Afterglow LED Wireless Deluxe Gaming Controller – Licensed by Nintendo for Switch and OLED – RGB Hue Color Lights – See through Gamepad Controller – Paddle Buttons Everything Else

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CUSTOM BRIGHT LEDS LIGHTS – RGB Color Lights with 4 chroma lighting modes to choose any hue of the rainbow that matches you. See through transparent controller shell let’s you see clearly the electronics.
WIRELESS SWITCH CONTROLLER – Official Licensed Nintendo Controller for Switch, Switch Lite, and new Switch OLED. Works up to 40 feet with built-in long lasting rechargeable battery and reliable, low latency connection.
PRO PADDLE BUTTONS & CUSTOMIZABLE BUTTONS – Program buttons to improve your game.
MOTION CONTROL – Enhance your play for motion sensing games like Mario Kart 8, Mario Party, Arms, Splatoon 2, Zelda Breath of the Wild and Doom
Perfect gift for back to school for boy and girls, retro gamers, Christmas, holidays, and travel.


Product information

Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Controller
40-Hour Rechargeable Battery
4 Modes to Customize your Color!
Motion Controls for Precise Gameplay

10 reviews for Afterglow LED Wireless Deluxe Gaming Controller – Licensed by Nintendo for Switch and OLED – RGB Hue Color Lights – See through Gamepad Controller – Paddle Buttons Everything Else

  1. C.Cano

    My son loves his new control! Purchased for him to use on the Nintendo Switch. Works great.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I love the design, the lights are very pleasing and you are able to change their appearance/brightness. The programable rear buttons are life savers, great for games that require more input options than a controller is capable of providing. It’s a fantastic licensed substitute for a ridiculously expensive switch pro controller with more useful features. The texture and handling are also perfect.

  3. Malcolm Widd

    The design is sick beautiful. The batery, very durable. My only critic will be the black plaque on the back (easy to remove thankfully), that I have to remove for various games.

  4. Jason M. Strother

    I have pretty bad carpal tunnel and using the joycons is literally a pain. This controller fits my big hands great and relieves the numbness and pain I would normally get. Buttons have a great feel and the lights are a lot of fun.

  5. Ashley B

    Easy setup, easy enough to go through the settings to play with the light features but still thankful for the manual, and the battery life is great. THE ONLY DISAPPOINTMENT: why is Nintendo not using the Type C USB on this controller??!!?? It just makes sense at this point especially since that is literally what powers the gaming consoles. Just double check that the charging cord is seated properly. Other than that the controller is a “looser” controller. Also the “home” and “capture” buttons are inconveniently located, I am used to the standard locations of the “-” and “+” so I end up with mid-game screenshots and opening menus or swapping weapons when I don’t need to.Overall I would still buy. Also yes the lights can be turned off when you don’t want them.

  6. Amazon Customer

    The controller is comfortable for me and my son (4 y/o). I love the clear-plastic and black PCB aesthetic.Wish the charging port was USB-C, but it doesn’t really matter. The only real downside are the programmable buttons which aren’t easy to use. I use them as a clone of pressing joy-R and joy-L (I hate clicking a joystick), and they can sometimes be hard to reach in the heat of a fight. I’d give it 4.5stars if that was an option.

  7. EmergencyDoc

    I purchased this controller for a second wireless controller for the switch. I have a Nintendo pro controller as well and didn’t feel like spending the same amount of money for another controller. This controller is licensed by Nintendo which was important to me. The controller is very similar to the pro controller in terms of button responsiveness and weight. Apparently it doesn’t rumble (my 13 year old who is the pro in the house doesn’t seem to mind). The controller also has a paddle button on the backside of the controller which the pro controller doesn’t have. This button was causing me to flip the camera angle while playing Mario cart against the kids. I had to adjust my hand position slightly to prevent me from accidentally hitting the button. The kids don’t have the same issue.Unfortunately the controller didn’t make me a better smash bros player and my kids still beat me at splatoon. I was hoping the lights would distract the kids and their jealously over the controller would ruin their game, but alas, I still suck compared to them.

  8. Kaleigh Rae

    Favorite controller brand by far. I have an afterglow for my PS3 and now my Switch. They are long lasting and I love that they start my devices and are customizable.

  9. INF1DELx4

    I have bought 2 of these controllers for our Nintendo Switch. They work great. Easy to pair an the battery lasts quite a long time. The controller feels great in small and large hands. If you’re used to an Xbox or Playstation controller, the button layout is different so that will take some getting use to.

  10. Eddie J

    Works great. Our favorite controller.

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