Azwraith Double Dog Cat Bowls, Pet Water and Food Bowl Set with Automatic Water Dispenser Bottle Detachable Stainless Steel Bowl

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【Automatic Water Supply】The cute cat bowl adopts the siphon principle, automatic water supply and can control the water level stably, 17 oz large capacity water bottle. Whether you are at home or not, your pet can drink fresh water every day. (A daily water change can help your pet drink healthier!)
【Eco-friendly Material】The cat food bowls for indoor cats are made of eco-friendly food-grade quality PC material, which is non-toxic and safe to your pet. Each part can be easily disassembled and assembled for easy cleaning.
【Thoughtful Design】2-in-1 cat food and water bowl set. Cat food bowl: The detachable stainless-steel bowl is break-proof and pressure resistant, easy to clean and harmless for health. Cat water bowl: The water bowl divider prevents wetting pets’ hair and keeps the water clean.
【No-Slip & No Mess】The gravity water bowl for cats has a wide and stable base, even for naughty pets, they will not overturn the cat bowls for food and water when eating, which lets your pet eat and drink wantonly.
【Assembly Steps】First buckle the water bowl divider into the water bowl trough, then fill the water bottle with water and tighten the bottle cap. Finally, turn the bottle over, insert it into the base, and the water will automatically flow into the water bowl.

10 reviews for Azwraith Double Dog Cat Bowls, Pet Water and Food Bowl Set with Automatic Water Dispenser Bottle Detachable Stainless Steel Bowl

  1. stephanie rodriguez

    Purchased this item because my 4 month puppy would purposely tip her water bowl over, soak her paws and travel the whole house leaving paw prints. This product has allowed for her to drink water and my house stay pawprint free. She can’t tip it over and it releases just the right amount of water for her throughout the day. Food bowl has also been helpful in keeping food in the bowl and not flipped over. Looking to purchase another one for our 3 year old cat as well.

  2. Lynnsey

    I was filling my cats bowl like twice a day with her kitty bowl. Now that she’s a teenager, she has a bit of a bigger appetite. She was peeing on the bed when I wasn’t able to feed her as soon as she wanted so I researched new bowls and came across this. She has access to other water sources throughout the house but I thought the automatic water was super cool and convenient. I like that you can take out the stainless steal bowl to more easily fill up the water by turning the main part upside down so you don’t make a mess by trying to screw the water in downward.

  3. Jeanie

    Both of my puppies love theirs. At 1st I wasn’t sure if there would be enough water coming out at a time but it’s the perfect amount.

  4. Jacianna

    He loves it! Also, I get a lot of compliments on it and where did I get it from.

  5. Meghan

    I currently use this cat bowl for my kitten and he loves it! The stainless steel food bowl is great and easy to clean. I wish that the water side was also stainless steel as I find it a little difficult to clean that section. Other than that, this bowl would be perfect for a cat or a small dog. Super cute and I get a bunch of compliments on it!

  6. Yaret 💛

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     This was super cute. I got it in pink for my new puppy and I love it. the portion size is great and I love the convenience of the water bowl refilling with every sip she takes. it’s super easy to clean. since she’s a puppy I love it but if you’re trying to save money in the long run I would only recommend buying only for small dogs… I can see her outgrowing it in the next couple months

  7. marie finley

    The best ever

  8. Yongchao Li

    The design is very reasonable, and a cat comb was given as a gift. Thank the seller

  9. cuecali

    It’s perfect for my dog. It allows me to avoid having to fill the water several times a day and controls the amount keeping it readily available for days. I also love that i can remove the tray for food to control when my dog eats and how much. She usually snack all day and in the middle of the night. I’m now able to keep her on a schedule.

  10. Ceciliane

    My rabbit loves it! He really started drinking and eating with my dogs , so he wasn’t using he water bottle anymore. So I got him this and he really like. And is perfect portion for him or miniature dog .

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