curling tool for you want… I can’t imagine not having it !!! ( :

  4. Dawn

    I don’t do much with my hair. I have straight, fine hair. It doesn’t do much I curl the ends and bangs and done. This curling iron is awesome! When I use it. So much body. So many spirally, wavy curls. It curls both way. one way for the right side. One way for the left side. So your curls are in the same direction. It has a safety feature if your hair get caught it stops, beeps and releases. You pull your hair out and start again. I am pretty impresses with it.

  5. Amanda

    I JUMPED on opening this and doing my hair as soon as it was delivered. I literally received this about an hour ago, and this is the quickest review I’ve ever done! I was so excited to use, and I’ve provided pictures to show why. My hair is pretty thick and usually curls okay, but I have never been able to get curls like this. I love this thing, so easy to use! You literally place a piece of hair on top, hit one of the arrow buttons until your hair is all inside and twirled and you just wait, after about 15 seconds or so the tool beeps and you just pull it down and your hair comes out with an amazing curl! Buy it! It’s worth it! 😍😍

  6. brenda

    I have naturally curly hair. In the summer, it gets really frizzy so I thought if I curled my hair, that would tame it down some and it worked! It’s very easy to use. Only problem I had was with Amazon. I ordered the Black Onyx and they sent me the Matte Black. They got it wrong 3x!! So I guess I’m stuck with the Matte Black. I’m tired of returning them! Sooo annoying!! 😳

  7. Map

    Amazing product for people like me who hardly ever curl their hair. Just grab a piece, twirl in your hand to fit in dip at top, then hold the button until all the hair goes in; when it beeps you slowly pull down and a perfect curl comes out in 15 seconds.Took me 15 to 20 mins to do this, would have taken me 30+ with curling iron and would not have looked this good. The curls last all day (with spray) which is rare with my naturally straight hair. The cleaning tool is easy to use, just put it in the right way (took a few mins to figure that part out), then CLN comes up on temp screen, press the curling buttons to clean then take tool out and done. Best curling device I have ever used!

  8. Laura

    Works well for my shoulder length hair. I get curls the first day and the brush it out the second day for loose waves. I feel like I really got the hang of it by the third use.

  9. Idiosyncrasy Triumphs

    I’ve never been the type to do much with my hair… It’s typically been ponytails, hair clip buns, letting my frizzy waves air dry, or on special occasions, I’d take the time to straighten my hair. Becoming a busy SAHM hasn’t really changed that much other than special occasions rarely happen for me now. Developing a chronic illness with chronic pain and fatigue has made me feel pretty inadequate in some aspects in my life, and one of the first things recommended when you start feeling depressed is “do something for you, that makes you feel good about yourself.” This tool alone has made me actually get excited about doing my hair… and I am not, nor have I ever been, the type to get all done up for no reason!I have daughters who are starting to get interested in doing things with their hair. They had seen a family member use a different automatic curler and wanted “curls like that.” To be fair, my kids’ hair is not even close to shoulder length and just barely at shoulder length, and very fine, so I knew from the get go that this would likely be a failed venture for them… but I was genuinely curious and willing to try. Watched videos comparing all the different types, and settled on this for the price and design (I liked that it seemed fairly easy to get tangled hair out… that was my biggest fear!).When I first received it, I received a product that had clearly been opened, used, and returned. I immediately contacted the seller, supplied pictures of my findings, and they overnighted me a brand new one and I sent the previous one back… amazing customer service! Very much hassle free! Big kudos and gold stars to them!The second one was very clearly new. Everything was packaged nicely. Comes with a cleaning tool and instructions. I will say, the instructions I did not find as informative as watching youtube videos of how to use it. It does have suggested temperature settings in the instructions based on your hair type and how tight of a curl you’d like, and I did find those to be pretty spot on for our needs. It does say in the instructions that this tool is best suited for shoulder-length hair. I have medium thick, naturally wavy, shoulder length color treated hair. I’ve used this on my 6.5yo’s fine, natural, straight, barely shoulder length hair as well. I don’t have to use any hairspray for my hair to hold the curls this thing puts in my hair and the curls stay all day! The curls even held to a certain degree in my daughter’s hair all day without hairspray as well. I do use a heat protectant spray, and highly recommend sectioning your hair in layers even if you have thin hair.**Highlights**-Much lighter in hand than I expected (great for those with chronic pain/fatigue!)-Very easy to use (there is a learning curve in getting comfortable with holding it going around your head and finding the right directional button to curl your hair in the direction you want)-Customizability is good (great for different looks and for usage on different family members)-All the heat is contained inside the barrel, preventing burns! (BIG deal when you’re trying to curl an active child’s hair!)-Timer counts for you so you can get lost in your thoughts without losing your hair 😅-Auto Shut off for when you forget to turn it off 👌 (hellooo ADHD mom life!)-Great curls every time (again, once you get the hang of it!)-Quick! Both heating up and curling hair (granted, I took forever with a traditional curling iron because I often confused myself curling the wrong way or had to take breaks for my arms. It still takes time, but I found it a smoother use of time with much less need to re-do mistakes)-Temperature and power buttons lock once set, preventing accidental bumps to the settings (I didn’t think this was important until I straightened my hair recently with a straightener that doesn’t have this function. IT’S IMPORTANT! 😅)**Things to consider**-It had a hard time picking up my daughter’s fine, short hair well enough to wrap completely around the inner barrel, making an incomplete curl. Part of it was due to her hair type, I think, but part of it also is just how big the outer barrel is. It makes it difficult to get any more hair in because the outer barrel prevents you from getting too close to the head, if that makes sense. We still got “curls” in her hair, but they were all mainly at the ends of her hair and very loose curls. She was happy with them, but I felt like I could have gotten better curls for her with curlers or a traditional curling iron-I hate sectioning hair, and sectioning is imperative with any curling device 🥴! Especially with my thick, frizzy hair. It was still necessary with my daughter’s fine hair. I did attempt to not do so many sections of my hair, and my hair got tangled from putting too much in. It gives an “error” message and beeps repeatedly if there’s any resistance to the curling mechanism at all, so it’s pretty intuitive at not getting super tangled automatically. Getting it untangled was as easy as pulling the hair out from the top of the barrel… no big deal at all! Just be aware… sectioning is required.-Clunky when getting the back of your head. This could just be me, but it was really difficult maneuvering this thing on the back of my head where I can’t see and hitting the right directional buttons in the process. I often feel like the curls in the back of my hair are not near as good as the curls on the sides. I didn’t ever have that feeling with a traditional curling iron. Something about the reach of your arm and this barrel and keeping it in place without any slippage is challenging. But I digress… I have a major circulatory issue with my dominant arm and that may play a part my personal experience.-I wish it came in different sizes (I do believe I saw a 1.5″ somewhere). I’d love a smaller size that is better suited for my kiddos’ fine and short hair for their dance recitals, and a larger barrel for me so I can have some options (I’ve always preferred a 2″ curling iron).Overall, I love this tool and highly recommend it for anyone looking to re-vamp their hair game! You deserve to feel good about yourself! And this tool is so easy to use, even the least hairstyling-savvy person can get a head full of luscious curls in no time flat!

  10. Alvia Siddiqi

    Love this chi curler!! For decades I’ve been unsuccessful in using hair curlers and recently had used the kiss wave one on my daughter which not only did not work but burned her ear slightly. I was searching online extensively for an easy and safe curling iron and was going to get the dyson but decided to try the chi instead. It took me 5 min today in my first try to curl my hair! Then I proceeded to curl each of my three elementary aged daughters’ hair which each took no more than 5-10 min. We were so impressed with the results and I felt like this curling iron paid for itself in just one day of saving expensive trip to a salon. The best part was that it was actually fun to use, a no brainer and super safe so long as you keep the deeper “u” shaped side away from your or your child’s head when curling. The side that is toward the head never heated up and so it was the safest curling iron ever!Tips:1) I recommend starting close to the roots or head so that when the curler sucks up the hair strand you’re feeding it, it will easily wrap that strand around the internal curler to curl.2) try doing one section one way and the other the other way to get the nicest salon look which took me a few minutes of practice to now create a professional look that will save me from ever needing to go to a hair salon for curl styling.

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